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ACA systems improve air quality and promote safety.

Flying Colours clears the air with ACA

ACA's purification components use ionisation purification to kill pathogens, including the novel coronavirus. Flying Colours believes there is no time like the present to team with the innovative firm.

July 14, 2020   Full report

The five-bladed MTV-27 MT-Propeller series has one of the longest TBOs in the industry, at 4,500hrs.

Twin Commander with Honeywell to benefit from MT props

Installing MTV-27 series propellers on Twin Commander 690/695 series aircraft is expected to reduce the aircraft's take-off distance, reduce wear and tear, reduce the risk of a hot start and diminish noise.

July 14, 2020   Full report

Roomy and innovative: the cabin of the twinjet Falcon 6X.

Falcon 6X flight programme pushes on apace

The Falcon 6X offers a large cabin cross section (6'6” tall by 8'6” wide) and its 5,500 nm range allows it to connect Paris and Tokyo or Los Angeles and Moscow. It remains on track for a first flight next year.

July 14, 2020   Full report

Viasat removes speed cap on in-flight Ka-band

Viasat's elimination of Ka-band speed maximums enables passengers and crew to simultaneously use video-conferencing, VPN/cloud content, email, high-definition streaming services and live TV, in all flight phases.

July 14, 2020   Full report

Legacy and Phenom owners gain EVAS potential

EVAS provides a channel of air through which a pilot can view instruments and see through the windshield to safety land in the event of a cockpit smoke emergency. Phenom and Legacy installations can now proceed.

July 14, 2020   Full report

Recovery in flight numbers continues worldwide

Europe is at 77 per cent of normal business aviation activity, the US is at 85 per cent, Oceania and South America are on 93 per cent, Asia is 27 per cent below normal, and Africa is 31 per cent below par.

July 14, 2020   Full report

CORSIA to remove 2020 emissions from calculation

IBAC director Kurt Edwards is happy that 2020 emissions will be removed from CORSIA, adding: “We hope that ICAO's considerations for the next phases will recognise exceptional circumstances caused by the pandemic.”

July 13, 2020   Full report

There's nothing like a shiny new facility to boost morale.

San Antonio facility is right at the cutting edge

Though it will be holding off grand opening celebrations until later, Cutter Aviation is delighted with its complex at San Antonio, which includes 38,000 sq ft of hangar and office space with a lobby and conference room.

July 12, 2020   Full report

Jet Aviation extends warm greeting to hullo

Through the hullo Aircrew platform, thousands of crew can be contacted with a few clicks of the mouse. This will be a handy tool for Jet Aviation, and more than 3,000 crew have already signed up to the technology.

July 12, 2020   Full report

Meridian's values are said to align well with Jet Linx.

Jet Linx takeover of Meridian creates substantial fleet

With a heritage that dates back to 1946 at Teterboro, Meridian is a full-service FBO known for providing the New York metropolitan area with private aircraft fuelling, hangaring, maintenance, management and charter.

July 12, 2020   Full report

    1-10 of 3,467