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When installed alone, SVGS allows for situational awareness without the investment required for E2VS.

Embraer blazes a trail with SVGS approval

The SVGS provides pilots with a dynamic perception of position, trend and motion, allowing the transition to utilising visual references and enabling the safe completion of missions during inclement weather.

September 29, 2020   Full report

Abilene and Lubbock are up to scratch for IS-BAH

Lubbock Aero has been a provider of FBO services at Lubbock Preston Smith since 1990 and is owned by Abilene Aero, an FBO at Abilene Regional airport for 52 years. Their IS-BAH ambitions go right to the top.

September 29, 2020   Full report

The 12,000 sq ft hangar, featuring 28 foot doors, is able to accommodate aircraft up to G650-size.

Marathon believes there is mileage in the Florida Keys

Marathon is well-positioned as an entry point for Florida, and is close to resorts such as Checca Lodge, Hawks Cay, Isla Bella and Little Palm Island. Visitors can appreciate a new guest area and a sizeable hangar.

September 29, 2020   Full report

The simulator is equipped with the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion PlaneView 280 avionics suite.

Wilmington is third home to FlightSafety G280 training

The Wilmington Learning Center is FlightSafety’s third Gulfstream G280 training location and home to its fourth simulator for the aircraft. The other three G280 simulators are in service in Savannah and Dallas.

September 29, 2020   Full report

Recent private flyers expect to continue after COVID-19

Private Jet Card Comparisons compares over 250 private aviation membership options in order to identify the programmes that best fit customer's needs. It has analysed survey data to assess the pandemic's impact.

September 29, 2020   Full report

Kyle Vitzthum.

Former Honeywell man Vitzthum joins Cutter Aviation

Kyle Vitzthum brings a valuable mix of industry knowledge to his new role, particularly in the area of avionics and connectivity products. He hopes to boost sales at Phoenix, Arizona and Denver, Colorado.

September 29, 2020   Full report

Alto sings praises of SM-1070 master controller

The SM-1070 is a module designed with simplicity in mind to link aircraft cabin management system components with various communication protocols. It is compatible with a wide array of existing systems.

September 29, 2020   Full report

The Piper M-Class aircraft completed taxi, takeoff, a full pattern circuit and landing.

ZeroAvia sends hydrogen-powered Piper into the skies

ZeroAvia has been invited by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to join the UK's JetZero Council and help the UK towards the goal of the first ever zero emission long haul passenger flight. It has taken a step in that direction.

September 29, 2020   Full report

Business aviation feels the pinch as holiday season closes

Even though private flying has taken a huge hit this year overall, there were some positive signs emerging as travellers looked to make a summer getaway. Much of this activity has tailed off with the arrival of September.

September 29, 2020   Full report

Customers will be able to have the option to purchase the ESG system with their new helicopter directly from Bell together as one purchase.

Bell ready to showcase ESG tech in police demonstrator

Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH says its mission management system sets the standard for police surveillance missions, providing state-of-the-art integration of mission equipment. Bell has signed up its B429s.

September 29, 2020   Full report

    1-10 of 3,796