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BAJit fan Robert Herjavec is one of North America's most recognisable business leaders and is founder and CEO of cybersecurity company Herjavec Group.

Shark Tank star becomes ONEflight ambassador

ONEflight's online platform is a must for any executive business traveller in today's competitive and geographically expansive world says brand ambassador Robert Herjavec in the company's first promo video.

December 10, 2019   Full report

A year since moving into new premises, VIP Completions has chalked up 11 refurbishment projects.

Tech and craftsmanship fuel growth for VIP Completions

A year of growth has seen VIP Completions bolster its sales and marketing team and enhance its maintenance and completions capabilities. It also now has 11 refurbishment projects under its wing.

December 10, 2019   Full report

Carbon Footprint by Aircraft Category - note that different aircraft models, particularly of different ages, emit vastly different levels of pollutants.

PJS pledges to be carbon neutral

Many PJS clients share the company's concern about the impact flying has on the environment, so its reforestation plan means their flights are all carbon neutral.

December 10, 2019   Full report

Ryan DeMoor has a diverse skillset, and joined Satcom Direct in 2017.

DeMoor brings rare skills to the table at NBAA

The NBAA tax committee's efforts are focused in the area of taxes affecting business aircraft and the impact of the IRS and SEC rules, as well as the Federal Aviation Regulations. Ryan DeMoor has knowledge of each.

December 10, 2019   Full report

Jacob Klinginsmith is pleased to add three more US companies to the growing partnership team.

Tamarack expands winglet support network

Comprising of 19 organisations from around the world, Tamarack Aerospace Group's network now includes three more US-based authorised maintenance operations.

December 10, 2019   Full report

The 400th aircraft from the G650 family has arrived with its customer in the US.

Gulfstream delivers G650 family member #400

The G650 can fly up to 7,000 nm at Mach 0.85 and 6,000 nm when flying faster at a high-speed cruise. The G650ER, which entered service five years ago, can fly up to 7,500 nm at the long-range cruise speed.

December 10, 2019   Full report

Flightdocs sets up shop in Toronto

As a Toronto native and licensed pilot, Alex Hess, national sales manager for Flightdocs Canada, is looking forward to establishing Flightdocs as the premier service provider in the country.

December 10, 2019   Full report

Cross-section overlay for two mid-size jets.

Guardian Jet takes care of cabin comparisons

In order to help clients quickly search for new or replacement aircraft, Guardian Jet's new cabin comparison tool will facilitate more informed decisions.

December 10, 2019   Full report

Amstat's new dashboard is widget-based and customisable.

Dashboard upgrade increases Amstat efficiency

A new dashboard from Amstat allows users to fine tune the information they want to see and organise it to suit. It is customisable so that multiple markets can be tracked simultaneously.

December 10, 2019   Full report

P&W are investing heavily in West Virginia MRO.

P&W pumps $30 million into Bridgeport

Pratt & Whitney's Bridgeport, West Virginia site will service the PW814GA and PW815GA powerplants that propel the Gulfstream G500 and G600, with the capacity to expand its capabilities to other PW800 models.

December 10, 2019   Full report

    1-10 of 2,654