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Aircraft Sales
Bombardier Aviation   (Canada)
Manufacturer of:
Challenger 300
Challenger 605
Global 5000
Global 6000/Express/XRS
Global 7500
Global 8000
Learjet 70/75
Sales territories


Company data
  • Telephone:   +1 514 855 8314
  • Fax:   +1 514 855 7997
News from Business Air News
Phenix proving Global 7500 as red hot charter prospect
November 16, 2020
With a range of 7,700 nm, the Global 7500 aircraft features four true living spaces and it can connect far-flung city pairs non-stop, including Tokyo to New York. Its first few months with Phenix have been smooth.
Bombardier buoyant as it reports Q3 results
November 9, 2020
Quarterly revenues of $3.5 billion reflect a gradual recovery of operations at Bombardier's aviation and transportation divisions after the first half of 2020. It hopes to close the sale of transportation in early 2021.
Bombardier sets up shop at Essendon Fields
November 2, 2020
With more than half of the 168-strong Australian business fleet made up of Bombardier aircraft, a new Bombardier Aviation facility at Essendon Fields airport will serve as a focal point for customers in the region.
October 25, 2020Bombardier at Biggin appoints manager Hoggett
October 20, 2020Jetex and Bombardier join forces for Singapore FBO
October 12, 2020Alex Lyon & Son first in line for Learjet 75 Liberty
October 3, 2020Bombardier takes full ownership of Berlin's LBAS
September 21, 2020Beaudette and Menard elevated at Bombardier
August 24, 2020First dual HUD Global 7500 arrives with customer
July 31, 2020Bombardier strengthens global support with MRT
July 27, 2020Unicorp becomes first to fly Global 5500 in the US
July 20, 2020Bombardier takes Challenger 350s to next level
July 11, 2020350th Challenger 350 is delivered inside six years
July 5, 2020Bombardier serious about environmental impact with 7500 EPD
June 30, 2020World first Global 5500 enters service in Switzerland
June 15, 2020Bombardier reduces workforce by 2,500
May 17, 2020Jetflite sends Challenger 650 into COVID service
May 1, 2020Bombardier brings Canadian employees back from furlough
May 1, 2020GAMA members gather to supply critical kit
March 25, 2020Bombardier ceases production for a month
March 17, 2020Martel comes in as Bombardier president and CEO
March 7, 2020ACI Jet adds California depot for Global and Challenger parts
March 7, 2020In-service Learjets to benefit from faster 4G
February 29, 2020Factory-new Global 6000 joins Nomad for charter travel
February 29, 2020Challenger 350 remains top for deliveries
February 23, 2020Bombardier divests to focus on business aviation
February 17, 2020TAG Asia authorised for Bombardier in Hong Kong
February 5, 2020Bombardier to build bigger base at Biggin Hill
February 5, 2020Aerospace centre name reflects Bombardier partnership
February 3, 2020LPR selects Liberty for medevac service in Poland
January 21, 2020Green light given for avionics upgrade on Learjets
January 7, 2020Bombardier sales appointments target strategic growth
January 3, 2020Automotive dealership brings in second Learjet 75
January 2, 2020Bellawings toasts arrival of first Global 6500
January 2, 2020FAA awards certification for the latest Globals
December 17, 2019Latitude 33 brings sustainable Challenger onto fleet
December 9, 2019Bombardier signs with GTAA to boost Ontario
December 1, 2019Bombardier takes delivery of Avfuel SAF in Montreal
November 23, 2019Advanced features earn Global 7500 the Ontario award
November 23, 2019CAE brings Global 7500 FFS to Middle East
November 17, 2019Safety winner Ott has contributed a lot
November 15, 2019Bombardier to sell aerostructures to Spirit
November 1, 2019Bombardier announces GE partnership and APU add-on
October 28, 2019ExecuJet triumphs at Bombardier's ASF awards
October 27, 2019Collins system debuts 4K video format
October 22, 2019Bombardier ramps up range of Global 5500
October 22, 2019VistaJet offers rapid access to all corners of globe
October 21, 2019Challenger 350 speeds to ten city-pair records
October 21, 2019Bombardier brings l'Opéra sound to Global 7500
October 15, 2019Boon for Bombardier as EASA green-lights Globals
October 15, 2019Show provides first chance to see the LR75 Liberty
October 12, 2019Global 7500 breaks distance record, again
October 6, 2019Degoumois takes on international Bombardier role
October 6, 2019Newly certified Global 6500 enters service
September 28, 2019Luftwaffe receives first of three Global 6000s
