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Bombardier Aviation   (Canada)

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News from Business Air News
Bombardier inaugurates Aviator Lounge in Monaco
May 13, 2024
The Lounge, staffed by Bombardier's regional sales team, will provide a visually stunning, welcoming space for visitors to learn about Bombardier's aircraft, legacy and innovations.
NetJets puts hand up to bulk Bombardier order
May 2, 2024
It seems the December 2023 firm order for 12 Challenger 3500 aircraft and 232 options was made by NetJets. The deal could be worth up to as much as $6bn to Bombardier.
Bombardier unveils bold new brand identity worldwide
April 26, 2024
The new logo is inspired by innovation and heritage, and captures the confidence and spirit of more than 18,000 talented and passionate Bombardier team members.
April 4, 2024Bombardier discloses environmental impact of entire aircraft portfolio
March 26, 2024The Global 7500 sets more than 30 speed records
February 19, 2024Bombardier launches US technician apprenticeship programme
February 12, 20242024 guidance reflects highs of 2023 for Bombardier
January 29, 2024University of Victoria joins Bombardier's EcoJet research project
January 8, 2024GAMA names 2024 Executive Committee
January 3, 2024Bombardier secures firm order for 12 Challenger 3500s
December 28, 2023Arkasair brings first Challenger 3500 in Turkey onto fleet
November 16, 2023Bombardier reaffirms commitment to fuel all ops with SAF
November 7, 2023Bombardier reports strong growth for 3Q23
October 30, 2023Elite Air adds two charter Challenger 3500s
October 23, 2023AB Jets hat trick brings range to charter offering
October 19, 2023Bombardier flies prototype for second phase of EcoJet project
October 18, 2023Select Bombardier aircraft gain Gogo 5G connectivity upgrade
October 18, 2023Bombardier celebrates delivery of 150th Global 7500
October 11, 2023Romania welcomes highly customised Learjet 75s
October 6, 2023Bombardier programme facilitates maintenance cost tracking
September 22, 2023Bombardier tasks DART with aircraft recorder data downloading
August 31, 2023Bombardier introduces upgrade for Vision-equipped Globals
August 8, 2023Supply chain pressure persists for busy Bombardier
July 31, 2023Incremental order could double Airshare Challenger fleet
June 23, 2023Aero-Dienst celebrates first Challenger 3500 delivery to Europe
May 23, 2023Bombardier EcoJet project shows encouraging signs
May 11, 2023Iridium Certus to feature in Challenger 3500s
May 11, 2023Gestair's Bombardier ASF approval is feather in cap
May 4, 2023Bombardier publishes EPDs for Global 5500 and 6500
April 24, 2023Bombardier receives approvals for Smart Link Plus
February 13, 2023CEO evolves leadership structure at Bombardier
February 10, 2023Bombardier declares outstanding 2022 performance
December 7, 2022Bombardier breaks ground on Abu Dhabi service centre
December 3, 2022Bombardier inaugurates expanded London service centre
December 3, 2022NetJets becomes fleet launch customer for the Global 8000
November 28, 2022Air Hamburg, Air Alsie and SaxonAir are judged excellent
November 8, 2022Latest financials show Bombardier in strong light
November 2, 2022Duncan brings in Bombardier and bilingual support
November 2, 2022Miami service centre quadruples Bombardier's Florida hangar space
October 20, 2022Landmark Signature agreement gives Bombardier total SAF
October 18, 2022Bombardier launches Executive cabin for Globals
October 18, 2022Challenger 3500 joins Sunwest charter fleet
October 1, 2022Wolff spreads the word for Bombardier
October 1, 2022Australia gains Bombardier service centre
September 20, 2022Challenger 3500 hits high notes with entry into service
August 9, 2022Challenger 3500 will make European debut with Air Corporate
July 4, 2022Bombardier inaugurates largest OEM business facility in Asia Pacific
