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NetJets goes on tour with the Global 6000
NetJets Europe has been on a European preview tour taking in London, Geneva, Moscow, and Istanbul ahead of the introduction of its latest fleet addition, the Global 6000.

NetJets Europe has been on a European preview tour taking in London, Geneva, Moscow, and Istanbul ahead of the introduction of its latest fleet addition, the Global 6000.

The aircraft will offer the longest range and largest cabin in NetJets' fleet when it takes delivery of its first example later this year, part of an order placed in 2011. The jets are to be part of the company's global 'Signature Series' initiative, and it has been involved in their design from start to finish, ensuring they maximise passenger comfort, efficiency and privacy in the air.

The Global 6000 will be sold in shares starting at 50 hours a year priced at US$3.1m for a 1/16th share, with strong demand already reported; 75 per cent of the first two aircraft has already been sold.

"Despite a slow-moving macro-economic environment, large cabin aircraft have been the strongest performer in our portfolio, and customers will be very excited at what the Global 6000 adds to our offering," comments Marine Eugene, sales director of NetJets Europe.

"With the long range capabilities of the aircraft, alongside its operating efficiency, interior comforts and reliability, it will be ideally suited to European corporations and indivi-duals looking to expand and do business in high growth markets in the BRIC economies and beyond."

The layout of the aircraft offers a private stateroom at the rear and a customised forward crew rest area and galley, to allow total privacy to passengers in the main cabin. The cabin itself features large windows and seats up to 14 passengers comfortably for journeys up to a flight range of 13 hours. Enhanced soundproofing cuts aerodynamic noise and improves sound quality at full air speed.

Given the long range of the jet, which can travel from London to São Paulo non-stop, NetJets Europe is also launching an extension of the service area for its Global aircraft customers, saving them positioning fees on flights to cities in India, Kazahkstan, China, Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, the Middle East and Brazil. This will deliver savings of up to 35 per cent in the operating costs for those flights.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist John McCall MacBain agrees: "Bombardier products have a reputation for quality, and NetJets' design philosophy is outstanding. The extended service area adds to the value and efficiency we get from the service and will be invaluable as my family and personal obligations span several continents."

NetJets Europe has already seen strong demand and will take a further two Global 6000 aircraft in the first half of 2013 and then assess demand. As part of the original purchase, NetJets has orders for the Global 7000 and Global 8000 aircraft.

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