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Comlux plans more fleet additions as it diversifies large cabin aircraft management and aims for optimum overheads
Comlux, which is expanding its own fleet and diversifying its aircraft management, has appointed a new ceo of Fly Comlux to take forward its vip aircraft operations.

Comlux, which is expanding its own fleet and diversifying its aircraft management, has appointed a new ceo of Fly Comlux to take forward its vip aircraft operations.

Andrea Zanetto, formerly coo of Meridiana Fly in Italy, joins as Comlux confirms a Global 5000, a Falcon 900LX and an Airbus ACJ will enter in service with Fly Comlux this year.

Zanetto says: "The arrival of the Global 5000 increases the Comlux Bombardier Global fleet to eight aircraft, making Fly Comlux one of the largest Bombardier Global vip charter operators in Europe."

The A320 will take Comlux's ACJ fleet to six by the end of 2011 and Comlux says that, having operated Dassault Falcon aircraft for many years, it is well prepared for the integration of a new Falcon 900LX into its fleet.

Zanetto says: "The aircraft will be available for charter, offering to Comlux passengers a new product for their travel needs." Richard Gaona, group president, says: "I am very pleased with the development of our aircraft management business within the Comlux group. In the medium term, we want to reach a fleet size that bring benefits to our clients and allows us to optimise our overhead costs. I strongly believe that our high class quality services reputation will attract more owners of the largest cabin jets wishing to have their aircraft professionally and personally managed."

Fly Comlux already operates 17 aircraft, offering vip charter and aircraft management services from three operational centres in Switzerland, Malta and Kazakhstan and four commercial offices in Zurich, Bahrain, Almaty and Moscow.

Zanetto says: "Comlux is expanding quickly and I will put all my efforts into making it even more successful." Gaona says: "Our vip fleet is constantly growing. In less than a year, five additional aircraft will join the fleet and we have an Airbus ACJ and two Global Express XRS joining in 2012 and 2013. We need to increase our workforce." Comlux vip passengers and crew, he says, have round-the-clock access to specialised medical care – both in flight and on the ground – thanks to a new agreement with MedAire. The fleet-wide arrangements include 24-7 access to emergency care doctors, onboard medical kits and aviation medical training for 125 pilots and flight attendants.

Daniel Staub, Comlux's head of in-flight product and services, says: "MedAire's regulatory compliant crew medical training and onboard medical equipment will help Comlux leverage best practices for medical safety and meet the company's SMS requirements. Every year our Comlux crew will be taught by professionals with in-flight medical experience through the management of in-flight illness and injury programme."

Grant Jeffery, MedAire ceo, says Comlux crews will gain the confidence, knowledge and resources to prepare for and manage unexpected medical situations. "During such situations, crew will have 24-7 access to emergency care doctors. MedLink doctors will remotely assess the health of the passenger or crew member and make medical recommendations using medications and supplies from the onboard first aid or emergency medical kits. On the ground, Comlux crew and vip travellers who are at their destination will also have access to MedAire's 24-7 medical and travel advice and assistance via a co-branded Comlux/MedAire membership card."

Staub adds: "As Comlux continues to add aircraft to its fleet, passengers and crew will automatically be covered by the MedAire medical programme."

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