June 20, 2022Bombardier appoints chairman for China
May 29, 2022Bombardier extends maintenance and repair at Le Bourget
May 25, 2022Bombardier publishes EPD for Challenger 3500
May 24, 2022Bombardier Global 8000 takes turn in the spotlight
May 9, 2022Bombardier first quarter topped twenty deliveries
April 24, 2022Wichita assumes the role of Bombardier US headquarters
April 19, 2022Challenger 3500 earns award for innovative design
April 4, 2022Global 7500 marks milestone delivery for Bombardier and VistaJet
April 1, 2022NBAA honours Leo Knaapen with Silk Scarf Award
April 1, 2022After 58 years Bombardier delivers the final Learjet
February 14, 2022Bombardier shows confidence in annual results and expectations
February 14, 2022H3 completes first hydrogen aircraft propulsor nacelle
January 31, 2022Bombardier restructures international sales team
January 20, 2022Pentastar safety manager joins Bombardier Council
December 6, 2021Global one thousand goes to none other than NetJets
November 18, 2021Global 6500 FFS to be jewel in crown of Middle East training
November 8, 2021Bombardier announces head of the annual Safety Standdown
November 8, 2021Bombardier's new Mississauga facility on track for 2023
November 1, 2021Bombardier deleveraging plan is unfolding nicely
October 22, 2021Bombardier's Safety Standdown celebrates 25th anniversary
October 22, 2021Bombardier and Signature combine talents for clients
October 14, 2021Bombardier reveals launch buyer for the Challenger 3500
October 13, 2021Bombardier selects Collins as cabin connectivity service provider
October 13, 2021Bombardier selects the AutoPower system for Challenger 3500
October 8, 2021Bombardier jets gain MRO options in Michigan, Nebraska and Utah
October 1, 2021Challenger 3500 order book off to a flying start
September 24, 2021Bombardier expands capabilities in Dallas
September 17, 2021Bombardier unveils sustainably designed Challenger 3500
August 26, 2021Bombardier maintenance app will deliver peace of mind
August 17, 2021Bombardier and Rolls-Royce work to serve Global customers
August 16, 2021Pearl engine deliveries pass the hundred mark
August 9, 2021Bombardier reflects on ‘solid execution’ in first half of year
August 9, 2021Bombardier recognises Sterling as Diamond Supplier
July 19, 2021Refined Challenger 350 is a great addition for Sundt
July 11, 2021Three prominent leaders join JETNET summit lineup
July 11, 2021HK Bellawings gladly receives flagship Global 7500
July 11, 2021Pre-owned programme offers certified Bombardier quality
July 4, 2021Chartright to debut ‘spectacular’ Global 7500 in Canada
June 26, 2021Undisclosed Indonesian customer takes delivery of Global 7500
May 21, 2021Bombardier service centres singled out for Diamond praise
May 21, 2021Airshare signals intent by signing for up to 20 CL350s
May 21, 2021Apprenticeship scheme is part of ‘building back better’
May 14, 2021Bombardier's Mexican facility marks 15 years in the game
May 14, 2021Focus on business jets sees improvement in Bombardier financials
May 10, 2021Bombardier looks to increase Asia Pacific market share
April 25, 2021Geneva line station to service Challengers and Globals
April 19, 2021Challenger 300 and 350 owners gain Viasat IFC options
April 19, 2021Red Oak employees complete 100th wing for Global 7500
April 11, 2021EBAA introduces ambassadors to address industry challenges
April 7, 2021Global 7500s and Challenger 350s swell VistaJet fleet to 90
April 4, 2021Bombardier hands over Global 7500 number fifty
March 16, 2021Bombardier's demo team retains its Stage III status
March 6, 2021Automotive and aerospace giants come together
March 1, 2021GAMA's annual report reveals which types are on top
February 15, 2021Bombardier and StandardAero put heads together
February 14, 2021Bombardier stations experienced Bailey in Berlin
