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World first Global 5500 enters service in Switzerland
The successful entry-into-service of the Global 5500 business jet at this time demonstrates Bombardier's resilience and the efforts of its employees, as its workforce had to navigate the effects of the global pandemic.
The Global 5500 can connect Sao Paulo to Paris or Los Angeles to Moscow non-stop, and has a top speed of M 0.90.
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Bombardier's Global 5500 has entered service, having been delivered to an undisclosed customer. Last year, Bombardier announced that the Global 5500 aircraft can fly 200 nm more than planned, and the OEM says that its new range of 5,900 nm is 700 nm more than the nearest competitor at the same speed.

The debutant 5500 is Swiss-registered and will be managed by ExecuJet Europe (Luxaviation) for a private client, with charter available from mid-July.

“This spacious and efficient aircraft is the ultimate business tool, with the range and access to safely take our customers where they need to be,” says company president David Coleal. “The first Global 5500 aircraft delivery is of particular significance for our employees in Wichita, who recently took on the meticulous work of interior completions for the Global 5000 and Global 5500 aircraft.”

Bombardier's Wichita site has a history as the manufacturing centre of the Learjet. Over the years, Bombardier has expanded the site's operations to include a service centre, as well as its flight test centre and specialised aircraft operations. Completion work for the Global 5000 and Global 5500 aircraft cabins is the latest diversification for this workforce.

Bombardier has taken steps to protect its employees and customers against the coronavirus, and as manufacturing activities resume around the world, the company has strict protocols for continued safety.

The Global 5500 can connect Sao Paulo to Paris or Los Angeles to Moscow non-stop, and has a top speed of M 0.90. Its 4K-enabled cabin offers fast in-flight connectivity, and its intuitive cabin management system delivers an ultra-high-definition entertainment experience.

The Global 5500 is equipped with Bombardier Pũr Air, an air purification system available exclusively on Globals. The system's advanced HEPA filter captures up to 99.99 per cent of allergens, bacteria and viruses, and completely replaces the cabin air with 100 per cent fresh air in one-and-a-half minutes.

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