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NetJets takes on a ton of Challengers
NetJets' relationship with Bombardier stretches very far back, and the operator now has 100 Challengers on its roster, a mix of CL350s and CL650s. The 350 can connect Aspen and New York non-stop.
The arrival of NetJets' 100th Challenger warranted an exceptional staff turnout.
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NetJets has taken delivery of its 100th Challenger aircraft from Bombardier. The 100th Challenger aircraft in NetJets' fleet is the super midsize Challenger 350, which in addition to reaching 300 deliveries faster than any other jet in the medium and large categories, is the best-selling business jet platform of the last decade, recognised for its performance, reliability and stylish cabin.

“We're very proud of our longstanding relationship with NetJets, which shares our desire to create an exceptional flight experience for customers,” says Bombardier Aviation president David Coleal. “This addition of a 100th Challenger aircraft to NetJets' fleet shows how sought-after this aircraft is and why it's simply the best business jet in its class.”

NetJets currently operates a combined total of 100 Challenger 350 and Challenger 650 aircraft. The CL350 builds on the legacy of the Challenger 300 series of aircraft. With a true seats full, tanks full, 3,200 nm range and steep approach certification, the jet can connect Aspen to New York non-stop. The enhanced short-field performance ability of the Challenger 350 aircraft also allows for access to challenging airfields such as Santa Monica.

Other News
NetJets becomes fleet launch customer for the Global 8000
December 3, 2022
A firm order for four Global 8000s is valued at $312m. NetJets will operate a fleet of 24 Global 8000s; these four plus eight conversions of previously ordered aircraft and those already on order or in service.
NetJets breaks ground on exclusive-use facility in Scottsdale
November 21, 2022
NetJets continues to invest in expanding its real estate portfolio. The Scottsdale facility is the latest in a worldwide network of Maintenance Service Hubs, located where NetJet owners most often travel to and from.
Duncan brings in Bombardier and bilingual support
November 2, 2022
Duncan has added to its bilingual customer service and sales team to increase support for its rapidly growing Latin America customer base, and has added two tech reps at HQ for Bombardier customers.