February 12, 2021Bombardier bringing Learjet production to an end
February 7, 2021Sales leaves Bombardier's full attention on business jets
February 1, 2021Bombardier extends Smart Link Plus to CL300s and 350s
January 12, 2021Challenger 350 bolsters Latitude 33’s midsize fleet
January 6, 2021Bombardier sets up shop in Berlin thanks to LBAS shares
December 28, 2020Undisclosed customer opts for ten CL350s
December 28, 2020Safe bet ExecuJet Dubai is victorious once more
December 14, 2020Duncan's Lincoln facility wins Bombardier acclaim
December 9, 2020Bombardier honours Aero-Dienst with ASF award
November 16, 2020Phenix proving Global 7500 as red hot charter prospect
November 9, 2020Bombardier buoyant as it reports Q3 results
November 2, 2020Bombardier sets up shop at Essendon Fields
October 25, 2020Bombardier at Biggin appoints manager Hoggett
October 20, 2020Jetex and Bombardier join forces for Singapore FBO
October 12, 2020Alex Lyon & Son first in line for Learjet 75 Liberty
October 3, 2020Bombardier takes full ownership of Berlin's LBAS
September 21, 2020Beaudette and Menard elevated at Bombardier
August 24, 2020First dual HUD Global 7500 arrives with customer
July 31, 2020Bombardier strengthens global support with MRT
July 27, 2020Unicorp becomes first to fly Global 5500 in the US
July 20, 2020Bombardier takes Challenger 350s to next level
July 11, 2020350th Challenger 350 is delivered inside six years
July 5, 2020Bombardier serious about environmental impact with 7500 EPD
June 30, 2020World first Global 5500 enters service in Switzerland
June 15, 2020Bombardier reduces workforce by 2,500
May 17, 2020Jetflite sends Challenger 650 into COVID service
May 1, 2020Bombardier brings Canadian employees back from furlough
May 1, 2020GAMA members gather to supply critical kit
March 25, 2020Bombardier ceases production for a month
March 17, 2020Martel comes in as Bombardier president and CEO
March 7, 2020ACI Jet adds California depot for Global and Challenger parts
March 7, 2020In-service Learjets to benefit from faster 4G
February 29, 2020Factory-new Global 6000 joins Nomad for charter travel
February 29, 2020Challenger 350 remains top for deliveries
February 23, 2020Bombardier divests to focus on business aviation
February 17, 2020TAG Asia authorised for Bombardier in Hong Kong
February 5, 2020Bombardier to build bigger base at Biggin Hill
February 5, 2020Aerospace centre name reflects Bombardier partnership
February 3, 2020LPR selects Liberty for medevac service in Poland
January 21, 2020Green light given for avionics upgrade on Learjets
January 7, 2020Bombardier sales appointments target strategic growth
January 3, 2020Automotive dealership brings in second Learjet 75
January 2, 2020Bellawings toasts arrival of first Global 6500
January 2, 2020FAA awards certification for the latest Globals
December 17, 2019Latitude 33 brings sustainable Challenger onto fleet
December 9, 2019Bombardier signs with GTAA to boost Ontario
December 1, 2019Bombardier takes delivery of Avfuel SAF in Montreal
November 23, 2019Advanced features earn Global 7500 the Ontario award
November 23, 2019CAE brings Global 7500 FFS to Middle East
November 17, 2019Safety winner Ott has contributed a lot
November 15, 2019Bombardier to sell aerostructures to Spirit
November 1, 2019Bombardier announces GE partnership and APU add-on
October 28, 2019ExecuJet triumphs at Bombardier's ASF awards
October 27, 2019Collins system debuts 4K video format
October 22, 2019Bombardier ramps up range of Global 5500
October 22, 2019VistaJet offers rapid access to all corners of globe
October 21, 2019Challenger 350 speeds to ten city-pair records
October 21, 2019Bombardier brings l'Opéra sound to Global 7500
October 15, 2019Boon for Bombardier as EASA green-lights Globals
October 15, 2019Show provides first chance to see the LR75 Liberty
October 12, 2019Global 7500 breaks distance record, again
