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US west coast welcomes first Global 5500
The first Global 5500 jet will soon be winging its way to the west coast of the United States. Bombardier says it will comfortably take passengers to London, Sao Paulo or Moscow.
Bombardier has notched up an order for the first US west coast-based Global 5500.

Bombardier has secured the first order for a Global 5500 aircraft to be operated from the west coast of the United States. This transaction is valued at US$46m, according to current list prices.

“The Global 5500 aircraft offers the ultimate in performance, comfort, reliability and signature smooth ride,” says Bombardier Business Aircraft senior vice president, worldwide sales and marketing Peter Likoray. “It is ideally suited to meet the needs of our customers on the west coast, connecting Los Angeles to London, Sao Paulo or Moscow. This order is a resounding example of our newest Global aircraft's undeniable impact on the world of business aviation.”

The company claims that the Global 5500 boasts operating costs that rival all other aircraft in its class, along with built-in systems redundancy and robustness. Its newly optimised wing and purpose-built engines make it cleaner and more efficient, offering a superior in-flight experience and a smooth ride to its clientele.

Van Nuys-based Jet Transactions supported the undisclosed launch customer in selecting the aircraft, and co-founder Brant Dahlfors says: “The combination of additional range, large cabin comfort, smooth ride and short-field performance capabilities makes the new Global 5500 aircraft uniquely suited to meet our clients' west coast missions. We are delighted and proud to represent this remarkable aircraft programme's first end user on the US west coast.”

The new Global 5500 has new generation leading-edge wing technology and purpose-built Rolls-Royce Pearl engines, the aircraft gives passengers a chance to fly faster and farther, all with the smoothest ride possible. It features innovations including the Nuage seat, said to be the first new seat architecture in business aviation in 30 years.

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