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Global 7500 flies non-stop from London to LA
The Global 7500 gives passengers direct access to any location in the US from an airport in the heart of one of the world's greatest financial centres, as its recent London to LA flight proves.
Bombardier's flight test Global 7500, known as The Masterpiece, flew London to LA in an industry first non-stop mission.
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Bombardier's Global 7500 has demonstrated its performance capabilities with the first ever flight from London City airport to Los Angeles, California. The aircraft flew non-stop from London City, one of the most notable airports requiring steep approach capabilities, to Van Nuys, California, one of the most popular business aviation airports serving the Los Angeles area. The flight was carried out by a flight test vehicle (FTV5) called The Masterpiece, which was in London to complete the

steep approach certification flight test campaign for Transport Canada.

The Masterpiece was configured with the equivalent weight of a fully fitted interior, including a stateroom and shower, and 2,400 lbs of additional payload representing about 11 passengers and their baggage.

As part of its steep approach certification flight test campaign, the aircraft also performed several takeoffs and landings at London City airport to demonstrate this operational capability. With its tremendous performance and flexibility, the Global 7500 gives passengers direct access to any location in the US from an airfield deep in the heart of one of the world's greatest financial centres.

“The Global 7500 aircraft's combination of unrivalled performance, exquisite cabin experience and size simply cannot be matched,” says Bombardier Business Aircraft senior vice president, worldwide sales and marketing Peter Likoray. “This demonstration continues to cement the Global 7500 jet as the industry leader, showcasing once again to customers the real-world capabilities of this revolutionary aircraft that can deliver uncompromising value to customers under any conditions, at any time, without the need for tailwinds.”

“Welcoming the Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft to London City airport for its flight test campaign is a crucial milestone towards certification and subsequent business jet operations at London's most central airport,” adds London City airport director of operations Gary Hodgetts. “The flight completed on 10 May is the longest flight ever out of London City and simply demonstrates the exceptional performance of the aircraft.”

The Global 7500 is the largest business jet with short-field performance and steep approach capabilities able to operate out of London City airport and to connect any city in the continental US, Africa or the Middle East. Its long-range performance can go even further travelling eastward, reaching most major cities in Asia.

This latest mission comes only weeks after the aircraft set back-to-back city-pair speed records for the fastest ever business jet flights between New York and London, and between Los Angeles and New York. Prior to that, it also completed an unprecedented long-range mission from Singapore to Tucson, Arizona, departing as planned during its busy world tour schedule, without the need to linger at the airfield for days on end, waiting for exponentially stronger tailwinds, as some smaller aircraft do.

Winner of the 2019 Aviation Week Grand Laureate Award and a Red Dot award for design, the Global 7500 jet features a full-size kitchen and four true living spaces. Exclusively, it has the Soleil cabin lighting system, aviation's first circadian rhythm-based cabin lighting technology fully integrated with the flight management system with a dynamic daylight simulation feature that can help combat jet lag. The patented Nuage seat introduces an all-new, ergonomically-perfected deep recline position that again is unavailable on any other business aircraft.

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