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Leonard Goldberg prides himself on professionalism.

Joining up with JetAviva presents a golden opportunity

JetAviva will provide acquisition and brokerage services for Gold Aviation and its clients as part of a new agreement. Gold specialises in full-service private aircraft management, charter, sales and maintenance.

August 2, 2021   Full report

NAA bestows Sustainable Wings on Gulfstream

NAA's Sustainable Wings certification recognises records that are set using sustainable aviation fuel. SAF is a fully approved drop-in alternative to traditional Jet-A fuel and does not require any testing or modifications.

August 2, 2021   Full report

Momentum for electric aviation continues to grow at a fast pace.

Skye puts daylight between itself and the eCTOL competition

Bye Aerospace announced the eFlyer 800 programme earlier this year in response to growing demands for regional all-electric aircraft with significantly reduced operating costs, plus increased capacity and utility.

August 2, 2021   Full report

The device, used in the field, allows for the proper training for recovery of inadvertent entry into Instrument Meteorological Conditions

ICARUS devices will enable Metro to fly high

The ICARUS device was invented by Nick Sinopoli in 2014 after losing a friend to a spatial disorientation accident. Sinopoli sold his car to apply for a patent and the gamble paid off in 2016 when he received a patent.

August 2, 2021   Full report

The acquisition includes an 8,000 sq ft office building with reception, a pilot shop, flight instructor offices, classroom and study areas, a conference room that seats 12, a break room and lounge areas.

Chandler Air Service makes for a smart GateOne acquisition

Having been in operation since 1976, Chandler Air Service has a reputation for customer care. As such, GateOne will keep the FBO's staff and leadership, ensuring a smooth transition for its customers.

August 2, 2021   Full report

Mutual SD Pro subscribers can now access MySky data through the digital dashboard.

SD platform offers seamless data access with MySky

Via a single interface, all flight operations team members will have access to consistent, validated data to support immediate, proactive decision making to augment efficiency, budgeting, and asset management.

August 2, 2021   Full report

Duncan now manages the repair services for more than 2,000 Honeywell part numbers.

Duncan and Honeywell relationship still a sweet deal

As a licensed Honeywell ASC and channel partner, a new agreement builds on Duncan Aviation's existing authorisations. One thousand sq ft of shop service space was added to additional test sets and workbenches.

August 2, 2021   Full report

4-blade option now available for Beech B300.

McCauley King Air unit is top of the props

A King Air B300 equipped with the McCauley Blackmac Series propeller provides owners and operators with a nearly 40-pound weight savings per aircraft; the field repairability of an aluminum propeller and extended TBO.

August 2, 2021   Full report

Flightways Columbus now provides customers with competitive prices with Avfuel Contract Fuel.

Flightways Columbus earns its Avfuel stripes

As an Avfuel-branded location, Flightways Columbus provides customers with rewards with AVTRIP and competitive prices with Avfuel Contract Fuel. It offers guests a complete portfolio of services and amenities.

August 2, 2021   Full report

Camren and Decker to hit the ground running at West Star

Jeremy Camren has over 17 years of aviation experience and previously worked at Gulfstream and Jet Aviation in the avionics departments, while Decker has over 30 years of experience, including 15 at Jet Aviation.

August 2, 2021   Full report

    1-10 of 5,215