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Bombardier Aviation   (Canada)
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News from Business Air News
Bombardier unveils sustainably designed Challenger 3500
September 17, 2021
The aircraft includes cabin features such as a voice control to manage lighting, temperature and entertainment systems; wireless chargers throughout; and a 24-inch, 4K display.
Bombardier maintenance app will deliver peace of mind
August 26, 2021
A new app makes aircraft data easily accessible, enabling flight and maintenance crews to quickly and efficiently prioritise and troubleshoot aircraft in-flight fault notifications, increasing Bombardier jets' efficiency.
Bombardier and Rolls-Royce work to serve Global customers
August 17, 2021
Pearl engine deliveries pass the hundred mark
August 16, 2021
The Pearl 15 is built in Dahlewitz near Berlin, and was custom-designed for Bombardier's Global 5500 and 6500 aircraft types. In total this factory has delivered more than 1,800 engines of all types to the manufacturer.
August 9, 2021Bombardier reflects on ‘solid execution’ in first half of year
August 9, 2021Bombardier recognises Sterling as Diamond Supplier
July 19, 2021Refined Challenger 350 is a great addition for Sundt
July 11, 2021Three prominent leaders join JETNET summit lineup
July 11, 2021HK Bellawings gladly receives flagship Global 7500
July 11, 2021Pre-owned programme offers certified Bombardier quality
July 4, 2021Chartright to debut ‘spectacular’ Global 7500 in Canada
June 26, 2021Undisclosed Indonesian customer takes delivery of Global 7500
May 21, 2021Bombardier service centres singled out for Diamond praise
May 21, 2021Airshare signals intent by signing for up to 20 CL350s
May 21, 2021Apprenticeship scheme is part of ‘building back better’
May 14, 2021Bombardier's Mexican facility marks 15 years in the game
May 14, 2021Focus on business jets sees improvement in Bombardier financials
May 10, 2021Bombardier looks to increase Asia Pacific market share
April 25, 2021Geneva line station to service Challengers and Globals
April 19, 2021Challenger 300 and 350 owners gain Viasat IFC options
April 19, 2021Red Oak employees complete 100th wing for Global 7500
April 11, 2021EBAA introduces ambassadors to address industry challenges
April 7, 2021Global 7500s and Challenger 350s swell VistaJet fleet to 90
April 4, 2021Bombardier hands over Global 7500 number fifty
March 16, 2021Bombardier's demo team retains its Stage III status
March 6, 2021Automotive and aerospace giants come together
March 1, 2021GAMA's annual report reveals which types are on top
February 15, 2021Bombardier and StandardAero put heads together
February 14, 2021Bombardier stations experienced Bailey in Berlin
February 12, 2021Bombardier bringing Learjet production to an end
February 7, 2021Sales leaves Bombardier's full attention on business jets
February 1, 2021Bombardier extends Smart Link Plus to CL300s and 350s
January 12, 2021Challenger 350 bolsters Latitude 33’s midsize fleet
January 6, 2021Bombardier sets up shop in Berlin thanks to LBAS shares
December 28, 2020Undisclosed customer opts for ten CL350s
December 28, 2020Safe bet ExecuJet Dubai is victorious once more
December 14, 2020Duncan's Lincoln facility wins Bombardier acclaim
December 9, 2020Bombardier honours Aero-Dienst with ASF award
November 16, 2020Phenix proving Global 7500 as red hot charter prospect
November 9, 2020Bombardier buoyant as it reports Q3 results
November 2, 2020Bombardier sets up shop at Essendon Fields
October 25, 2020Bombardier at Biggin appoints manager Hoggett
October 20, 2020Jetex and Bombardier join forces for Singapore FBO
October 12, 2020Alex Lyon & Son first in line for Learjet 75 Liberty
October 3, 2020Bombardier takes full ownership of Berlin's LBAS
September 21, 2020Beaudette and Menard elevated at Bombardier
August 24, 2020First dual HUD Global 7500 arrives with customer
July 31, 2020Bombardier strengthens global support with MRT
July 27, 2020Unicorp becomes first to fly Global 5500 in the US
July 20, 2020Bombardier takes Challenger 350s to next level
July 11, 2020350th Challenger 350 is delivered inside six years
July 5, 2020Bombardier serious about environmental impact with 7500 EPD
June 30, 2020World first Global 5500 enters service in Switzerland
June 15, 2020Bombardier reduces workforce by 2,500
May 17, 2020Jetflite sends Challenger 650 into COVID service
May 1, 2020Bombardier brings Canadian employees back from furlough
May 1, 2020GAMA members gather to supply critical kit
March 25, 2020Bombardier ceases production for a month
March 17, 2020Martel comes in as Bombardier president and CEO
March 7, 2020ACI Jet adds California depot for Global and Challenger parts
March 7, 2020In-service Learjets to benefit from faster 4G
February 29, 2020Factory-new Global 6000 joins Nomad for charter travel
February 29, 2020Challenger 350 remains top for deliveries
February 23, 2020Bombardier divests to focus on business aviation
February 17, 2020TAG Asia authorised for Bombardier in Hong Kong
February 5, 2020Bombardier to build bigger base at Biggin Hill
February 5, 2020Aerospace centre name reflects Bombardier partnership
February 3, 2020LPR selects Liberty for medevac service in Poland
January 21, 2020Green light given for avionics upgrade on Learjets
January 7, 2020Bombardier sales appointments target strategic growth
January 3, 2020Automotive dealership brings in second Learjet 75
January 2, 2020Bellawings toasts arrival of first Global 6500
January 2, 2020FAA awards certification for the latest Globals
December 17, 2019Latitude 33 brings sustainable Challenger onto fleet
December 9, 2019Bombardier signs with GTAA to boost Ontario
December 1, 2019Bombardier takes delivery of Avfuel SAF in Montreal
November 23, 2019Advanced features earn Global 7500 the Ontario award
November 23, 2019CAE brings Global 7500 FFS to Middle East
November 17, 2019Safety winner Ott has contributed a lot
November 15, 2019Bombardier to sell aerostructures to Spirit
November 1, 2019Bombardier announces GE partnership and APU add-on
October 28, 2019ExecuJet triumphs at Bombardier's ASF awards
October 27, 2019Collins system debuts 4K video format
October 22, 2019Bombardier ramps up range of Global 5500
October 22, 2019VistaJet offers rapid access to all corners of globe
October 21, 2019Challenger 350 speeds to ten city-pair records
October 21, 2019Bombardier brings l'Opéra sound to Global 7500
October 15, 2019Boon for Bombardier as EASA green-lights Globals
October 15, 2019Show provides first chance to see the LR75 Liberty
October 12, 2019Global 7500 breaks distance record, again
October 6, 2019Degoumois takes on international Bombardier role
October 6, 2019Newly certified Global 6500 enters service
September 28, 2019Luftwaffe receives first of three Global 6000s
September 24, 2019Latest Global jets pass certification muster
September 24, 2019NetJets takes on a ton of Challengers
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