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DC Aviation selects a 45XR to fill demand-led 'Learjet gap'
Germany's DC Aviation has added a Learjet 45XR to boost its private jet fleet to 32 aircraft.

Germany's DC Aviation has added a Learjet 45XR to boost its private jet fleet to 32 aircraft. The Stuttgart company, which has given priority to expanding its Gulfstream operations (EBAN September 2008) has four Learjet 40s and two Learjet 60s in operation.

"With its improved performance the Learjet 45XR fills the gap between the Learjet 40 and the Learjet 60," says sales director Jonas Kraft. "With a maximum cruising range of 1,833 nm, it is a dynamic business jet that can carry up to eight passengers non-stop from Moscow to Milan in just 3:10 hours or three passengers from London Luton to Istanbul in 3:20 hours."

Kraft adds: "What is so special about the Learjet 45XR, apart from the cruising range, is the high rate of acceleration and time-to-climb. In less than 25 minutes it climbs at 535 mph to 43,000 ft in less than 25 minutes and reaches a comfortable cruising height free of turbulence at 51,000 ft. What is more, with its so-called 'hot and high' ability it is also able to take off at high temperatures from very short runways, such as London for example. This unique flexibility is definitely much appreciated by our Learjet clientele. Dynamics and speed rank second only to safety for many of our business clients."

Steffen Fries, new coo, says the clients also like the Learjet cabins which include comfortable club armchairs, an open-plan kitchen, Air Show, satellite telephone, CD/DVD and a separate toilet.

DC Aviation took delivery of a G450 and a G550 last year. "The expansion of our Gulfstream fleet to three G550s and two G450s, is in response to increased client demand for long-range services," says Dieter Heinen, ceo.

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