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Learjet 60 makes a Majestic start to Dubai charter
Dubai's newly-launched Majestic has chosen a Learjet 60 to spearhead the building of a fleet targeting the growing Arab Gulf charter sector.

Dubai's newly-launched Majestic has chosen a Learjet 60 to spearhead the building of a fleet targeting the growing Arab Gulf charter sector.

Majestic is already evaluating Challenger 604s and may add longer range capability as business is established. Michael Makarius, director of sales, says: "The Learjet is just two years old and has not more than 620 hours of total time, so it is in a great condition. Also the range of more than 2,200 n.m. is impressive, it can take you from Dubai up to Moscow non-stop."

He adds: "Although one of the most popular destinations is Moscow, we will be kept busy within the region to the very many destinations in the Arab Gulf peninsular, the broader Middle East and the Mediterranean." The Learjet, owned by Majestic chairman Farooq Arjomand, has a seven seat configuration. "The aircraft is equipped with an airshow, DVD and CD players to make flying a pleasure," says Makarius. "We offer, on all flights, vip catering served by experienced and efficient flight attendants."

Majestic, whose services include aircraft management, sales and consultancy, says the Learjet is a reliable aircraft that will appeal to the top end of the market.

"It is the right aircraft for the Middle East if you consider the size of the cabin and with its range it can fly up to Europe, North Africa and Asia. Besides the aircraft specifications, our decision for investing in a business jet was also driven by business facts: The UAE has currently an economic growth rate of 16 per cent and attracts a lot of international companies. Tourists from all over the world are coming to Dubai to enjoy the beaches, the beauty of the desert and exceptional recreational opport-unities. It has been predicted that the region's charter business will double over the next five years. We are convinced that there will be a high demand for our Learjet."

Makarius confirms that Majestic is looking into the possibility of acquiring a Challenger 604 "but as an aircraft management company we are flexible and will support various types of aircraft and, although we have detailed plans we will ensure a successful start-up before putting them into effect."

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