October 6, 2019Degoumois takes on international Bombardier role
October 6, 2019Newly certified Global 6500 enters service
September 28, 2019Luftwaffe receives first of three Global 6000s
September 24, 2019Latest Global jets pass certification muster
September 24, 2019NetJets takes on a ton of Challengers
September 2, 2019Bombardier looks back on M&O conference success
August 25, 2019Challengers join LJ Aviation in mid-Atlantic
August 20, 2019Cole sets goal of selling Globals in the north east
August 3, 2019Singapore central to Global Express achievement
July 16, 2019Global 7500 shows short-field performance
July 14, 2019Challenger 350 is quick to reach 300 deliveries
July 14, 2019US west coast welcomes first Global 5500
July 2, 2019Bombardier launches the Learjet 75 Liberty
June 24, 2019Dubai will be home to ninth Bombardier line station
June 15, 2019Bombardier maintainer wants to 'bring the world' to California
May 28, 2019Global 7500 flies non-stop from London to LA
May 24, 2019Hong Kong operator makes Global intentions known
May 21, 20191,000th nice system supplied by Lufthansa Technik
May 21, 2019First Global 6500 arrives in Montreal
May 21, 2019Challenger 350 will receive a suite of enhancements
May 21, 2019Bombardier adds interior refurbishment at Biggin Hill
May 21, 2019Bombardier debuts Nuage chaise for Global jets
May 20, 2019Global 7500 adds range to K5's large cabin fleet
May 14, 2019Dotted line signed for five Learjet 75s
May 14, 2019Leading-edge lighting cuts jetlag aboard Global 7500
April 23, 2019Canadians collaborate for full-service maintenance
April 16, 2019Bombardier improves capabilities in greater China
April 16, 2019HK Bellawings adds four 7500s to pursue ‘higher goals’
April 7, 2019Global 7500 speed records suit racing customer
March 19, 2019Belgian CL350 buyer entrusts Luxaviation with management
March 19, 2019Challenger 350 leads the way for midsize deliveries
March 5, 2019Global 7500 completes world's longest business jet flight
February 26, 2019Mobile response Challenger enters service
February 12, 2019EASA certifies ultra long range Global 7500
February 5, 2019GE supplies Passport for all destinations on 7500
February 4, 2019Bombardier adds hours to LR70 and LR75 engine intervals
January 28, 2019Bromby looks to boost Learjet numbers in North America
January 7, 2019Undisclosed customer takes four Global 6000s
January 7, 2019ZenithJet oversees completion of first Global 7500
November 23, 2018Bombardier continues to expand customer support
November 19, 2018AsBAA presents Icons of Aviation 2018 award winners
November 13, 2018Global 7500 passes FAA certification milestone
November 11, 2018Bombardier presents 22nd Safety Standdown award
November 11, 2018Bombardier renames Global Completion Centre
October 30, 2018Latitude 33 selects Challenger 350 for range and smooth ride
October 30, 2018Bombardier hosts annual awards for the great and the good
October 23, 2018NetJets sets delivery date for Global 7500 order
October 23, 2018BACA backs Bombardier as best manufacturer
October 19, 2018Global 5500 and 6500 on schedule for 2019 delivery
October 9, 2018LBAS enhances service support for Russia’s Bombardiers
October 9, 2018Bombardier to boost maintenance in Florida with OPF site
October 9, 2018BACA recognises best in the charter industry
October 9, 2018HK Bellawings signs for 6500s and 7500s
October 3, 2018Transport Canada certifies Global 7500
August 8, 2018Zenith secures funding for Learjet 75 number four
August 7, 2018Rega receives medevac CL650 two of three
July 26, 2018CL350 gets the nod for steep approaches
June 12, 2018TAG Geneva expands remit
May 31, 2018Bombardier introduces leggy 5500 and 6500
May 31, 2018EAG takes delivery of Global 6000 number three
December 13, 2017Going in with eyes wide open – will next year's crop of new business aircraft give you a good return?
