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Bombardier's Safety Standdown celebrates 25th anniversary
Established in 1996 by the Learjet flight demo team, the Safety Standdown event gained a reputation beyond Bombardier's customer base. The theme for this special anniversary event is “Learn, Apply, Share”.

Bombardier's annual Safety Standdown is celebrating its 25th anniversary and this year's event is returning to its roots in Wichita, Kansas.

Several guests will be presenting at the 25th anniversary event including Tony Kern EdD, Amy Grubb and Dan Boedigheimer PhD. Christopher Lutat, managing partner of Convergent Performance, LLC, will be on hand to explore 25 years of automation airmanship, while Captain Clarke “Otter” McNeace, vice president of flight operations and standards at Aviation Performance Solutions, will explore the popular topic of loss of control in-flight.

“For a quarter of a century, Bombardier has led the industry in providing aviation professionals with critical knowledge based aviation training, and this year's lineup certainly underscores the concepts expressed in our theme, 'Learn, Apply, Share,'” says Bombardier executive Andy Nureddin, who stewards the Safety Standdown programme. “For 25 years, the purpose of this invaluable event is to foster a community of aviation professionals who are committed to lifelong learning and to disseminating higher standards of safety and professionalism throughout the industry.”

Bombardier has adopted a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for Safety Standdown 2021. All registrants must present proof of full vaccination to enter the Safety Standdown venue and adhere to CDC and State of Kansas mandates recommending the wearing of masks indoors.

Originally conceived in 1996 as a human factors safety-training event for the Learjet flight demonstration team, the conference quickly garnered a reputation beyond Bombardier's customer base. In 1999, in response to growing interest within the industry, Bombardier opened the seminar to all pilots. In 2010, Safety Standdown expanded beyond the seminars into a year-round global human factors programme offering online resources.

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Challenger 650 to join Aero-Dienst medevac fleet
June 11, 2024
The aircraft will be configured as a dedicated air ambulance for Aero-Dienst, ADAC's main aircraft operator, and is scheduled for delivery in 2026.
Bombardier inaugurates Aviator Lounge in Monaco
May 13, 2024
The Lounge, staffed by Bombardier's regional sales team, will provide a visually stunning, welcoming space for visitors to learn about Bombardier's aircraft, legacy and innovations.
NetJets puts hand up to bulk Bombardier order
May 2, 2024
It seems the December 2023 firm order for 12 Challenger 3500 aircraft and 232 options was made by NetJets. The deal could be worth up to as much as $6bn to Bombardier.