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Business aviation in Switzerland

Swiss Confederation is in Europe.
Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) -

Registered business aircraft:

Based business air charter operators:

Based business aircraft for charter:

Business air charter brokers:

Most prevalent aircraft types:

1Airbus Helicopters H125/AS35087
2Pilatus PC-1268
3Pilatus PC-2436
4Agusta A10925
5Airbus Helicopters H12019
6Robinson R6617
7Airbus Helicopters H13515
8Falcon 7X13
9Pilatus PC-611
10Bell 206B JetRanger10
11Piper PA-46 Meridian/M-Class9
12Falcon 2000 EASy9
13Airbus Helicopters H1459
14Bell 505 Jet Ranger X8
15Cessna 300 series8
16Citation Mustang7
17Bell 4297
18AgustaWestland AW1397
19Global 6000/Express/XRS7
20Challenger 6057
21Cessna Citation CJ27
22Falcon 8X7
23Airbus Helicopters H1307
24Cessna CitationJet/CJ16
25Embraer Phenom 3006
26Bell 4076
27MDH 5006
28Piper twin piston6
30Gulfstream G6505
31Piper PA-31T5
32Beechcraft King Air 2005
33Global 75005
34Piper PA-46 Malibu/Mirage5
35Aerospatiale SA315B5
36Beechcraft Twin Piston5
37MDH 902 Explorer4
38Challenger 6044
39Viking DHC-6 ET4
40Global 50004
41Embraer Phenom 1003
42Citation 560XL3
43Kaman K-MAX3
45Aerospatiale SA316/8/93
46P180 Avanti3
47Gulfstream G500/G5503
48Beechcraft Premier3
49Citation Sovereign2
50Airbus Helicopters H215/H225/AS3322
51Agusta A1192
52Falcon 20002
53Cessna Caravan2
54Challenger 3002
55MDH 520N2
56Kamov Ka-322
57Falcon 900EASy2
58Partenavia P.682
59Citation M22
60Diamond Twin Star2
61Cessna 400 series2
62Airbus ACJ3192
63Eurocopter AS3552
64Beechcraft King Air 901
65Learjet 451
66Airbus ACJ3201
67Gulfstream G400/G4501
68Airbus ACJ3181
69Gulfstream G500/G6001
70Bell 204/2051
71Cessna Citation CJ41
72AgustaWestland AW1691
73Cessna Citation CJ31
74Gulfstream G2801
75Daher Kodiak1
76Gulfstream GIV1
77Hawker 10001
78Challenger 800 series1
79Citation Latitude1
80Airbus Helicopters AS3651
81Enstrom 4801
82AgustaWestland AW1891
83Fokker F1001
84Challenger 6011
85Beechcraft King Air 3001
86Gulfstream GV1
87Tecnam P2006T1

Current job vacancies

Captain Global 7500

Flight Dispatcher

Major business aviation airports:

Business aviation suppliers in Switzerland

Maintenance  48   •   Completions  5   •   Training  19
Cat Aviation
Our fleet of modern sophisticated private jets, is perfectly suited to cater for your individual travel plans. You decide the timetable and itinerary and we will work out the rest. We take pride in flying you on time, in style, with discretion, in comfort and always safe to your destinations worldwide.

Should you wish, we are happy to assist you with any additional services related to your flight. Our professional sales and operations team is here for you 24/7 and looks forward to your call.

Rega has purchased a Challenger 650 simulator from Axis Flight Training Systems in Austria.

Rega's Challenger 650s to be supported by Axis sim

The new Axis Level D full flight simulator has a HUD and EVS. It features a Rockwell Collins ProLine Fusion 21 avionics system and Rockwell Collins EP8100 visual system, as well as an E2M motion system.

June 5, 2023   Full report

UAS International Trip Support honours global outstanding suppliers at EBACE 2023 hosted by UAS Co-founder Omar Hosari and supported by Ali Ahmed Naqbi, founding and executive chair, MEBAA.

UAS celebrates outstanding suppliers

Launched in 2015, the UAS Outstanding Suppliers Awards celebrates its top-performing industry partners on every continent it serves.

June 2, 2023   Full report

The VoloCity at VoloCopter's recently opened hangar in Germany.

Volocopter tasks Swiss-AS software with MRO monitoring

As Volocopter prepares for entry into service next year, its partnership with Swiss-AS ensures VoloCity maintenance is managed and executed to the highest CAMO and MOA standards.

June 1, 2023   Full report

Ghalib al Subeaei is heading up the new office in Riyadh.

AMAC Saudi Arabia opens in response to demand

The new office is headed by Ghalib al Subeaei, who has a wealth of aviation knowledge and is well connected in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region. His technical competencies and his connections are well recognised.

May 28, 2023   Full report

LunaJets hints at a volatile business aviation market

As LunaJets' disciplined strategy is attracting new employees and executives, the company is delighted to announce the recent appointment of Roman Nefedov, coming from Ralph Lauren, as marketing director.

May 28, 2023   Full report

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