November 1, 2017TAG Geneva strengthens maintenance capabilities and Le Bourget takes ASF award
October 12, 2017Zenith doubles LR75 roster after a stellar six months
September 21, 2017Bombardier on track for 2018 deliveries with Global 7000
May 25, 2017TAG takes delivery of first Swiss Challenger 350
May 4, 2017Albinati takes first Falcon 7X and seventh Global
March 8, 2017Global 7000 programme is up to speed as second test unit is airborne
November 9, 2016Global 7000 test vehicle takes off
September 15, 2016Zenith adds capacity with LR75 pair
August 18, 2016Germany’s first CL650 delivered to private client
June 29, 2016Bombardier service branches out to Biggin Hill to augment UK offering
May 19, 2016VistaJet welcomes its 100th aircraft
April 4, 2016Wider and rangier Challenger 650 is given EASA go-ahead
November 12, 2015ExecuJet renews Rolls Royce engine agreement and wins Bombardier maintenance award for fifth year
September 17, 2015Global 7000 flight testing achieves key milestones
July 7, 2015VistaJet's Bombardier fleet hits half century milestone
June 9, 2015Bombardier adjusts 5000 and 6000 production
June 4, 2015Lauda further endorses Bombardier brand as he signs for Global 7000
March 11, 2015F1 icon Lauda takes delivery of Global 6000
February 12, 2015Gulfstream order won't sway Bombardier allegiance, says Qatar Exec
February 12, 2015Royal Jet adds Bombardiers and Boeings in replacement programme
December 3, 2014IJM hopes to entice management prospects as CL350 arrives
December 3, 2014Speedwings joins race to be first in Europe chartering Learjet 75
November 6, 2014Bombardier presents CL650 with NetJets at NBAA
September 10, 2014Rouiller Group receives flagship EASA Learjet 75
September 10, 2014Falcon believes time is right for pair of Jetliners
September 10, 2014VistaJet grows with sizeable widebody order
August 10, 2014Me & my aircraft – Super midsize jets: Surprising resilience from super mids as manufacturers continue to innovate
June 9, 2014Handful of Globals join VistaJet
May 7, 2014EBACE 2014: Meet the buyers – weighing up factory-new safeguards against the pre-owned economics
May 7, 2014EBACE 2014: The latest aircraft vie for the limelight on the Geneva apron
November 7, 2013Private Sky meets Moscow charter demand with Ireland's first Global 6000
November 7, 2013Qatar offers discreet comfort aboard third 5000
September 12, 2013Me & my aircraft - long range and large business aircraft: Long range charter sector rides high despite the challenging world economy
August 12, 2013Concierge offers Challenger 300 for charter
July 10, 2013BJET set to operate 400th CL300
July 10, 2013VistaJet orders up to 40 Challenger 350s and gathers ops in Malta
June 11, 2013NetJets looks to make its mark with Phenoms and Challengers in 2014
May 13, 2013BUYER'S GUIDE: Geneva show set to bring the latest aircraft head-to-head
May 13, 2013Global 5000 in Zeptair's famous colours is greeted in style
December 10, 2012Global 6000 kicks-off fleet renewal at NetJets
December 10, 2012VistaJet places largest-ever order for Global business jets
November 13, 2012Me & my aircraft; Learjet 85: Production begins as 85 stays on target for service next year
November 13, 2012Me & my aircraft; Super midsize jets: Latest models bring advanced technology to super midsize arena
November 13, 2012NetJets goes on tour with the Global 6000
August 2, 2012Expanding EAS hosts Jana's Global 5000 in Beirut
July 9, 2012Me & My Aircraft: Aircraft on the horizon: Learjet 70
July 9, 2012Global debutant gives Amira non-stop Tokyo capability
July 9, 2012Record orders see NetJets commit to Latitudes and Challengers
June 11, 2012Blue Jet takes Learjet 60XR on tour
April 10, 2012Qatar Executive extends maintenance in Doha
April 10, 2012Lauda takes delivery of first Vision Flight Deck
April 10, 2012GFS plans second Learjet for Biggin Hill fleet
September 1, 2011FAI welcomes fourteenth Learjet
September 1, 2011DC Aviation adds five jets
September 1, 2011Challenger expands Nomad’s capacity
July 7, 2011VistaJet set to link cities worldwide with Global 8000s
July 7, 2011Challenger 604 has broken through political barriers
June 8, 2011Qatar extends range with well-appointed XRS
June 8, 2011Modest business aviation growth swells the crowd at EBACE
June 8, 2011Kuwait-based CL605 buyer has Casablanca in his sights
May 5, 2011PremiAir adds third ‘in demand’ Learjet 45
