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Mobile response Challenger enters service
The latest addition to Bombardier's expanding service and support network is a dedicated Challenger 300. Its speed and range will help ensure efficient urgent parts delivery for the European and Middle Eastern fleet.
Bombardier is locating a Challenger 300 at Frankfurt for mobile response team services.

Bombardier has added a dedicated mobile response team (MRT) aircraft to its Frankfurt, Germany-based fleet. The Challenger 300 marked its entry-into-service by successfully completing its first mission, providing a European customer with efficient unscheduled maintenance support.

The strategically located aircraft will deftly supplement the shipping of parts from Bombardier's main European parts distribution hub at Frankfurt International airport. Its 3,065 nm (5,646 km) range and top speed capability of Mach 0.83 will enhance the MRT's reach and response times to a fleet size of more than 700 aircraft in Europe and the Middle East.

“With this investment, we are adding expertise and increasing accessibility to OEM support for our European operators and paving the way for the industry's largest and longest-range business jet, our flagship Global 7500 aircraft, which is now in service,” says Bombardier Business Aircraft vice president and general manager, customer experience Jean-Christophe Gallagher. “The addition of a dedicated Challenger 300 aircraft will augment the worldwide efforts of our MRT, already ranked as one of the most comprehensive onsite, mobile and aircraft-on-ground resolution services in the industry.”

There are a total of seven Bombardier line maintenance stations in Europe, located in Luton, UK; Linz, Austria; Paris, Nice and Cannes in France; and Milan and Olbia in Italy. They complement the tip-to-tail heavy maintenance services provided by Bombardier's newest wholly-owned service centre at London Biggin Hill airport in the UK and jointly owned Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services in Berlin. Bombardier operators also have access to 12 authorised service facilities in the region.

In recent months, Bombardier has expanded its customer response capability significantly. Five new MRT trucks have been deployed, bringing the current worldwide total to 30. The Challenger 300 aircraft in Frankfurt joins a dedicated Learjet 45 aircraft in Chicago, along with two maintenance control centres (MCCs) in Linz, Austria and Wichita, Kansas. The new MCCs work in conjunction with Bombardier's customer response centre, which operates 24/7 to streamline customer requests and optimise maintenance support.

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