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News from Business Air News
NBAA collaboration welcomes Clay Lacy's managed aircraft customers
June 11, 2024
Clay Lacy will create NBAA operating memberships for its managed aircraft customers, providing eligibility for benefits such as access to the association's premier events, development programmes and discounts.
UK entry changes may catch operators unaware
June 11, 2024
GAR submissions are simple but will take time to get used to, and the UK's ETA programme is to expand beyond current requirements. While not particularly onerous, non-compliance means fines or delays in entry.
Volato sets date for 2024 Safety Summit
June 3, 2024
Electric and hybrid takes its place at EBACE 2024
June 3, 2024
May 30, 2024EBAA joins the ranks at Climbing. Fast.
May 20, 2024Reauthorisation strengthens and advances the FAA
May 15, 2024SAF at EBACE adds to the show's sustainability focus
May 13, 2024NBAA applauds Senate passage of long-term FAA reauthorisation bill
May 13, 2024Maness is named 900th Certified Aviation Manager
May 3, 2024NBAA Maintenance conference drives growing, dynamic profession
May 3, 2024EBACE2024 Keynote to spotlight those shaping aviation's future
May 2, 2024Associations welcome progress on FAA reauthorisation
May 2, 2024NBAA lauds move to preserve business access to Dublin
April 26, 2024GAMA and NBAA respond to FAA SMS final rule
April 22, 2024McIntyre and Scott earn NBAA recognition
April 22, 2024NBAA urges NYC not to ground helicopters
April 15, 2024Access to East Hampton Town airport to be preserved
April 4, 2024IOC 2024 in Florida tackles pressing aviation topics
March 29, 2024EBACE 2024 to debut AAM aircraft in airport showcase
March 28, 2024PAG launches FBO partner network with NBAA
March 18, 2024Organisations warn of budget harm to an essential American industry
March 18, 2024NBAA wraps on SDC2024
March 14, 2024Algee receives S&D award for achievement and leadership
March 11, 2024NBAA Fuels the Future of advocacy with Cutter
March 11, 2024NBAA challenges Biden on punitive tax treatment
February 24, 2024NBAA questions sweeping IRS plan to audit business aircraft use
February 13, 2024The FAA reauthorisation bill passes from Senate to Congress
January 27, 2024US Senate pushed to reauthorise the FAA
January 16, 2024NBAA raises alarm over potential ban on GA flights at Dublin
January 2, 2024NBAA reaffirms call for long-term FAA reauthorisation bill
December 28, 2023NBAA welcomes Guillermet's appointment to lead EASA
December 19, 2023NBAA salutes US Treasury for decision on SAF tax
December 11, 2023NBAA honours Yaddow and Sheridan for career achievements
December 5, 2023GA stakeholders urge passage of long-term FAA reauthorisation bill
November 2, 2023EBAA welcomes Krahmer as secretary general
October 30, 2023Associations applaud appointment of permanent FAA administrator
October 27, 2023NBAA-BACE demonstrates business aviation is climbing fast
October 16, 2023Anderson named recipient of Cartwright Leadership Scholarship
October 16, 2023Gulfstream to lead sustainability talks at IBGAA conference
October 9, 2023Las Vegas airports offer SAF for flights from NBAA's convention
October 6, 2023NBAA welcomes stop gap funding and FAA authorisation
October 6, 2023Blade shuttle flights return to NBAA-BACE
October 4, 2023NBAA-BACE Volocopter flights will showcase air mobility
September 22, 2023Shark to feature in NBAA-BACE keynote
September 21, 2023NBAA selects Stubbs for 2023 Jack Doswell Award
September 19, 2023US associations await confirmation of Whitaker as FAA administrator
September 9, 2023NBAA report confirms palpable pilot pay rise
September 9, 2023Tennis legends to keynote 2023 NBAA-BACE
August 30, 2023Aviation groups question regulatory overhaul for flights vital to underserved communities
August 17, 2023Associations push for clear flight plan for AAM take off
July 3, 2023Coalition looks to clear up Part 380 regulations
June 19, 2023NBAA welcomes progress on FAA reauthorisation
June 16, 2023Seasoned leaders are tapped to serve in top FAA posts
June 13, 2023NBAA welcomes bipartisan House FAA reauthorisation bill
June 2, 2023Aircraft, sustainability and innovation capture imaginations at EBACE
May 28, 2023Passage of NOTAM Improvement Act welcomed by NBAA