May 5, 2011AirMed shortens trans-Atlantic legs with Learjet
April 5, 2011MNG Jet believes Global 5000’s speed and comfort make it a perfect addition to fleet
March 9, 2011Comlux plans more fleet additions as it diversifies large cabin aircraft management and aims for optimum overheads
February 9, 2011Jet Air Flug bases strategic business expansion on complementary Learjet 85s and Challenger 605s
February 9, 2011Gama Group celebrates special UAE registration
February 9, 2011GainJet to deploy XRS to enhance long haul appeal
December 1, 2010Formula 1 champion lines up a Global 5000 to replace Challenger 300
November 4, 2010Borajet restructures and brings XRS into service
October 6, 2010Learjet 60XR addition takes GAMA charter service fleet to ten
October 6, 2010Ocean Sky to offer seven more aircraft in fleet
October 6, 2010MNG Jet chooses Global 5000 for range and speed
October 6, 2010PremiAir adds Learjet 45
August 4, 2010VistaJet XRS and 605 orders put focus on meeting long haul demand
August 4, 2010El Seif chooses 'highly efficient' Challenger 605 to enhance Middle East operations
July 1, 2010MEA heralds Challenger 300 addition as first step into aircraft management
June 1, 2010Comlux refines appeal of its ACJs as it builds long haul capability
April 28, 2010EBAN provides a fresh perspective for visitors to Geneva
April 28, 2010Challenger 300 performance pleases Avag Air clients
April 28, 2010AirMed celebrates Learjet 35A's immediate success
March 31, 2010Schumacher uses XRS to launch Grand Prix comeback
March 31, 2010EAS adds Global XRS to expand managed fleet
March 3, 2010Tenth ACJ order confirms Comlux's top-end focus
February 3, 2010Gama says its experience is key to winning management contracts in the Middle East
February 3, 2010Hawker and Challenger arrivals boost fast-growing Private Sky
December 19, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Challenger series
December 19, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Competition spurs on the quest for bigger, better and longer range aircraft
November 10, 2009Rizon brings Hawker and Challenger on stream
November 10, 2009Triple Alpha plans to add second managed Challenger 300
November 10, 2009Medical transport to clinics expands demand for EMI's growing ambulance fleet
October 9, 2009Solid Air reports rising charter demand as EX EASy and Challenger 850 acquisitions augment versatile fleet
September 8, 2009Learjet 60XR to meet growing demand in Scandinavia
September 8, 2009Jet Republic failure 'highlights exceptional challenges'
July 8, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Increased range option enhances appeal of Learjet 40XR to European operators
July 8, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Learjet 45 'needs more baggage space' but is otherwise ideal for executive charter operations
July 8, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Learjet 31A clients favour speed over cabin size
July 8, 2009Me & My Aircraft: 'Straightforward' veteran pulls its weight
July 8, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Manhattan Jet Charter augments world's largest Premier fleet with Learjet alternative
July 8, 2009Rizon ready to add Global XRS to management fleet
May 6, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Reliability among Global positives
May 6, 2009Happy AirMed celebrates acquisition of versatile Learjet 35A
May 6, 2009Expanding VistaJet highlights popular route
March 3, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Climb speed accelerates affection for the compact but capable Learjet 60
March 3, 2009TNT Airways selects Learjet for fleet support
February 4, 2009Icelandic Coastguard upgrades to Dash 8
February 4, 2009Avcon Jet brings financial experience on board
February 4, 2009DC Aviation selects a 45XR to fill demand-led 'Learjet gap'
February 4, 2009Rizon orders Learjet 85 the 'aircraft for all seasons'
December 2, 2008FBO Focus: ExecuJet Europe redesigns Schoenefeld FBO
December 2, 2008Middle East Focus: AJA order underlines charter operators' commitment to servicing regional growth in vip demand
October 30, 2008Private jet club plans to fly over economic downturn by targeting over a hundred Learjet 60XRs at the wealthy and discerning
October 30, 2008Silver Bird adds fourth Learjet and gets ready for G450 and G550
October 30, 2008Executive Airlines chooses Global Express for comfort