September 24, 2019Latest Global jets pass certification muster
September 24, 2019NetJets takes on a ton of Challengers
September 2, 2019Bombardier looks back on M&O conference success
August 25, 2019Challengers join LJ Aviation in mid-Atlantic
August 20, 2019Cole sets goal of selling Globals in the north east
August 3, 2019Singapore central to Global Express achievement
July 16, 2019Global 7500 shows short-field performance
July 14, 2019Challenger 350 is quick to reach 300 deliveries
July 14, 2019US west coast welcomes first Global 5500
July 2, 2019Bombardier launches the Learjet 75 Liberty
June 24, 2019Dubai will be home to ninth Bombardier line station
June 15, 2019Bombardier maintainer wants to 'bring the world' to California
May 28, 2019Global 7500 flies non-stop from London to LA
May 24, 2019Hong Kong operator makes Global intentions known
May 21, 20191,000th nice system supplied by Lufthansa Technik
May 21, 2019First Global 6500 arrives in Montreal
May 21, 2019Challenger 350 will receive a suite of enhancements
May 21, 2019Bombardier adds interior refurbishment at Biggin Hill
May 21, 2019Bombardier debuts Nuage chaise for Global jets
May 20, 2019Global 7500 adds range to K5's large cabin fleet
May 14, 2019Dotted line signed for five Learjet 75s
May 14, 2019Leading-edge lighting cuts jetlag aboard Global 7500
April 23, 2019Canadians collaborate for full-service maintenance
April 16, 2019Bombardier improves capabilities in greater China
April 16, 2019HK Bellawings adds four 7500s to pursue ‘higher goals’
April 7, 2019Global 7500 speed records suit racing customer
March 19, 2019Belgian CL350 buyer entrusts Luxaviation with management
March 19, 2019Challenger 350 leads the way for midsize deliveries
March 5, 2019Global 7500 completes world's longest business jet flight
February 26, 2019Mobile response Challenger enters service
February 12, 2019EASA certifies ultra long range Global 7500
February 5, 2019GE supplies Passport for all destinations on 7500
February 4, 2019Bombardier adds hours to LR70 and LR75 engine intervals
January 28, 2019Bromby looks to boost Learjet numbers in North America
January 7, 2019Undisclosed customer takes four Global 6000s
January 7, 2019ZenithJet oversees completion of first Global 7500
Press Releases
Bombardier Aviation takes the show to customers with innovative virtual event05/10/2020
Bombardier announces senior management reorganisation in support of transition to a pure-play business jet company.01/10/2020
Duncan Aviation named North American winner of Bombardier authorised service facility excellence award19/12/2019
Bombardier to display full-size interior mock-up of new Learjet 75 Liberty in Scottsdale, Arizona18/12/2019
Bombardier's thought-provoking Safety Standdown 2019 shines light on elevating standards, introduces new aviation safety practices06/11/2019
Rolls-Royce joins Bombardier Aerospace to celebrate official entry into service of new Global 650022/10/2019
Global 6500 aircraft shines in Las Vegas as it makes worldwide debut at NBAA-BACE 201922/10/2019
CAE expands training capabilities and network for business aviation22/10/2019
Killick announces worldwide distribution agreement for Learjet 60 parts15/10/2019
Killick Aerospace announces exclusive worldwide distribution agreement for Bombardier Challenger 600/601 unique parts01/07/2019
Award-winning Bombardier Global 7500 makes Paris Air Show debut and continues to garner accolades with Best of the Best honours from Robb Report magazine16/06/2019
Nuage seating collection for latest generation of Bombardier Global aircraft wins top design award30/05/2019
Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft, world's largest and longest-range business jet, makes ABACE debut in China11/04/2019
Action-packed Bombardier Business Aircraft Maintenance and Operations Conference Europe 2019 features new sessions, latest product updates02/04/2019
Bombardier to significantly bolster customer service capabilities in Asia-Pacific region through extensive Singapore service centre expansion26/02/2019
Triumph Group enters into agreement to transition Global 7500 programme to Bombardier24/01/2019
Civic and aviation leaders showcase viability of alternative jet fuels in live demo17/01/2019
Bombardier celebrates entry-into-service of industry flagship Global 7500 business jet20/12/2018
Swiss Air-Rescue Rega completes new air ambulance fleet with delivery of third Bombardier Challenger 650 business jet18/12/2018
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