May 23, 2023Avfuel makes fresh hires and delivers SAF to EBACE
May 18, 2023Aviation associations publish SAF book and claim guidance
April 24, 2023Bolen salutes Nolen for FAA admin contribution
April 16, 2023F1 racing leaders to give EBACE 2023 keynote
April 16, 2023NBAA says SMS regulations don't go far enough
March 31, 2023Passing of Athar Husain Khan marked by aviation community
March 27, 2023Momentum continues for NBAA AAM Roundtable on second anniversary
March 24, 2023NBAA transitions events SVP position
March 12, 2023NBAA leadership conference ponders fresh ideas and opportunities
February 13, 2023NBAA applauds first published Part 135 standardised training doc
January 31, 2023NBAA welcomes comment period extension on SMS rule
January 27, 2023NBAA kicks off 2023 with record-breaking S&D
January 23, 2023Aviation stakeholders submit comments to EPA’s proposed endangerment finding
January 19, 2023NBAA awards Sustainable Flight Department accreditations
January 16, 2023Book-and-Claim initiative can make Davos more sustainable
January 9, 20232023 NBAA Leadership Conference will focus on dynamic excellence
December 28, 2022NBAA highlights safety focus in FAA's AAM approach
December 28, 2022Small operators form focus of NBAA online learning series
December 20, 2022NBAA applauds veto of restrictive NY noise bill
December 20, 2022Alessio joins NBAA board
November 24, 2022First sustainable flight departments are accredited by the NBAA
November 21, 2022NBAA welcomes FAA ruling on extending ownership cycle
November 2, 2022Steve Brown recognised by IBAC on his retirement
November 1, 2022APS chief takes helm at NBAA Safety Committee
October 30, 2022FAA names its 12 advanced aviation advisory committee members
October 25, 2022US associations welcome passing of AAM Act into law
October 24, 2022NBAA-BACE show peeks into the future of business aviation
October 20, 2022Industry associations welcome net-zero commitment from ICAO
October 18, 2022NBAA honours Rosanvallon and Schwartz with top awards
October 8, 2022The show must go on, as Florida relief continues
October 1, 2022Members recognised with NBAA Flying Safety awards
October 1, 2022NBAA Senate testimony details promise of AAM
September 26, 2022NBAA-BACE places emphasis on safety with keynote speakers
September 19, 2022Tammie Jo Shultz to speak at NBAA-BACE 2022
September 13, 2022Business aviation marks the passing of luminary Gil Wolin
September 12, 2022Astrophysicist deGrasse Tyson to keynote at 2022 NBAA-BACE
September 5, 2022Commercialisation of FAA-approved unleaded avgas begins
August 29, 2022NASCAR star will give keynote speech
August 18, 2022NBAA and NATA welcome SAF incentives in law
August 11, 2022US Senate is applauded for SAF tax credits bill
August 2, 2022NBAA sets out tax and regulatory compliance for change of use
July 14, 2022NBAA and NATA make the case for aviation
July 4, 2022NBAA advocacy delivers aircraft export advice
June 26, 2022NBAA welcomes formation of Congressional AAM Caucus
June 16, 2022House passes NBAA-supported AAM legislation
May 31, 2022NBAA welcomes Senate introduction of key AAM legislation
May 29, 2022Business aviation's future takes centre stage at EBACE
May 25, 2022NBAA underscores net zero commitment in House Committee statement
May 25, 2022Geneva airport offers SAF supply to conference flights
April 30, 2022Industry associations welcome House progress on key AAM bill
April 17, 2022NBAA's S&D Conference powers up to embrace the future
April 17, 2022Respected advocate joins NBAA as COO
April 1, 2022NBAA honours Leo Knaapen with Silk Scarf Award
March 28, 2022US Senate support of AAM development is welcomed by industry associations
March 25, 2022Polaris Aero's Roby earns CAM certification
March 21, 2022NBAA celebrates success of IOC
March 8, 2022The NBAA's AAM Roundtable marks one year anniversary
March 1, 2022Stakeholder groups commit to lead-free transition
February 28, 2022After 75 years NBAA recalls pioneering spirit
February 21, 2022NBAA association coalition is a 'force multiplier' for owner pilots
February 18, 2022NBAA celebrates 2022 Leadership Conference
February 7, 2022EPA called on to expand SAF feedstocks
February 7, 2022NBAA congressional statement urges 5G collaboration
