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LPR selects Liberty for medevac service in Poland
EMS operator Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe is moving into jet-based medevac provision with an order for two Learjet 75 Liberty aircraft to be configured by Fargo Jet Center.
The Learjet 75 Liberty will be given a cutting-edge medevac suite with room for up to three stretchers.

Following an extensive international competitive tender, Warsaw-based air ambulance service provider Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (LPR) has selected two Learjet 75 Liberty aircraft to serve its expanding operations. The aircraft will be converted to dedicated medevac configuration by North Dakota-based Fargo Jet Center.

The Liberty enters into service this year. It is a spacious and powerful light jet that features a next-generation flight deck and optimised operating costs and, with a range of 2,080 nm, out of Warsaw this aircraft can reach all of Europe including Iceland, and beyond into northern Africa, Russia and the Middle East. It adheres to more stringent safety standards than most light jets, meeting the same rigorous certification requirements as commercial aircraft. “The Learjet 75 Liberty aircraft, with its best-in-class spaciousness, speed and range, is an excellent choice for medevac missions,” says Bombardier Specialized Aircraft vice president, sales Stéphane Leroy.

With a flat floor and long cabin, the Liberty is ideal for EMS conversion. It has room to accommodate up to three stretchers and sophisticated medical equipment, as well as seating for medical staff. It also has the smoothest ride among light jets, which on EMS missions adds to the comfort of patients.

Fargo Jet Center is expected to take delivery of the aircraft from Bombardier in late 2020, then deliver the converted EMS aircraft to LPR in Poland in 2021. Spectrum Aeromed, also based in Fargo, has been selected as the air medical equipment provider on the project.

“It is a pleasure to be working with Bombardier, LPR and Spectrum Aeromed to develop one of the most capable light jet EMS aircraft in the world today,” notes FJC CEO Patrick Sweeney. “Our team brings a unique skill set to this project through our extensive history in modifying aircraft for special missions. From initial conception to design, fabrication and installation, our experts will transform the interior of the Learjet 75 Liberty aircraft to meet LPR's specifications.”

In operation since 2000, LPR provides 24/7 air ambulance services throughout Poland via a fleet of 27 rotary wing and two turboprop aircraft. The addition of the Learjet platform will mark the expansion of its operations to include jet aircraft.

“The acquisition of the new aircraft fits perfectly into our strategic plans for growth in Poland and will provide the necessary combination of speed and range to drive the expansion of our operational capabilities and EMS transport availability into international operations,” adds director of key project management Wojciech Wozniczka.

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