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Hillsboro paves the way for EU pilots to train in US

Between a parallel training path forged between HAA and RotorSky, and lower hourly costs, students may save as much as 30 to 40 per cent, as well as being able to launch their careers immediately upon return to Europe.

November 22, 2020   Full report

Work from home initiatives mean aircraft stay grounded

COVID-19 has Europe in its grip once more as we head into winter, and this takes a toll on the region's charter flights. The UK is 41 per cent behind where it was this time last year, and Germany is 32 per cent down.

November 22, 2020   Full report

Piston sales are resilient this year as jets decline

Shipments this year so far, when compared to 2019, saw piston deliveries increase 1.4 per cent, with 889 units; turboprop deliveries decline 27 per cent, with 254 units; and jet deliveries decline 26.7 per cent (378).

November 22, 2020   Full report

Magellan works to implement absolute Four Seasons safety

Magellan has chosen Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea in Hawaii as one of its Safe Haven resorts. Through the Lead With Care and Safe on Maui programmes, Magellan guarantees the safety and wellbeing of clients.

November 22, 2020   Full report

The G550 with a hand-painted sunset on its tail.

Duncan pays tribute to Provo design team

It is coming up for one year since Provo lead designer Molly Foster joined Duncan Aviation. Since then, she has overseen a number of exciting design projects for the company, including a highly unusual G550 livery.

November 22, 2020   Full report

Mike McCready will be looking to innovate at ARGUS.

Flight training specialist McCready joins ARGUS

Mike McCready is an established aviation professional. While at Jeppesen, he created Jeppesen Operator, a software designed to bring safety and efficiency to aviation operations. He also spent time at Jet Aviation.

November 22, 2020   Full report

Michael Forehand has a passion for customer service.

West Star predicts Forehand will smash it in Tennessee

Mike Forehand was maintenance planner, customer service representative, maintenance sales manager, director of maintenance and production manager with Embraer, which will serve him well for his new role.

November 22, 2020   Full report

Both EFIS models come standard with 3D Synthetic Vision, Highway-In-The-Sky (HITS) navigation, Geo-referenced Hover Vector, Helicopter TAWS (HTAWS), Graphical Flight Management System (FMS), NVIS compatibility and MIL-STD qualification.

Genesys says AS350 operators will be tempted by EFIS

The large-format, 10.4 in or 26.4 cm IDU-680 and smaller form, 6.4 in or 16.25 cm screen diagonal, IDU-450 can integrate with radios such as the Genesys digital radio, traffic systems and datalink weather.

November 22, 2020   Full report

NATA reshuffles staff to prepare for next ten years

NATA's Megan Eisenstein is promoted to MD of industry and regulatory affairs and Jake Legere is director of marketing and comms. Karen Huggard (industry relations MD) and Christy Poppy (events) have also joined.

November 22, 2020   Full report

Western installs aftermarket Gogo L3 in PC-12

Gogo recently announced that the L3 platform provides customers connectivity at 3,000 ft above the ground as opposed to the previous 10,000 ft above the ground, which benefits many PC-12 operators.

November 22, 2020   Full report

    1-10 of 4,038