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Bombardier on track for 2018 deliveries with Global 7000
Bombardier is reporting that its Global 7000 programme is running to schedule, and is on course for entry into service in the second half of 2018.
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Bombardier is reporting that its Global 7000 programme is running to schedule, and is on course for entry into service in the second half of 2018. Three flight test vehicles have taken to the skies so far and have jointly accumulated more than 500 hours. FTV1 has achieved a speed of Mach 0.995, while FTV3 reached an altitude of 51,000 on its maiden flight. Bombardier has also completed hot and cold weather testing to as low as minus 40 degrees celsius.

Communications manager Nicolas Poirier-Quesnel believes that the type is poised to lead the way in Europe. “We have created an aircraft of unique calibre, with no compromise in terms of performance and comfort,” he states. “In addition to its impressive speed and 7,400 nm range capability, the Global 7000 offers great comfort and an exceptionally smooth ride, made possible by its advanced wing. It will set the standard for a new category of large business jets, and is the first and only clean-sheet business jet with four living spaces.”

The Global 7000 can perform steep approaches, allowing it to land and depart from challenging European airports such as London City. It is also equipped with Ka-band connectivity.

Poirier-Quesnel anticipates a lot of interest for the jet in the Middle East. “The Global 7000 and the Global 8000 are game-changing aircraft that will define a whole new category for business jets. Each of the four living spaces in the 7000 was carefully considered: the six-seat dining and conference area, the lounge featuring the latest in cabin entertainment and technology and the stateroom where passengers can sleep comfortably during a long overnight flight. Cabins can be tailored with a near infinite selection of configurations, floor plans and furnishing designs.

“Each aircraft is an expression of the personality of the customer, and I feel that it unlocks new routes and possibilities for the Middle East.” VistaJet has been a long-standing customer of Bombardier, and Poirier-Quesnel expects this relationship to strengthen further.

“VistaJet has a very successful and solid business model based on an all-Bombardier fleet of business jets. As one of our most valued customers, it celebrated a major milestone last year with the delivery of the 100th Bombardier aircraft to VistaJet. We are pleased to have it in the Bombardier family.”

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