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Challenger 300

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The Challenger 300 is a 3,100 nm range, super midsize business jet made by Bombardier Aerospace in Canada. The project was announced at the July 1999 Paris Air Show as the Bombardier Continental. It made its maiden flight on 14 August, 2001 and was renamed Challenger 300 in September 2002. Canadian type approval was given on 31 May, 2003 and it entered service on 8 January, 2004.

The fuselage and the wing are semi-monocoque aluminium structures. Its supercritical wings have a fixed leading-edge, a 27 per cent sweep angle and 1.15m composite winglets. The Challenger 300 uses two Honeywell HTF 7000 turbofan engines, flat rated to 6,826 pounds of thrust each, and can take off in 4,810 ft. It can comfortably cruise above most bad weather and air traffic with a flight ceiling of 45,000 ft, and can carry eight passengers at a Mach 0.80 long range cruise.

The Challenger 350 is a slightly improved 3,200 nm range variant which first flew on 2 March, 2013 and was approved on 11 June, 2014. Hot-section modifications and FADEC increased the engine take off thrust to 7,323 lbs. A strengthened wing with canted winglets and more span allows for 900 lb more full fuel payload.

In September 2021, Bombardier unveiled the Challenger 3500, which incorporates a standard-equipped autothrottle system, Nuage cabin seating, a voice-controlled cabin management system and a reduced cabin altitude of 4,850 ft at 41,000 ft. The 3500 is expected to enter service in the second half of 2022.

  • Typical passenger capacity:   11
  • Range:   2,436 nm (full seats) 3,250 nm (ferry)
  • Cruise speed:   459 kts
  • Cabin height:   6.08 ft
  • Cabin width:   7.17 ft
  • Cabin length:   28.5 ft
  • Cabin volume:   1,093 cu ft
  • Active fleet worldwide:   856
  • Available for charter worldwide:   199
  • Typical price:   $6,750,000 to $22,000,000 pre-owned. $22,000,000 new.
  • Production dates:   2001 - current
  • Originally known as Continental. Includes Challenger 350 and Challenger 3500, which was unveiled in September 2021 for entry into service in the second half of 2022

  • Engines:   Honeywell AS907/HTF7000 Series
Variant types
World fleetCharter fleetTypical paxCabin volumeCruiseRangeYears
Challenger 300 452 115 8 1093 cu ft 459 kts 2,746 nm 2001 - 2014
Challenger 350 404 85 11 1079 cu ft 459 kts 2,436 nm 2014 - current


