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Borajet puts heavy emphasis on pent-up long haul demand
Turkey's Borajet, whose executives are pictured on the front page celebrating the order of a Global Express XRS, will bring a Challenger 605 into service in September this year.

Turkey's Borajet, whose executives are pictured on the front page celebrating the order of a Global Express XRS, will bring a Challenger 605 into service in September this year.

Faruk Bayindir, ceo says: "Borajet has been established by a group of Turkish entrepreneurs, including myself, who can see the massive potential for quality charter services. The company is 100 per cent Turkish owned and I am proud of that and proud that Borajet is a pioneering venture that will bring many benefits for Turkish aviation. Our venture is a mission that will open up a range of positive benefits nationally."

Bayindir is hoping that other entrepreneurs will be encouraged to establish similar visionary companies that will enable more aircraft to be based in Turkey. "There are obvious economic benefits in developing entrepreneurial companies. They can add to Turkey's prestige and international standing as well as provide advanced, new generation and safe and modern aircraft."

A company spokesman, Tevfik Uyar, technical manager of sister company Orhan Air, says the Global XRS will come into service in 2010. Borajet, launched this year, is targeting long range demand on routes including Istanbul-New York, Istanbul-Tokyo and New York-Tokyo. "The XRS will be the first of its type to be operated from a base in Turkey and its appeal will be its long range and comfort. We expect a strong demand for charter in this niche and we will be ahead of the competition."

Other factors in favour of the choice of the XRS were safety, the high level of technology, and the varied selection of in-flight communication and entertainment systems.

The Borajet name might be a new to private aviation but Bayindir points out that its sister company has been working in this sector since 1989. The company expects each aircraft to be flying between 80 and 100 hours every month, but, despite its confidence in client demand it plans to grow systematically. "We will build our fleet carefully step by step as demand underpins expansion but, for now, we will focus on ensuring that our first two aircraft gain a first-class reputation and satisfy demand," Bayindir says. "The general business prospects are very favourable. We will change the meaning of 'executive charter' in Turkey. We will meet the demand for long range exclusive charter and create a new market sector which we will expand into. There is a big demand for safety, quality, comfort and service."

Orhan Air is a flight school whose original name was Tarkim FTO. "We know, and we are known favourably, in the Turkish aviation sector so we can choose not only the best aircraft but the experienced crews and we have the right experience to organise the cabin and ground services," says Uyar.

Borajet aircraft will be based in a US$4 million hangar at Ataturk airport owned by Orhan Air. The hangar will also be the centre of the flight school. Plans are also advanced for an MRO centre and the company's coordinated planning has also involved the purchase of an airfield at Pamukova-Sakarya. Bayindir says: "It is an unused, retired airfield but now we are restorating it. In two years, we hope, it will be a centre of flight training and sports and leisure aviation."

Orhan Air has been established since 1989 in Adana, Turkey with a focus on agricultural aviation. "Today, it can give training for PPL, CPL, ATPL, ME, IR and AG licences which are approved by JAA.," adds Uyar.

Turkey's transport minister Binali Yildirim recently presented it with an award celebrating its achievement as a market leader in aviation in Turkey. "Orhan Air's alumnis are today flying in the leading carriers," says Bayindir.

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