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Bombardier extends Smart Link Plus to CL300s and 350s
The Smart Link Plus connected aircraft programme, including the Smart Link Plus box, was first introduced on the Bombardier flagship Global 7500. It enables customers to make real-time data-driven decisions in-flight.
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Bombardier is introducing the latest advancements in its Smart Link Plus connected aircraft programme. Operators of Challenger 300 and 350 aircraft can now reserve their appointment at a Bombardier service centre for the installation of the free-of-charge Smart Link Plus box as early as mid 2021. Installations for additional Challenger and Global aircraft are to follow.

With Smart Link Plus, Bombardier customers will have the ability to make real-time data-driven decisions in-flight to dispatch, troubleshoot and track their aircraft service needs. The Smart Link Plus box is an advanced health monitoring unit developed exclusively for Bombardier aircraft in collaboration with GE Aviation. It generates crucial aircraft data that enables flight and maintenance crews to quickly and efficiently prioritise and proactively troubleshoot essential fault notifications on aircraft with in-flight alerts, increasing an aircraft's operational efficiency.

The Smart Link Plus connected aircraft programme, including the Smart Link Plus box, was first introduced on the Bombardier flagship Global 7500 aircraft and customers continue to benefit from its advanced data-driven capabilities. More than 95 per cent of current Global 7500 aircraft customers have enrolled in Smart Link Plus services, and Bombardier has full confidence the programme will successfully transition to other aircraft in its Challenger and Global fleets.

Ground crews can use the programme's remote parameter display to independently monitor an aircraft while in-flight to assist in finding the root cause of a fault notification. This information request can be done without having to distract the flight crew. While in-flight, the Smart Link Plus service automatically sends takeoff, landing and in-flight fault notifications together with contextual data. Full flight data is automatically transmitted and accessible once the aircraft has landed. Access to full aircraft systems data provides additional information required to troubleshoot more complex faults.

Aircraft data is also displayed in an easy-to-use, intuitive, user-friendly Bombardier application and is available anytime, anywhere on any personal electronic device. Additionally, Bombardier's 24/7 customer response centre (CRC) and dedicated team of experts and specialists can support troubleshooting efforts using Bombardier's data visualisation tool and organise additional support as required.

“Our business aircraft customers deserve the most effective and comprehensive technology available to maximise the value of their precious aviation assets, and Smart Link Plus delivers on this promise,” says Jean-Christophe Gallagher, executive VP of services and support and corporate strategy, Bombardier Aviation. “As this innovative programme continues to evolve, more Bombardier aircraft customers will benefit from the attributes it provides, helping them make concrete maintenance decisions by leveraging fleet-wide big data.”

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