Manufacturing data
For detailed information about the manufacture of this aircraft, please consult our sister publication Airframer: Bombardier Challenger 300 series
Charter operators
Canada Aurora Jet Partners , Chartright Air Group , Execaire , NovaJet Aviation Group , Skyservice Business Aviation , Sunwest Aviation
Mexico Aeroservicios Tecnicos Regiomontanos , J & P Corporate Flights , Servicios Aereos Gana
U.S.A. A-OK Jets , Advanced Air , Airshare , American Jet Charter , Aviation Advisor , Best Jets International , BTR Air Charter & Management , Business Jet Access , Chantilly Air , Cirrus Aviation Services , Clay Lacy Aviation , Contour Flight Management , Craft Charter , CTP Aviation , Elite Air , Erin Air , Fair Wind Air Charter , FlightWorks , Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Management , Gary Jet Center , Houston JetDirect , Jet Edge International , JetEx , Journey Aviation , L.J. Aviation , Latitude 33 Aviation , M & N Aviation , Malone AirCharter , Mayo Aviation , Mid South Jets , Million Air Dallas , Pentastar Aviation Charter , Pinnacle Aviation , Priester Aviation , Private Jets , Schubach Aviation , Silver Air Private Jets , Sky Quest , Solairus Aviation , Talon Air , Turnkey Jet , Wheels Up , XO
Maintenance centres
Duncan Aviation
Family-owned Duncan Aviation is known for its maintenance expertise, one-shop capabilities and fast turntimes.
Canada Aurora Jet Partners , Briggs Aero , Chartright Air Group , Execaire , Flying Colours Corp. , Innotech Aviation , Jetport , New United Goderich , Penta Aviation Services , Quantum Aviation , Skyservice Business Aviation Services , Starlink Aviation , Sunwest Aviation
Mexico Aerovitro , CSAE Centro de Servicios de Aviacion Ejecutiva
U.S.A. AAR Airframe Maintenance Oklahoma , ACI Jet MRO , AeroCheck MRO , Airshare , Aviation Maintenance Group , Axcess Aviation Maintenance , Banyan Air Service , Boca Aircraft Maintenance , Bombardier Aircraft Services (Dallas) , Bombardier Aircraft Services (Fort Lauderdale) , Bombardier Aircraft Services (Hartford) , Bombardier Aircraft Services (Tucson) , Bombardier Aircraft Services (Wichita) , Business Jet Access , Certified Aviation Services (CAS) , Comlux Completion , Constant Aviation , Duncan Aviation , Elliott Aviation , Elliott Aviation of Atlanta , Fargo Jet Center , Flightstar Corporation , Flying Colours Corp. , Gary Jet Center , Global Aviation , Hawthorne Global Aviation Services , Infinity Aircraft Services , Jet Aviation (Boston/Bedford) , Jet East, a Gama Aviation company , Jet East, a Gama Aviation company , Jet East, a Gama Aviation company , Jet East, a Gama Aviation company , Jet East, a Gama Aviation company , Jet East, a Gama Aviation company , Jet East, a Gama Aviation company , Jet East, a Gama Aviation company (Gama Aviation Engineering) , Jet East, a Gama Aviation company (Gama Aviation Engineering) , Jet East, a Gama Aviation company (Gama Aviation Engineering) , Jet East, a Gama Aviation company (Gama Aviation Engineering) , Jet Source , JetEXE Aviation , JetRight Aviation Maintenance , JetWorx , KaiserAir , Mather Aviation , Mayo Aviation , New World Aviation , RBR Maintenance , Reliable Jet Maintenance , Ross Aviation Flight Maintenance , Signature TechnicAir (GSO) , SoCal Jet Services , Spectra Jet , Spirit Aeronautics , StandardAero (SPI) , Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems (GYH) , Straight Flight , Sunrise Jets , Thornton Aviation , TOGS Aircraft , Total Air Group , West Star Aviation , West Star Aviation , West Star Aviation , West Star Aviation , Wheels Up Tech Service Center , Wing Aviation Maintenance
Completions centres
Canada Bombardier Laurent Beaudoin Completion Centre , Flying Colours Corp. , Innotech-Execaire Aviation Group , Penta Aviation Services
U.S.A. Bombardier Aircraft Services (Dallas) , Bombardier Aircraft Services (Fort Lauderdale) , Bombardier Aircraft Services (Hartford) , Bombardier Aircraft Services (Tucson) , Bombardier Aircraft Services (Wichita) , Capital Aviation , Comlux Completion , Constant Aviation , Elliott Aviation , Flightstar Corporation , Flying Colours Corp. , Pentastar Aviation , Rose-Wood Aircraft Completions
Type rating training providers
Canada CAE Montreal
U.S.A. CAE Dallas , CAE New Jersey Morristown , FlightSafety Columbus Learning Center , FlightSafety Wilmington Learning Center
Canada Bombardier Aviation
New aircraft sales
Mexico Bombardier Aviation (U.S.A.), Bombardier Aviation (U.S.A.)
U.S.A. Bombardier Aviation, Bombardier Aviation, Bombardier Aviation, Bombardier Aviation, Bombardier Aviation, Bombardier Aviation, Bombardier Aviation, Bombardier Aviation, Bombardier Aviation, Bombardier Aviation, Bombardier Aviation, Bombardier Aviation
