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Challenger 350 leads the way for midsize deliveries
Over the last decade the Challenger 300 series has led the way for deliveries, with more than 700 units arriving with customers. Sixty CL350s were handed over last year, accounting for 58 per cent of super mid deliveries.
Sixty Challenger 350s were delivered to customers in 2018.

Bombardier's Challenger 350 was the world's most delivered business aircraft in the super midsize segment in 2018, according to GAMA's latest annual shipment and billings report. A total of 60 Challenger 350s were delivered, representing 58 per cent of deliveries in the super midsize segment.

Bombardier also handed over 23 Challenger 650s in 2018, and a string of Global 7500s are expected to follow in 2019. The GAMA report revealed a 3.8 percent jump in overall business jet deliveries for the year.

“This is the second consecutive year that our best-selling Challenger 350 business jet has led the pack in the super midsize segment and in business jet deliveries worldwide across all segments,” says senior VP of worldwide sales and marketing Peter Likoray. “With its unmatched reliability and economics, unrivalled cabin comfort and ultra-smooth ride, this aircraft offers customers a real value proposition. As business jet shipments show continued strength, we are confident that the Challenger 350 business jet will remain the leading choice of knowledgeable and experienced operators across the globe.”

In the last decade, Bombardier says, the Challenger 300 series aircraft has accounted for more deliveries than any other business jet platform in the industry. The series surpassed the 700th worldwide delivery mark in 2018.

The Challenger 350 has a 3,200 nm range and can connect Los Angeles to Honolulu, Los Angeles to Anchorage, or Los Angeles to New York non-stop.

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