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Constant progressed through the Wyvern's three levels: Active Applicant, Active Participant and Active Conformant.

Constant increases mobile support services

Constant AOG mobile rapid response teams now support 86 aircraft models from 14 manufacturers, and it has been recognised by Wyvern as the first independent MRO to receive Level 4 SMS certification.

October 14, 2021   Full report

Jet East improves service by bringing in ServiceEdge

ServiceEdge by Corridor is a cloud based communications portal, which will allow Jet Edge customers to view service content in real time and review quotes and monitor the status of ongoing jobs.

October 14, 2021   Full report

Six single seats, two double seats and a three piece divan were stripped down to the frames, rebuilt with new foam cushions, then sanded and painted to complement the new trims.

Cream and grey are on point for G650 interior

An extensive redesign for a Gulfstream G650 has been completed by Flying Colours in Peterborough. The new look involved the seats being stripped back and reupholstered and the flooring being completely replaced.

October 14, 2021   Full report

With a speed of 232 km/h and load of 680 kg the Bell 505 is its newest five seat aircraft designed for safety, efficiency and reliability using advanced avionics technology.

Nebraska adds Bell 505 to police fleet

With the addition of the Bell 505, the Nebraska State Patrol's aviation support division will operate a Bell 407 helicopter, three Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair fixed wing aircraft and a Piper Super Cub.

October 14, 2021   Full report

FlightSafety teams up with GE Digital to utilise data

The partnership will see GE Digital provide data driven C-FOQA insights to FlightSafety, who will then use the information of over 2,000 measurements to enhance its training programmes.

October 14, 2021   Full report

An upgraded Praetor 500 interior.

Embraer certified to upholster in Fort Lauderdale

The manufacturer will now be able to design entirely new upholstery looks for the Legacy and Praetor within the original type certification limits.

October 14, 2021   Full report

David Helfgott, CEO, SmartSky Networks.

SmartSky begins taking orders for fast connectivity solution

With its patented beamforming technology and network architecture, SmartSky says it delivers a superior air to ground inflight connectivity experience for business aviation.

October 14, 2021   Full report

The modification is expected to replace current King Air passive winglets, providing substantially more capabilities and significant fuel cost savings.

Tamarack reveals aftermarket Performance SmartWing

By adding approximately eight feet in wingspan the SmartWing increases the aircraft's ability to fly during conditions that would usually keep it on the ground. It is being developed for military and civilian use.

October 14, 2021   Full report

Eric Martel and Peter Likoray.

Bombardier reveals launch buyer for the Challenger 3500

The Challenger 3500 aircraft boasts a completely redesigned interior featuring patented Nuage seats, Bombardier's signature smooth ride, as well as new technology from the cabin to the cockpit.

October 14, 2021   Full report

Transcend's Vy aerial regional transport service will link over 40 U.S. city pairs, cutting door to door travel times by 67% to 85%.

Prometheus to supply SAF for future VTOL network

Transcend claims its Vy 400 will travels at more than 400 mph, making the journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just 55 minutes. It aims to link over 40 U.S. city pairs while cutting carbon emissions by 100%.

October 14, 2021   Full report

    1-10 of 5,598