October 30, 2008Air Four plans to expand fleet, bases and services in 2009
September 29, 2008Amira goes for longer range XRS
September 29, 2008Prestige Jet acquires three jets to stay ahead of its fleet expansion targets
September 29, 2008Jetflite Oy adds three more jets to varied fleet
September 1, 2008Rizon Jet plans a Challenger and Hawker fleet for all seasons
September 1, 2008Challenger inspires second purchase
September 1, 2008Key London City role for landmark 200th Challenger
July 30, 2008FAI plans for 'widebody' ambulance after acquiring flagship Learjet 60
July 30, 2008Lewis Hamilton drives home time-saving message
July 1, 2008Pre-owned makeovers fill the gap until new aircraft can be delivered
July 1, 2008Challenger fleet ready to respond to Middle East demand
July 1, 2008Aeronorte sets sights on Learjet 45XR and Mustang as it targets new clients
July 1, 2008Bluestream moves up from 'over-saturated' light jet market
July 1, 2008Borajet puts heavy emphasis on pent-up long haul demand
June 9, 2008VistaJet has a fleet century in its sights after confirming huge Bombardier order
May 6, 2008TJS works to bring secure new management contracts
May 6, 2008FAI plans 11-strong fleet and 10,000 hours in 2008
May 6, 2008Omni brings EMS conversion Learjet 40 into service
February 27, 2008Jet Executive Challenger 600 adds long range dimension
February 27, 2008Arab Wings to add Global Vision to fleet attractions
February 27, 2008Fleet modernisation pays off for Aero-Dienst
February 27, 2008A-Jet seeks pre-owned XRS to combat lengthy wait for new aircraft
February 1, 2008Global 5000s are the choice for German SMW
February 1, 2008VistaJet expansion plan fuels career opportunities
February 1, 2008Solid Air varies its fleet menu to feed long range appetite
February 1, 2008ADA expands fleet to meet rising demand
December 4, 2007CRJ conversions provide fleet growth alternatives
December 4, 2007Sheikh Rashid will use SBJ to speed the pace of business
December 4, 2007Prestige Jet and FAI combine to boost global air ambulance services
December 4, 2007Middle East charter predicted to rise at 40 per cent per year
October 10, 2007FAI may acquire Challengers but Lears will be heart of fleet
September 7, 2007Royal Jet thinks big on aircraft and training
September 7, 2007Challenger 850s boost VistaJet's new appeal
September 7, 2007Pilot enjoys 'dream hat-trick' as Omni Aviacao charter proves a great spare time investment
July 25, 2007Bluestream relaunch will leave 'humble beginnings' of M.A.S. Airways behind
July 25, 2007European Skytime lifts Learjet acquisitions to eight
July 25, 2007Government charter demand takes off for Travcon 
June 27, 2007Rizon Jet Airline aims to take private charter to a much wider audience
June 27, 2007Falcon 2000 adds variety to Bexair's Cessna and Bombardier fleet
June 27, 2007EAS hunts Hawker 800XP to boost charter capacity
June 27, 2007Acquisitions planned for ExecuJet's Danish fleet
June 27, 2007ABS acquires fourth Legacy and makes plans for further fleet additions
June 27, 2007ProAir intends to exploit its Stuttgart Learjet 'exclusivity'
June 27, 2007Flying at race speed for Lewis
June 8, 2007Demand from air taxi firms sparks second Eclipse 500 order
June 8, 2007Private investors commission two aircraft
June 8, 2007European Skytime orders 40XR and 45XR to complete the Learjet lineup
June 8, 2007Elite Jets readies 604 for charter
June 8, 2007Commercial airliner conversions among initiatives to expand European fleets
June 8, 2007Ocean Sky orders BBJ and takes 'short cut' to bring U.K.'s first XRS into service
June 8, 2007Orders for new aircraft continue unabated
May 2, 2007Learjet 60 makes a Majestic start to Dubai charter
March 28, 2007NEA expands its managed charter fleet
March 28, 2007ExecuJet adds comfortable 604 and 40XR to meet growth in Europe and Middle East
February 28, 2007FAI's third LR55 expands fleet to six
February 28, 2007Comlux goes for controlled expansion to double fleet size
February 1, 2007Expanding Avies enhances Learjet fleet
February 1, 2007Arkasair to acquire first Challenger 300
December 7, 2006Delta AirElite increases fleet further with Challenger 604
December 7, 2006Growing Galvin seeks second Challenger
November 30, 2006Triple Alpha attracts investor's Challenger 300
November 30, 2006Expanding LEA enthuses over trade-up client's choice of popular Challenger 300
