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Leading-edge lighting cuts jetlag aboard Global 7500
How do you ensure long-haul passengers disembark feeling refreshed? Bombardier has the answer. Its new Soleil lighting system is based on circadian rhythm and can manipulate the sleep/wake cycle.
Peter Likoray is showcasing Bombardier's Soleil lighting system.

Bombardier Business Aircraft has unveiled what it says is the industry's most advanced cabin lighting technology, the Soleil lighting system, on its Global 7500. Designed and developed exclusively for the aircraft, the system is aviation's first circadian rhythm-based cabin lighting technology fully integrated with the flight management system, and it introduces a revolutionary dynamic daylight simulation feature that can help combat jet lag.

“We're pleased to showcase the innovative Soleil lighting system on the Global 7500 aircraft,” says Bombardier Business Aircraft senior vice president, sales and marketing Peter Likoray. “The Global 7500 jet is the world's longest range purpose-built business aircraft with an unrivalled cabin experience. Along with the aircraft's master suite with a full bed, stand-up shower and exceptionally smooth ride, the Soleil lighting system helps passengers arrive at their destination feeling more rested and refreshed.”

The Soleil lighting system's dynamic daylight simulation uses specific combinations of red and blue light wavelengths that studies have shown help stimulate or suppress the production of melatonin, which assists in regulating the sleep-wake cycle and can help contribute to synchronising passengers' circadian rhythms to the time at their destination.

The system is fully integrated into the Global 7500 aircraft's nice Touch cabin management system, and can also be customised to a passenger's preference for either extended sleep or productivity via the system's unique circadian adjustment setting. It can also be programmed to schedule the optimal times for meal services, allowing the cabin crew to better prepare and plan more efficiently.

Incorporating twice the number of individual LEDs than other cabin lighting methods, the Soleil system delivers a vivid and high-definition colour rendering index (CRI). It is well suited to the Global 7500 whose long-range mission profile enables long-haul flights over 16 hours for city pairings such as New York to Hong Kong and Singapore to San Francisco. The Soleil lighting system helps combat jet lag and maximise comfort and relaxation while traversing a multitude of time zones, and is a standard feature on the Global 7500.

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