January 24, 2022NBAA releases guidance for sustainable accreditation programme
January 6, 2022ABACE postponed for 2022
January 6, 2022Industry calls for additional 5G mitigations
January 1, 2022FAA to investigate Santa Clara safety issues
December 22, 2021NBAA sets S&D conference back to April
December 20, 2021NBAA applauds legislation supporting AAM infrastructure
December 16, 2021Aviation groups call on FAA to mitigate California airport's ban on 100LL fuel
December 9, 2021NBAA recognises Robert Olislagers' decades of advocacy
November 23, 2021NBAA's Ed Bolen inducted to 2021 Hall of Fame
November 12, 2021Coalition calls for 5G mobile rollout to be delayed
November 9, 2021NBAA and NATA celebrate infrastructure legislation
November 5, 2021US Congress called on to increase funding for alternative fuels
November 1, 2021NBAA launches new safety management certification
October 22, 2021See you in Florida, says NBAA, as convention ends for another year
October 18, 2021IBAC members agree to be carbon net zero by 2050
October 13, 2021Baldwin's safety manager certification is NBAA CAM accredited
October 1, 2021Baldwin is honoured for lifetime of aviation safety
October 1, 20214Air aims to reduce carbon emissions for NBAA exhibition
October 1, 2021NBAA reveals panel of pioneers for thought leadership
October 1, 2021NBAA assembles ideal lineup to discuss regulations
September 17, 2021NBAA and GAMA release new Business Aviation Fact Book
September 17, 2021FAA head Dickson will be a keynote speaker at NBAA-BACE
September 8, 2021Raisbeck Engineering mourns the passing of its founder
September 2, 2021COVID-19 vaccination is a requirement to attend NBAA-BACE
August 26, 2021NBAA says soft drinks executive Lee will be an asset
August 26, 2021Metrojet celebrates thousands of incident-free hours
August 20, 2021TSA adds NBAA man Brown to advisory committee
June 26, 2021Excitement is palpable for October return of NBAA-BACE
June 10, 2021NBAA enthusiasm helps Garmin to land top trophy
June 4, 2021NBAA thanks community for improvements to PRD
June 4, 2021Lawyer Hague appointed to NBAA board of directors
May 31, 2021NBAA calls on Congress to cut out carbon
May 31, 2021Organisations line up to applaud Sustainable Skies Act
May 29, 2021EBACE Connect brings the industry together
May 21, 2021Speakers revealed for 10th JETNET global summit
May 16, 2021NBAA-BACE filling up as it hopes to ignite imaginations
May 14, 2021CDC updates COVID pre-departure testing guidance
May 10, 2021NBAA roundtable charts course for AAM infrastructure
May 3, 2021Capitol Hill reintroduces ALIGN to delight of NBAA
May 3, 2021NBAA sustainable flight department accreditation program launches
April 25, 2021EU Summit lays out plans for sustainable fuels
April 25, 2021CoSAFA brings top industry players together to tackle CO2
April 7, 2021NBAA implores new administration to prioritise SAF
April 7, 2021Broom sweeps in to keep NBAA strategy tidy
April 4, 2021NBAA links up with Congress to promote the use of SAF
March 27, 2021Plenty of positive feedback for NBAA GO summit
March 15, 2021NBAA and AOPA express GPS jamming concerns
March 15, 2021Stimulus package welcomed by NBAA and NATA
March 1, 2021NBAA hails first virtual event as resounding success
February 22, 2021Dickson to impart wisdom at NBAA virtual event
February 15, 2021Virtual series offers chance to connect for EBACE delegates
February 8, 2021Unchartered waters force show cancellations
February 7, 2021Associations beseech IRS to reform FET
January 15, 2021NBAA applauds IRS role in clarifying tax obligations
December 28, 2020US congressional bill wins NBAA and HAI approval
December 28, 2020Industry leaders publish dry leasing guide
December 21, 2020Coalition says enough is enough for illegal charter
December 21, 2020Pilot medical certificate to remain valid post-vaccine
December 14, 2020NATA leads the call for FCC to review 5G spectrum
December 14, 2020NBAA declares inaugural VBACE a roaring success
November 24, 2020NBAA says its virtual events are the way forward
November 8, 2020Bentley ready to shift into high gear for VBACE keynote
November 2, 2020CBAA is the latest to come onboard for SAF coalition
October 25, 2020NAC future bodes well under continued Bolen guidance
October 18, 2020NBAA celebrates industry achievements with string of awards
