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Bombardier's new Mississauga facility on track for 2023
Bombardier says its new facility at Pearson airport will incorporate as many environmentally responsible features as possible and will provide employment for the 2,000 employees working at its old Downsview facility.

The construction of Bombardier's new facility at Toronto Pearson International airport in Canada is on track for completion in 2023. The facility will optimise final assembly operations for its family of Global business jets, including the Global 7500, and will provide a new home for its global manufacturing centre, which is currently located in Downsview, Ontario. The move, which represents a private investment by Bombardier of approximately $400 million, will provide continued employment for the 2,000 employees currently working at its Downsview facility.

The Downsview plant was built in the 1960s and Bombardier says the transition to the new 770,000 sq ft facility at Pearson airport in Mississauga will reduce its industrial and environmental footprint in the area. It is embracing the opportunity to incorporate as many environmentally responsible features as possible. It says that energy consumption will be reduced by just under 60% by focusing on natural and more efficient lighting elements, and newer heating methods and updated processing systems will lower greenhouse gas emissions by more than half. Considerably less water will be used in the manufacturing process thanks to the modifications implemented in the processing shop workflow. Electric vehicles will be favoured for onsite transportation and three SAF tanks will provide fuel for departing aircraft.

Éric Martel, president and chief executive officer says: “We are extremely proud of the people who have been producing our best-in-class business jets for decades here in Ontario and with the rising demand for large-cabin, long-range aircraft, we are looking forward to providing our teams with a new, state-of-the-art work environment.”

Bombardier also confirmed it will remain active in creating educational and job opportunities for future generations of aerospace talent in the Greater Toronto area, particularly through its continued involvement in the DAIR consortium. The consortium, which Bombardier cofounded with Centennial college, drives local collaborative research and development to help small and medium aerospace hub businesses scale up. “It is our continuing strategy to further support local innovation, harness the ingenuity of future aerospace professionals and enrich our local supply chain. Our involvement with DAIR enables us to realise this vision and it is one that we value greatly,” says Martel.

“I'm so proud that Bombardier, one of the world's most innovative aviation companies, has chosen to make this very significant investment in Mississauga,” adds Mississauga mayor Bonnie Crombie. “By opening its new global manufacturing centre of excellence in our city, Bombardier will strengthen our world-class aviation sector by continuing its relationship with Mississauga-based companies that provide leading-edge capabilities to support Bombardier's family of Global business jets.”

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