News from Business Air News
StandardAero sets record for 1,000 HTF7000 engines
June 26, 2022
StandardAero Augusta site employees celebrated the induction of its 1,000th HTF7000 engine with a catered lunch and ceremony, which included invited guests from Honeywell Aerospace.
Global Jet renews CAE training agreement for five years
May 29, 2022
Global Jet is to extend its 15 year partnership with CAE until 2026. Thanks to training given on a wide range of aircraft at locations, its pilots and maintenance technicians can ensure the safety of their operations.
Bombardier publishes EPD for Challenger 3500
May 25, 2022
The Challenger 3500 is the first business jet in the super mid-size segment to have an Environmental Product Declaration published, a cradle-to-grave analysis of its green design, development and production processes.
April 30, 2022Metrojet Clark completes Challenger 350 12-month inspection
April 19, 2022Challenger 3500 earns award for innovative design
February 14, 2022DCAF adds Challenger 350 to managed fleet
January 19, 2022Priester adds another handful to managed fleet
January 18, 2022Global Jet adds three to fleet
December 21, 2021Jet Edge marks the arrival of its 25th jet
December 21, 2021Sparfell makes a virtue of fleet diversity
November 18, 2021Duncan Aviation gains Honeywell authorisations at Provo
November 5, 2021Duncan to modify Avance L5 STCs to include Gogo 5G
October 25, 2021SierraTrax expands availability of digital maintenance tracking
October 14, 2021Bombardier reveals launch buyer for the Challenger 3500
October 13, 2021Bombardier selects the AutoPower system for Challenger 3500
October 8, 2021Bombardier jets gain MRO options in Michigan, Nebraska and Utah
October 1, 2021Challenger 3500 order book off to a flying start
October 1, 2021JetSupport now covers Challenger 300 series
September 17, 2021Bombardier unveils sustainably designed Challenger 3500
August 26, 2021Jet Edge continues to drive value with fleet additions
July 19, 2021Refined Challenger 350 is a great addition for Sundt
June 23, 2021Luxaviation offers alluring G600 out of Luton
June 10, 2021Citation X and Challenger 300 join Clay Lacy fleet
May 21, 2021Airshare signals intent by signing for up to 20 CL350s
May 21, 2021Challenger 300 is Sparfell’s fifth 2021 arrival
May 16, 2021Clay Lacy grows Florida fleet with Challengers and Global
April 25, 2021Geneva line station to service Challengers and Globals
April 19, 2021Challenger 300 and 350 owners gain Viasat IFC options
April 7, 2021Global 7500s and Challenger 350s swell VistaJet fleet to 90
March 19, 2021Duncan certified by TCCA and EASA for ACA fittings
March 13, 2021XOJet signs Challengers up to JSSI programme
March 1, 2021GAMA's annual report reveals which types are on top
February 14, 2021Air Charter Scotland joins the ‘efficient’ Malta jurisdiction
February 14, 2021QTA corrosion solution dubbed a ‘no-brainer’
February 1, 2021Bombardier extends Smart Link Plus to CL300s and 350s
January 25, 2021Gogo and Duncan broaden scope of Avance partnership
January 18, 2021Globals to benefit from Duncan's ACA ionisation
January 12, 2021Challenger 350 bolsters Latitude 33’s midsize fleet
December 28, 2020Undisclosed customer opts for ten CL350s
December 28, 2020AMAC fills up hangars for the holidays
December 9, 2020Challenger 300 continues Journey’s upwards trajectory
November 29, 2020Challenger 300 and 350 added to Duncan ACA list
November 8, 2020Duncan drives home DART deal and Gogo for Gulfstream
November 2, 2020AMAC continues to carry out head of state work
October 3, 2020AMAC refurbishes Gulfstream, Bombardier and Boeing jets
August 11, 2020Skyservice cleared to install ionisation on Bombardiers
July 27, 2020Challenger 300s and 350s to enjoy fast Viasat connection
July 20, 2020Flying Colours carries out full spectrum of 192-month checks
July 20, 2020Bombardier takes Challenger 350s to next level
July 11, 2020350th Challenger 350 is delivered inside six years
June 22, 2020Handful of smart jets join Clay Lacy
June 7, 2020Gogo works with Duncan to offer L3 installations
June 2, 2020Constant leads the pack for major CL300 inspections
May 18, 2020Silver Air protects precious metal with COVID-19 Cleared
February 29, 2020Challenger 350 remains top for deliveries
February 25, 2020Global Jet adds trio of diverse high calibre jets
February 23, 2020Duncan Aviation completes Avance L5 STCs
February 6, 2020AirX America gains Challenger 300 charter
January 20, 2020Latitude 33 accepts first SAF fuelled customer aircraft
January 3, 2020Duncan reveals 2019's most popular STCs
December 17, 2019Latitude 33 brings sustainable Challenger onto fleet
