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Challenger 350 will receive a suite of enhancements
New capabilities, better sound proofing plus cockpit improvements which further expand the advanced avionics functionalities are soon to enhance Bombardier's mid-size jet.
Bombardier has further improved its segment-defining Challenger 350.

Bombardier has confirmed that a suite of updates to its Challenger 350 aircraft are all on track for implementation in 2019. New enhancements include a performance improvement package particularly effective for short runways, available compact Head-up Display (HUD) and Enhanced Vision System (EVS), along with improved cockpit aesthetics and cabin sound-proofing technology.

“The new offerings we have introduced on the Challenger 350 aircraft clearly reflect our longstanding commitment to continually innovate and boost the performance of the industry's best-selling business jet,” says president David Coleal. “With its unmatched reliability and economics, unrivalled cabin comfort and ultra-smooth ride, the Challenger 350 aircraft offers customers an unbeatable value proposition. With these enhancements in place, we are confident that it will continue to be the leading choice of knowledgeable and experienced operators around the globe for years to come.”

A performance improvement package consisting of enhanced rudder authority and superior braking performance allows the Challenger 350 to fly up to 1,500 nm farther out of short runways and enables operation at Santa Monica airport. The greater short-field performance ability of the aircraft conveniently complements steep approach certifications awarded by EASA, FAA and TC, thereby granting passengers access to reach countless destinations worldwide.

The available lightweight HUD and EVS allow pilots to fly eyes forward in all phases of flight, most crucially during takeoff and landing. These technological enhancements in the cockpit further expand the advanced avionics functionalities of the aircraft and work to reduce pilot workload and improve overall situational awareness. New Challenger 350 aircraft also feature improved ergonomics and aesthetics, including the Bombardier signature leather-stitched yoke, further highlighting the productive and elegant nature of the advanced flight deck. The HUD and EVS can be installed as a retrofit on in-service models in Bombardier's global network of service centres.

Recognised for its state-of-the-art acoustical insulation, the Challenger 350 now features refined sound-proofing technology that reduces cabin noise levels by an additional 1-2 dB SIL, and up to 4-5 dB SIL quieter than previous Challenger 300 series models.

As the only super mid-size aircraft that can fly full range at full fuel with full seat capacity, the Challenger 350 has a range of 3,200 nm and can connect New York to London non-stop.

These new capabilities and cockpit improvements build on Bombardier's drive and commitment to offer its customers consistent innovation on the high-performing Challenger 300 aircraft platform, which has accounted for more deliveries than any other business aircraft in the last decade.

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