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Phenix proving Global 7500 as red hot charter prospect
With a range of 7,700 nm, the Global 7500 aircraft features four true living spaces and it can connect far-flung city pairs non-stop, including Tokyo to New York. Its first few months with Phenix have been smooth.
The Global 7500 offers functionality and versatility.

Asia Pacific operator Phenix Jet welcomed a first Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft into its managed fleet earlier this year. The jet joins a growing number of Global 7500 aircraft in the Asia Pacific region. Since its delivery in March, notwithstanding the global COVID-19 pandemic, Phenix Jet's Global 7500 aircraft has been operating smoothly.

Phenix has strategically placed locations and operations centers in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Cayman Islands and Guam. It provides a full spectrum of business aviation services including aircraft management, charter and maintenance. The executive management team has over 50 years of business aviation management services experience. It manages 12 business jets including the Global 7500, Global 6000, Gulfstream 650ER and Boeing Business Jet. It offers charter services with both the Global 6000 and Gulfstream 650ER.

With over a decade of experience in ultra long range business aircraft, the operator is confident of providing the owner with an exceptional experience: “We are very familiar with ultra-long-range products, having Gulfstream 650ER and Global 6000 business jets in our daily operation. With Phenix Jet, our client will be able to experience the ultimate functionality and versatility that he was expecting when he purchased the Global 7500 aircraft. This is why the owner entrusted us as the management company in the first place. Bringing freedom of flying to our customers has been our passion and we are going to continue that with the Global 7500 business jet,” says president and CEO Andrew Svoboda.

With a maximum range of 7,700 nm, the Global 7500 aircraft features four true living spaces. “The Global 7500 aircraft is the flagship of the business aviation industry,” states Peter Likoray, senior VP of sales and marketing, new aircraft, Bombardier. “With its long range, the Global 7500 aircraft is ideal for the Asian market, and can connect far-flung city pairs non-stop, including Tokyo to New York and Singapore to San Francisco.”

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