November 30, 2006Challenger 850 delivery highlights demand in Russia
November 30, 2006Private charter 'fan' acquires own company and goes for growth in first year
November 2, 2006New aircraft developments among highlights at record breaking NBAA
November 2, 2006Air Alliance responds to bigger cabin demand with Lear 55
November 2, 2006Twinjet looks forward to third Challenger 604
November 2, 2006Aeroflot Plus orders Learjet and Challenger
November 2, 2006AVB to take delivery of 60XR as it builds regional business base
November 2, 2006Gold Air pledges post-takeover expansion
November 2, 2006Royal Jet expands medevac fleet and plans Moscow charter office
October 4, 2006Ocean Sky ready to meet U.S. demand
October 4, 2006Sandals billionaire resorts to buying efficient Challenger 300
October 4, 2006Ocean Sky brings 604s into service
October 4, 2006Execujet adds Hawker 850XP and Challenger 850 to its Russian fleet
October 4, 2006Pilots predict zero fuel weight development
September 29, 2006VistaJet orders three Challenger 605s
September 29, 2006Dubai debutant plans fleet purchases
September 29, 2006ABS Jets acquires 60XR to take managed fleet to six
September 29, 2006Challenger 300 and Global 5000 head for Libya
August 16, 2006LAS orders XRS to boost intercontinental capacity
August 16, 2006ARI to boost fleet capacity
August 16, 2006Dubai debutant plans Falcon and Challenger launch fleet
August 16, 2006United Aviation orders Challenger 300 and Global 5000 as Libya approves charter launch
August 16, 2006VistaJet orders three Challenger 605s
July 27, 2006Turkey CAA probes business jet incident
July 27, 2006Improved APU available for Challenger 601
June 28, 2006Extra aircraft on medical standby
June 28, 2006Jet Executive expands fleet and adds Munich base
June 14, 2006Fleet may expand
June 14, 2006Hop-A-Jet prepares fleet for bumper winter season
June 14, 2006Savannah Air Center begins facility expansion
June 14, 2006Pre-owned market conditions vary by aircraft type
June 14, 2006Demand set to soar for heavy iron
June 14, 2006VIP Avia targets another long haul aircraft
June 14, 2006Bombardier's Smart Parts
June 14, 2006EJM adds to fleet
June 14, 2006Challengers fly the line for Swanberg
June 14, 2006Global Wings to deploy Challenger 605 for charter throughout northern Asia
June 14, 2006PrivatAir adds seven aircraft in 2006
June 2, 2006ExecuJet opens at Schonefeld as Berlin plans for "super airport"
June 2, 2006Expanding Comlux adds Challenger 605 to fleet
June 2, 2006LHT adds final touches to CL850
June 2, 2006Latvian charterer boosts its distance capabilities
May 2, 2006Global XRS debuts at EBACE
May 2, 2006Bombardier ramps up at Dubai parts depot
May 2, 2006Mission success for Medic'Air's LR45
May 2, 2006Bombardier's Learjet 60 XR flight deck impresses on maiden flight
May 2, 2006Gold Air invests $76 million in Global 5000s
March 31, 2006Training scholarships for Bombardier
March 31, 2006Tyrolean gains US visa waiver
March 31, 2006First months are positive for air charter newcomer
March 31, 2006ExecuJet looks west to develop its presence in the US
March 1, 2006German operator develops long-range fleet
March 1, 2006Czech firm brushes up on its client base
March 1, 2006Maiden flight success for Challenger 605
March 1, 2006Challenger is latest addition for Jets Personales
March 1, 2006Viennese operator welcomes new aircraft
March 1, 2006Aero Services joins Skyjet
March 1, 2006Learjet 55 broadens charter potential for Swedish operator
January 30, 2006Finnish operator orders CL604 duo
January 30, 2006Expanding ExecuJet is 'bullish' about 2006
January 30, 2006Global XRS enters service in Europe
January 30, 2006German warehouse inaugurated warehouse in Germany
December 1, 2005Bombardier plans debut for Rockwell Collins eXchange
December 1, 2005Bombardier unleashes Learjet 60 XR
December 1, 2005Austrians opt for the security of short range charter market
December 1, 2005LHT wins CL850 completion contract
December 1, 2005Name change signifies fresh horizons
December 1, 2005Bexair launches leasing company
December 1, 2005Bombardier unveils Challenger 605 shuttle
December 1, 2005Warsaw firm has high hopes
December 1, 2005'Exponential' growth in Middle East spurs Royal Jet to add BBJs
December 1, 2005Cirrus expands at the 'top end' of charter
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