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Bombardier announces GE partnership and APU add-on
Bombardier has selected GE to deliver Bombardier's cockpit and cabin connectivity solutions and is developing a Smart Link Plus HMU box. It is also introducing a cost-per-flight-hour APU add-on for the Global 7500.

Bombardier has entered into a preferred service provider (PSP) agreement with GE Aviation, whereby GE will power Bombardier's cockpit and cabin connectivity solutions. These include new, curated service bundles that will simplify the selection of cockpit and cabin services with tip-to-tail solutions for new and in-service aircraft. This agreement is a first step toward the launch of Bombardier's comprehensive Smart Link Plus connected aircraft programme. Launching in the second half of 2020, Smart Link Plus will help Bombardier customers drive operations and maintenance decisions by leveraging fleet-wide data.

GE Aviation is also working closely with Bombardier on the development of the Smart Link Plus box, a health monitoring unit smart box capable of generating key data for customers, enabling them to increase operational efficiency, and minimise return-to-service times through data-driven decisions. Eligible Challenger and Global customers will receive the HMU free-of-charge. The smart box, at the heart of the programme, will provide aircraft data to Bombardier's digital platform where it will be analysed and transferred into actionable insights, drawing on Bombardier's aircraft expertise and leveraging the power of the entire connected fleet.

The smart box technology was first introduced on the flagship Global 7500 aircraft and will now be adapted for eligible Challenger and other Global aircraft programmes.

“Bombardier business jet customers expect and deserve the latest and greatest technology advancements available, and we are continuing to deliver a high level of sophistication,” says VP and general manager of customer experience Jean-Christophe Gallagher. “Our new Smart Link Plus connected aircraft programme will create fully connected aircraft, enabling customers to access key data and insights to help with decision-making and flight operations. We are excited to announce this for our in-service fleet as well as new aircraft. Coupled with our extensive global infrastructure expansion, this digital transformation is the next step in dramatically enhancing Bombardier's customer service experience worldwide.”

GE's senior VP of digital solutions Andrew Coleman adds: “This new relationship with Bombardier will help streamline customer service relationships by offering integrated connectivity service offerings and customer support. We are honoured to be the preferred partner of Bombardier to create advanced technologies to help connect the aircraft with flight operations and improve overall efficiencies and capabilities. Our work is centred around delighting our customers and delivering industry-leading levels of service.”

Bombardier is also continuing to expand its Smart Services offerings with the introduction of a new APU cost-per-flight-hour add-on option for its flagship Global 7500 aircraft. This new option will provide customers with comprehensive cost coverage for the Safran SPU300 APU, including scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events on or off wing.

“We are committed to ensuring our customers get the best customer experience possible and this new offering for our flagship Global 7500 business jet provides flexibility and important peace of mind for customers of this incredible aircraft,” comments Gallagher. “We're continually expanding our network and services options to maximise the efficiency of our customers' aircraft operations. We have also added thousands of parts to our network, as well as a two-year parts warranty, comprehensive price-matching policy and one simple monthly payment for the airframe systems and APU under Smart Services for the Global 7500 aircraft. This announcement exemplifies Bombardier's commitment to provide customers with an outstanding aftermarket service experience.”

In other news, Bombardier is launching a pair of line maintenance stations at two strategically important locations, Teterboro airport in New Jersey and Van Nuys airport in California, further complementing the tip-to-tail maintenance services provided by its service and support network.

The new line maintenance stations will initially offer unscheduled maintenance services to customers and build toward scheduled maintenance operations in the coming months. Both new locations will offer customers enhanced maintenance capabilities, including the addition of wheel and battery shops. Bombardier trained technicians supporting the new sites are certified for all Learjet, Challenger and Global series business jets, including Bombardier's flagship Global 7500 aircraft.

“We are committed to ensuring our customers receive an exceptional experience and this expansion is an integral part of our overall mission to enhance OEM support for our operators throughout the U.S. and around the globe,” comments Jean-Christophe Gallagher. “These two new locations are part of an unprecedented acceleration of support offerings that includes new mobile response trucks, aircraft and more technicians across our network.”

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