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Challenger 3500 joins Sunwest charter fleet
Sunwest is very excited about its Challenger 3500 fleet addition. It brings charter customers the latest technology, lowest in class operating costs and industry leading reliability.
The Challenger 3500 will be based in Calgary.

Calgary, Canada-based operator Sunwest Aviation has added an award-winning Bombardier Challenger 3500 business jet to its fleet. The 3500 is the newest model in the Challenger line up and continues the family legacy of efficiency and performance while adding many features of Bombardier’s luxury Global aircraft, including the Nuage seats.

Director of business development Ian Darnley says: “We’re very excited about the Challenger 3500. It’s the perfect addition to our fleet, which already includes the Challenger 300, 350 and 604 aircraft. The 3500 brings latest technology, lowest in-class operating costs and industry leading reliability to our customers. This new Challenger will complement our Calgary-based charter fleet.”

The 3500 comfortably seats eight passengers in a spacious wi-fi equipped cabin that provides passengers with smart phone control over the lighting, environmental and entertainment systems. Sunwest intends to make the Challenger 3500 available to its aircraft management clients, charter card members and to on demand charter customers.

Other News
Chartright expands charter and lease offerings
September 21, 2023
The Challenger 350 and Global 5500 are based at Toronto Pearson and a Challenger 605 at Ottawa International. A new light jet lease programme offers transparent pricing and the option to upgrade to larger aircraft.
Bombardier introduces upgrade for Vision-equipped Globals
August 31, 2023
The upgrade enhances situational awareness and visualisation, and includes sought-after CVS that merges enhanced and synthetic vision in a single view. It is available for the Global 5000, 6000, 5500 and 6500.
Voluxis expects CL350 to be a popular choice
August 28, 2023
Voluxis' Challenger 350 benefits from a comparatively large baggage compartment which is accessible during the flight and is perfect for routes such as Dubai to the Greek Islands or Nairobi to Johannesburg.