December 13, 2019Duncan delivers hydrographic countertops
December 1, 2019CAAP caps strong year for ExecuJet in Malaysia
December 1, 2019BJA brings in Challenger and ticks FAA boxes
November 10, 2019Eight more jets join Gama's US managed fleet
October 22, 2019StandardAero marks milestone maintenance events
October 21, 2019Challenger 350 speeds to ten city-pair records
September 24, 2019NetJets takes on a ton of Challengers
September 9, 2019Nomad paves the way for Cayman maintenance
August 25, 2019Challengers join LJ Aviation in mid-Atlantic
August 5, 2019DAS adds life warranty on CL300-350 acoustics overhaul
July 23, 2019PrivateFly offers fixed price US flights
July 14, 2019Challenger 350 is quick to reach 300 deliveries
June 11, 2019ANAC certifies Constant for engine and airframe work
May 21, 2019Challenger 350 will receive a suite of enhancements
March 19, 2019Belgian CL350 buyer entrusts Luxaviation with management
March 19, 2019Challenger 350 leads the way for midsize deliveries
March 5, 2019AMAC takes on A319 maintenance projects
February 26, 2019Mobile response Challenger enters service
January 21, 2019Luxaviation adds to Belgian fleet and reflects on FBO success
January 15, 2019Clay Lacy adds Bombardiers to charter offering
January 7, 2019Light jet specialist Latitude 33 adds well-received midsize models
December 28, 2018TAG completes milestone Challenger check at Farnborough
October 30, 2018Latitude 33 selects Challenger 350 for range and smooth ride
October 12, 2018Latitude 33 adds super midsize capacity
August 28, 2018WestAir spreads its wings internationally with Challenger
July 26, 2018CL350 gets the nod for steep approaches
June 12, 2018EASA approves Flying Colours for Challenger ADS-B
June 12, 2018Aero-Dienst turns 60 and swells Challenger fleet
April 13, 2018EAS calls in expert engineering advice
March 12, 2018ExecuJet boosts East Africa growth with San Marino Challenger
May 25, 2017TAG takes delivery of first Swiss Challenger 350
May 5, 2017Challenger induction and ARGUS Gold Plus provide further boost for MHS
May 3, 2016ExecuJet works alongside audit team to land first jet at St Helena
December 8, 2015Two further charter arrivals due at MHS
November 12, 2015A bumper month for ExecuJet as it takes further deliveries and celebrates Middle East milestone
September 17, 2015DC signs for CL300 to increase Bombardier roster to nine
July 7, 2015Heron CAMO approved for CL300
July 7, 2015NetJets marks art partnership with bespoke tail design
March 13, 2015Naljets managed CL350 makes encouraging first strides
February 12, 2015Fast growing Elit'Avia spans three continents
December 3, 2014IJM hopes to entice management prospects as CL350 arrives
November 6, 2014IJM pens MRO deal for Europe’s first CL350
November 6, 2014VistaJet extends JSSI loyalty as it pledges CL350 fleet to platinum programme
September 10, 2014VistaJet grows with sizeable widebody order
August 10, 2014Me & my aircraft – Super midsize jets: Surprising resilience from super mids as manufacturers continue to innovate
June 9, 2014NetJets' Signature Series CL350 due next year
June 9, 2014MNG adds Honeywell for passenger connectivity
June 9, 2014Amira Air continues steady growth with 'tempting' Challenger 300
May 7, 2014EBACE 2014: Meet the buyers – weighing up factory-new safeguards against the pre-owned economics
April 3, 2014Legacy 650 debuts on Isle of Man register for LEA
March 6, 2014Challenger 300 owner selects Europ-Star for management
August 12, 2013Concierge offers Challenger 300 for charter
July 10, 2013BJET set to operate 400th CL300
July 10, 2013VistaJet orders up to 40 Challenger 350s and gathers ops in Malta
June 11, 2013NetJets looks to make its mark with Phenoms and Challengers in 2014
May 13, 2013Amira Air adds Challenger 300s
March 11, 2013FairJets' CL300 make over is complete
February 11, 2013LEA puts English roasts and Thai curries on the menu
November 13, 2012Me & my aircraft; Super midsize jets: Latest models bring advanced technology to super midsize arena
November 13, 2012Amira Air targets US brokers with its expanding charter fleet
September 10, 2012Marshall Executive spreads its wings with Challenger 300
July 9, 2012Record orders see NetJets commit to Latitudes and Challengers
May 9, 2012Property mogul places Challenger 300 with 'dependable' LEA
Press Releases
Bombardier's flagship Global 7500 and best-selling Challenger 350 business jets on display in Europe28/09/2021
Henderson Jet Services launches new Bombardier aftermarket aircraft component website22/10/2020
Bombardier Aviation takes the show to customers with innovative virtual event05/10/2020
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