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Ice in flight destroys the smooth flow of air, increasing drag while decreasing the ability to create lift. Jet Aviation Zurich now has a 14-strong team to carry out de-icing.

Jet Aviation opens in Van Nuys and tackles icy Zurich

Jet Aviation has opened a new FBO and hangar facility at Van Nuys airport and is offering a de-icing service at its Zurich FBO as it ramps up for the World Economic Forum.

November 19, 2019   Full report

Aircraft sales slowing down, Jetnet figures reveal

Jetnet has been crunching the numbers, and has come up with detailed figures for new and pre-owned sales up to September 2019. Fewer overall transactions are taking place, a trend that is continuing.

November 18, 2019   Full report

UAS pays tribute to suppliers new and old

The first UAS Outstanding Suppliers Awards took place in 2015, and each year since then UAS has been celebrating its leading industry partners in every region as well as the best performing handlers.

November 18, 2019   Full report

Julia Takeda conceived of Fly Louie in 2017, inspired by a lengthy 1-800 call with a commercial airline which had yet again cancelled her husband's flight.

Fly Louie launches Part 135 alliance

In what it describes as a heavily fragmented charter industry, Fly Louie has formed an alliance of independent US Part 135 operators that offers cost savings without enrolment fees.

November 18, 2019   Full report

Michael Horrisberger says Elevate Jet has youth on its side.

Elevate invests in personnel and tech development

Michael Horrisberger joins Elevate Jet as CIO, where he is charged with advancing strategic technology initiatives. He views the company's comparative youth as an advantage, technically speaking.

November 18, 2019   Full report

NATA proposes changes to foam fire suppression systems

Foam fire suppression systems are not necessary for most hangars, where the risk of a fuel fire is virtually non-existent, and NATA is asking the NFPA to revise its recommendations.

November 18, 2019   Full report

Silver Air has brought a G200 to VNY.

Silver Air builds midsize capacity with G200 pair

Around the LA basin, clients often seek midsize aircraft. Silver Air is responding by positioning two Gulfstream G200s at Van Nuys, available for immediate charter.

November 18, 2019   Full report

Brazilian aircraft gain maintenance options in Illinois

In addition to maintenance, West Star also provides complete FBO services for transient aircraft at its East Alton and Grand Junction facilities. Brazilian registered aircraft are now welcome at East Alton.

November 18, 2019   Full report

NovaJet tackles emissions with TerraPass offset

The private jet industry is berated for being bad for the planet. By teaming up with TerraPass, NovaJet Aviation Group is looking to offer initiatives to its customers that will offset the impact of business flying.

November 17, 2019   Full report

Hot and high performance is a speciality of the Bell 407GXi.

Municipal Enterprises to debut Bell 407GXi in Canada

More than 1,000 Bell aircraft already operate in Canada, including those with the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Coast Guard. Municipal Enterprises will use its B407GXi to enhance the travel experience for its clients.

November 17, 2019   Full report

    1-10 of 2,591