President of ZenithJet George Tsopeis is impressed with the Global 7500's 'home in the sky' feel.

President of ZenithJet George Tsopeis is impressed with the Global 7500's 'home in the sky' feel.

January 7, 2019

ZenithJet oversees completion of first Global 7500
Based just two kilometres from Bombardier's completions centres in Montreal, ZenithJet was well placed to keep a close eye on progress with the first customer Global 7500.

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Montreal's ZenithJet has revealed that it was the completions oversight provider for the first Bombardier Global 7500 production aircraft to enter service.

“Our client selected ZenithJet on the strength of our unique expertise with Global aircraft,” says president George Tsopeis. “We put the aircraft through a rigorous review process and it did not disappoint. We were also impressed by the state-of-the-art design elements on the aircraft, which significantly improve the cabin experience by giving it that ‘home in the sky’ feel. With the first delivery now complete, we can appreciate that we had the privilege of experiencing this innovative aircraft before virtually anyone outside Bombardier.

“For ZenithJet, this project represents our validation as the industry's preeminent completions oversight provider for Global business jets. We congratulate the Bombardier team on its significant achievement and look forward to working with clients worldwide as deliveries of Global 7500 aircraft continue to ramp up in 2019 and beyond.”

Being headquartered in Montreal helps Zenith's association with Bombardier aircraft. “What Bombardier has done differently this time is to concentrate on the back end – on how the aircraft is produced,” Tsopeis explains. “I think this approach is slightly different from the Global 6000. This time around, Bombardier has placed even more emphasis on technological adaptation between the green aircraft and the completion process. For example, laser guided jigs, specialised tooling and testing equipment and so on. These innovations are expected to benefit turnaround times on completions. What we have seen to date is very impressive.

“The 7500 features all the signature changes that Bombardier has been telling the market about, most notably the unequalled range and the purpose-built four-zone cabin. When things are engineered to be purpose-built, they are generally superior to something that has been leveraged from a previous design. Cabin comfort is at the heart of the updates. The aircraft is very smooth and quiet even when climbing. And the extra space provided by the four zones really makes a difference.

“We hope to sign up as many Global 7500s as possible and we will leverage the fact that we completed the first delivery. The market is doing well, and the order book is quite significant,” he concludes.

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