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Factory-new Global 6000 joins Nomad for charter travel
Straight off the production line comes Nomad's latest charter fleet addition. The Global 6000 is based in Geneva and offers clients another flight option.
Nomad's Global 6000 is based in Geneva.
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Nomad Aviation has added a factory-new Bombardier Global 6000, based at Geneva, to its Swiss AOC.

CEO Thomas Köhli says: “We are pleased to announce the continued growth of our fleet and are certain that this Global 6000, being strategically well positioned in Geneva, will be a major success. The aircraft combines range, speed, comfort, style and the latest technological features.”

The 13 passenger Global 6000 has a non-stop range of 6,000 nm at a cruising speed up to mach 0.89. On board, there is a spacious cabin experience and its advanced wing gives a smooth and restful flight. Fully berthable seats recline flat to create beds, and Ka-band high speed internet gives full streaming capabilities around the globe.

Nomad Aviation's five-strong charter fleet also comprises a Cessna CitationJet 1+, a CitationJet 2+, a Gulfstream G450 and an Airbus A319 ACJ.

“We are very much looking forward to providing our charter clients with a growing number of flight options as this aircraft perfectly complements our existing charter fleet,” says vice president, aircraft management and sales Christoph Thurnherr.

Two years after achieving Stage I certification, Nomad Aviation has also been awarded Stage II IS-BAO accreditation.

To achieve Stage II approval, Nomad needed to demonstrate and ensure that safety and risks are being effectively managed. The audit is a review of the prior two years of operation, showing the growth and maturity of the safety programme under Stage I. It is intended not only to point out to the company its strengths, but also to show its weaknesses so that it can further focus on improvements. Nomad Aviation completed IS-BAO Stage I in early January 2018 when it demonstrated that the appropriate safety management system had been established. IS-BAO Stage II certification can be obtained after two years’ operation under Stage I.

“We are proud that we successfully passed the stringent and demanding IS-BAO Stage II audit,” says Köhli. “A third-party evaluated and scrutinised our safety management system and our operations. I thank our team, who proved to the auditors that we ensure conformance with the standards and recommended practices. The audit also provides valuable feedback to Nomad Aviation.”

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