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Global 5000s are the choice for German SMW
Four Global 5000s will be used in Germany from 2011 for vip transport and Medevac flights.

Four Global 5000s will be used in Germany from 2011 for vip transport and medevac flights. They will be operated by the special mission wing (SMW) of the ministry of defence.

The federal office for defence technology and procurement (BWB) explains that the Global 5000s were ordered as part of a broader agreement which also includes the purchase of two Airbus A319s and is aimed at modernising the SMW fleet. The six aircraft will replace the SMW's existing fleet of Challenger 601s.

The Global 5000 is the best suited aircraft to meet SMW's "12-seat jet requirement" and its need for a good intercontinental range "and the ability to reconfigure the interior to medevac capabilities when required."

BWB also cites a "superior" short field performance and a high cruise speed of up to Mach 0.89 (950 km/h). "The Global 5000s will feature a 12 to 13 passenger seating configuration and the medevac cabin reconfiguration possibilities will include the option to carry an intensive care patient transport unit."

Lufthansa Technik is responsible for the purchase and technical support of the six aircraft, as well as the completion of the two Airbus A319s. The four Global 5000s will be completed by Bombardier in Montreal. Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services in Berlin will provide technical support.

German Operating Aircraft Leasing (GOAL), a joint venture of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and KG Allgemeine Leasing, is acting as sub-contractor for Lufthansa Technik for the acquisition of the Global 5000s.

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