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NetJets looks to make its mark with Phenoms and Challengers in 2014
Bespoke 'Signature Series' variants of the Phenom 300 will be operating for NetJets Europe during next year, and the newly-launched Bombardier Challenger 350 may not be far behind it.

Bespoke 'Signature Series' variants of the Phenom 300 will be operating for NetJets Europe during next year, and the newly-launched Bombardier Challenger 350 may not be far behind it.

The Phenom 300 will become the first light cabin Signature Series aircraft to enter the European market, following the delivery of the first aircraft to the company's US fleet during May. The first to arrive in Europe is expected in early 2014 with additional aircraft to arrive over the next few years.

“We are delighted that NetJets Europe will be receiving the Signature Series Phenom 300,” says Mark Wilson, NetJets Europe president. “The high performance aircraft is ideally suited to our European customers for safety, reliability, interior comfort and operating efficiency. It will expand on the unparalleled offering and capabilities of the NetJets Europe fleet.”

“The NetJets order, one of the largest in our history, is a significant milestone for us,” says Ernest Edwards, president, Embraer Executive Jets. “It is a validation of our mission to raise the bar in the business aviation industry and introduce technology and amenities normally found in larger, more expensive executive jets to each segment of the corporate aviation industry. We are eager to reinforce the partnership we have forged with NetJets Europe to deliver its unique Signature Series Phenom 300 in the near future.”

Meanwhile NetJets was also revealed as the international launch partner of the new Bombardier Challenger 350 aircraft at a special event at the EBACE show.

“We are excited about the addition of our exclusive Challenger 350 aircraft to our fleet and the tremendous value this aircraft will bring to our unmatched global capabilities and, most importantly, to our customers,” says NetJets chairman and ceo Jordan B Hansell.

“This distinctive super midsize aircraft will deliver an experience that meets our customers' travel and comfort requirements. The inflight experience is exceptional and unlike any other. The aircraft has an exceptionally quiet cabin allowing both serenity and conversation, soft, hand crafted leathers, meticulously designed wood finishes, an inflight entertainment system offering choices for every taste, and a single service beverage maker, all designed specifically by NetJets.”

Hansell adds: “The high design was all in an effort to allow our customers to relax and enjoy their flight whether for work or family. This state-of-the art jet's cabin, designed in partnership with Bombardier Aerospace, will provide our discerning customers the best flight experience, along with the safety and reliability they expect from the worldwide leader in private aviation.”

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