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FAI plans for 'widebody' ambulance after acquiring flagship Learjet 60
German air ambulance specialist FAI rent-a-jet AG has completed its third fleet extension this year acquiring a further Learjet 60.

German air ambulance specialist FAI rent-a-jet AG has completed its third fleet extension this year acquiring a further Learjet 60. The addition takes FAI's Learjet fleet to ten - three 35As, four 55s and three 60s.

"The Learjet 60 will become FAI's new flagship for medevac services," says ceo and founder Siegfried Axtmann. "Size matters, especially for our clients from the Middle East where the demand is high for us to carry at least two attendants together with patient and the medical team. Another benefit compared to the Learjet 55 is the Learjet 60's APU which ensures a climate controlled cabin even on the ground and this is very welcome, especially during fuel stops."

Axtmann adds: "The 60's extended range compares favourably with the 55's range. For instance it guarantees that we can reach Glasgow from the United Arab Emirates with only one fuel stop. The 55 does not allow this when certain wind conditions are prevalent."

Axtmann says FAI's second Learjet 60 has been based in Athens, convenient for non-stop turnaround ambulance flights from the Middle East to Germany and the UK, while FAI's third Learjet 60, operating out of Nuernberg, Germany, is focused on executive transport.

FAI also plans to start operating a medevac Challenger 604 before the end of this year. "It will cover the demand from current clients for widebody operations," says Axtmann.

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