October 6, 2020NBAA reveals virtual trade show - VBACE
October 3, 2020NBAA books in a series of educational programmes
September 26, 2020SAF summit underscores powerful potential of cleaner fuel
September 26, 2020NBAA regional forums to return next summer
September 1, 2020Industry leaders to gather for sustainable fuel forum
August 24, 2020SAF coalition brings together business aviation heavyweights
August 13, 2020NBAA unimpressed with FAA over Hampton ruling
August 11, 2020NBAA and AOPA team up to voice pilot records concern
August 4, 2020NBAA awards 2020 maintenance scholarships
July 20, 2020Noise certification and pandemic comeback on NBAA agenda
July 5, 2020Pandemic forces NBAA to call off Florida flagship
July 5, 2020NBAA pleased to see SFAR extended for three months
June 15, 2020NBAA looks to put the brakes on Ligado 5G
June 7, 2020FAA arranges exemption extension with NATA
May 22, 2020NBAA is not amused at Customs fee increases
May 18, 2020Bolen calls on Congress to build on CARES
May 4, 2020NATA and NBAA grateful for COVID provisions
May 1, 2020NATA and NBAA welcome Part 135 curriculum
May 1, 2020NBAA launches online content for lost conferences
April 26, 2020NBAA welcomes commencement of Treasury payments
April 20, 2020NBAA pull out all the stops to support those in need
April 13, 2020Industry mourns passing of an angel
April 13, 2020NBAA requests continuity through pandemic exemptions
April 3, 2020NATA and NBAA seek CARES Act advice
March 31, 2020NBAA mourns winglet pioneer Joe Clark
March 28, 2020Stimulus bill is just the ticket for NBAA members
March 22, 2020NATA writes for relief to keep GA flying
March 19, 2020NBAA appeals to Congress on virus' effects on industry
March 17, 2020NBAA modifies its conference plans
March 17, 2020EBACE is cancelled
March 12, 2020Friscia celebrated for industry service
February 29, 2020Helicopter industry mourns loss of Zuccaro
February 29, 2020Guardian Jet partner takes seat at NBAA advisory council
February 23, 2020GA contribution to US economy remains strong
February 10, 2020Virus fears cause cancellation of ABACE 2020
January 27, 2020Zurich airport leads on SAF refuelling for Davos
January 21, 2020NBAA updates safety resource for single pilot operations
January 7, 2020HAI names next president and CEO
January 3, 2020US congress promotes aviation fuel sustainability
January 3, 2020D'Leon replaces Conti as NBAA technical ops director
December 10, 2019DeMoor brings rare skills to the table at NBAA
November 22, 2019Garrett and Rosanvallon honoured by NBAA
November 12, 2019Calls to restrict UK business jets rejected by NBAA, EBAA and IBAC
November 10, 2019NBAA commends FAA for measures on privacy and security
November 5, 2019NBAA-BACE 2019 achieves aim of invigorating industry
November 5, 2019UAM benefits explored in NBAA report
November 1, 2019GAMA and NBAA prepare to speak up about SAF
October 6, 2019Visionary aviator to address Las Vegas expo
September 30, 2019NBAA nets Magic Johnson for day one keynote
September 30, 2019Young business aviation leaders merit NBAA recognition
September 30, 2019NBAA's Bolen calls for ATC modernisation
September 21, 2019NBAA honours safe flying members
September 9, 2019NBAA doffs cap to Wilson with Doswell award
September 9, 2019Perot praised with NBAA's highest honour
September 8, 2019Lane marks 84 years in the plane game
July 28, 2019Gobbo scoops NBAA tick for incident-free flying
June 18, 2019Associations band together to tackle contamination
April 9, 2019Change at the top for NBAA
April 2, 2019Operators urged to comply as ADS-B deadline looms
January 15, 2019Universal chairman Evans earns NBAA Silk Scarf
December 17, 2018Schedulers & Dispatchers recognises outstanding achievement
November 11, 2018UAS's Husary in NBAA's inaugural honours
November 3, 2018GA associations release recommended best business practices
October 9, 2018Salley honoured with 40 Under 40 awards
September 12, 2013ABS Jets earns recognition with NBAA safety awards
August 2, 2012ABS pilot wins safety award
September 1, 2011Perspectives – NBAA recognises Don's visionary achievements
October 4, 2006Ruinous user fee plan needs to be grounded
May 2, 2006EBACE boasts key speakers speakers
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