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Bombardier brings l'Opéra sound to Global 7500
Bombardier is to showcase its advanced, high fidelity audio system l'Opéra at NBAA-BACE, promising the ultimate in listening pleasure. The expo won't be over until the fat lady sings.

Bombardier has unveiled l'Opéra, an advanced high fidelity audion system. It features full range speakers, the latest in digital signal processing and seat-centric sound technology, all developed as a standard feature for the Global 7500 business jet.

Bombardier Business Aircraft senior vice president, worldwide sales and marketing Peter Likoray says: “The Global 7500 jet is redefining the in-flight passenger experience. To that end, we worked with our partners to develop the most advanced audio system in the industry providing an immersive audio experience designed to rival that of advanced home audio systems.”

L'Opéra features optimally positioned full-range speakers that deliver exceptionally balanced sound with an available 1,275 watts of power. A combination of high and mid-range drivers, designed to optimise frequency range and eliminate distortion, are customised by floorplan and positioned to achieve the most balanced sound in any Flobal 7500 cabin layout.

The system offers the latest in digital signal processing with Class D amplifiers that deliver exceptional signal integrity through a fibre optic backbone and high quality digital to analogue conversion for warm, rich and vivid sound. Coupled with seat-centric sound technology and the latest Dolby Digital surround sound, l'Opéra creates an immersive audio field optimally positioned at ear level throughout the cabin that can be further personalised through an adjustable sweet spot feature. A deep bass integrated subwoofer, located within the bulkhead wall of the master suite and club suite or under the Nuage divan, offers an in-flight cinematic experience as well as the perfect viewing and listening angle anywhere in the entertainment suite.

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