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Bombardier serious about environmental impact with 7500 EPD
The publication of an environmental declaration for the Global 7500 aircraft is part of a strategy that encompasses the adoption of SAF, reducing CO2, enhancing recyclability and sustainably sourcing.
The Global 7500 won the 2019 Aviation Week Grand Laureate Award and the 2019 Robb Report Best of the Best Business Jet of the Year Award.
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Bombardier Aviation and the International EPD System, an environmental declaration programme based in Sweden, have published the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the Global 7500.

The Global 7500 aircraft EPD is third-party verified to the highest international ISO standards. It discloses fully transparent environmental information about the product's life cycle, such as CO2 emissions, noise, water consumption and other key environmental impact indicators. Bombardier has committed to communicating the environmental performance of all new aircraft programmes through EPDs.

The publication of the Global 7500 aircraft EPD is a milestone in the advancement of Bombardier's overarching environmental sustainability strategy, which encompasses increasing the adoption of sustainable alternative fuels (SAF), reducing its CO2 footprint, enhancing aircraft recyclability and sustainably sourcing, all as a part of its eco-design approach and in support of industry-wide carbon reduction goals.

“We are proud to collaborate with Bombardier in its effort to provide full transparency about the environmental performance of its Global 7500 jet from a life cycle perspective. With the publication of the first business jet EPD in our system, Bombardier is striving to provide customers and stakeholders with the full environmental picture. The EPD is third-party verified and complies with the globally accepted ISO standards, ISO 14025 and related, for type III environmental declarations,” says Sebastiaan Stiller, director business, International EPD System.

The Bombardier eco-design team applied its product innovation life cycle process throughout the development of the Global 7500 aircraft to minimise the jet's impact on the environment, from the design and manufacture of the aircraft to end-of-life. The Global 7500 aircraft is the first business jet conceived with this approach. The Global 7500 aircraft EPD is also the outcome of years of collaboration with Bombardier's supply chain, a rigorous analysis from the programme's outset and robust certification process completed throughout 2019.

“The EPD for the Global 7500 business jet embodies our commitment both to the environment and to the sustainable advancement of the aviation industry,” said David Coleal, president, Bombardier Aviation. “We are thrilled to offer a comprehensive environmental footprint and performance overview of the Global 7500 aircraft throughout its life cycle. By making this information available to our stakeholders, including operators, this EPD supports the business aviation industry's broader approach to fight climate change through clear, transparent goals and associated multi-pronged plans that encompass technology and sustainable fuels.”

The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) has commended Bombardier for the achievement of having received the first-ever EPD for a business aircraft, the Global 7500, under the auspices of the International EPD System.

Kurt Edwards, IBAC director general, says: “This is an unprecedented accomplishment by Bombardier and demonstrates their exceptional commitment to sustainability. As an IBAC industry partner, Bombardier is a global industry leader on environmental matters and has always been a key supporter of IBAC's environmental efforts, including the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Coalition. Bombardier has joined us in leading initiatives over the last few years to inform business aircraft operators of the availability of SAF and its importance to meeting the industry's long-term goal to reduce its carbon emissions. This declaration, providing environmental transparency on the Global 7500, is a bold achievement, and we congratulate it.”

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