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Bombardier ramps up range of Global 5500
By adding 700 nm more at Mach 0.85, the Global 5500 aircraft can fly nonstop from western Europe to the West Coast of the United States. The 5,900 nm range will be a baseline feature, at no additional cost.
The Global 5500 now boasts a Mach 0.85 range of 5,900 nm and significant payload.

Bombardier has announced a range increase for its Global 5500 to 5,900 nm at Mach 0.85. “We are thrilled to offer this extended range to our customers,” says president David Coleal. “The rigour and innovation behind our Global 5500 aircraft design and test programme have allowed us to deliver enhanced performance without compromise. Not only are we standing by our commitment of certifying and bringing to the market an exceptional aircraft on time, we are exceeding expectations along the way.”

With 700 nm more at Mach 0.85 than its closest competitor, the Global 5500 aircraft can fly nonstop from western Europe to the West Coast of the United States. The additional capability provides more range or the flexibility to complete the same missions with additional payload and more fuel reserves. The 5,900 nm range will be a baseline feature on the Global 5500 aircraft for all existing and future customers, and comes at no additional cost.

The Pearl 15 engine, the latest addition to Rolls-Royce's business aviation engine portfolio, was custom-designed with innovative technology, including enhanced aerodynamics, blade cooling and advanced engine health monitoring systems, to power the Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircraft. With the purpose-built engines, advanced wing design and built-in systems redundancy and robustness for which Bombardier Global aircraft are renowned, the aircraft offers high levels of safety. On any flight, the aircraft's advanced wing design optimises speed, range and control.

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