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Airbus Helicopters H125/AS350

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The H125 (AS350) is a single engine, light utility helicopter designed and manufactured in France by Aérospatiale and Eurocopter, now Airbus Helicopters. It is a member of the Airbus Ecureuil family that has accumulated almost 36 million flight hours worldwide; one H125 has been in service for 41 years.

In May 2005, an AS350 B3 broke the world record for the highest-altitude landing and take off, performed on Mount Everest at 8,848 m (29,030 ft).

In the early 1970s, Aérospatiale initiated a development programme for an economic and cost-effective civil-oriented helicopter. On 27 June, 1974 the first prototype AS350C conducted its maiden flight at Marignane, France, powered by a Lycoming LTS101 turboshaft engine. It was certified by the FAA on 21 December, 1977 and deliveries began for the US market in April 1978.

The Turbomeca (later Safran Helicopter Engines) Arriel 1A-powered second prototype AS350B followed on 14 February, 1975. It was certified in France on 27 October, 1977 and deliveries to customers began in March 1978.

Over time, the AS350 rotor system, powerplants and avionics were progressively improved. On 6 February, 1987 a prototype AS350 B2 flew with a fenestron tail-rotor. French VFR certification was awarded in 1991, followed by UK and US certification in 1992 and Japanese in 1993.

The type was manufactured principally at the Marignane facility near Marseille, France until 2013. Then Eurocopter begin AS350 production and final assembly activities at its factory in Columbus, Mississippi. The first Columbus-assembled AS350 B3e received FAA certification in March 2015. In December 2014, EASA validation was issued for Airbus Helicopters China to conduct training and support activity at its facility in Shenzhen.

The design is a conventional pod-and-boom with a power plant above cabin that drives a three-blade main rotor with a Starflex rotor head. All versions now have lifting section composites main rotor blades. The main rotor turns at 394 rpm, the tail rotor at 2,086 rpm, and both are made of composite materials that are designed to minimise corrosion and maintenance requirements. It has steel tube skid landing gear.

The AS350 offers multiple cabin configurations for between four and six passengers. Large sliding doors can be fitted to either side of the cabin, which in turn can be fitted out to be rapidly reconfigured to switch between roles. It performs well in hot-and-high operations and can support aerial work, emergency medical services, law enforcement, passenger transport and private aviation. It offers 4.5 hours of endurance with standard fuel tanks, and multiple configurations regardless of mission.

Public service operators often install forward looking infrared cameras and other mission systems, and optional equipment includes real-time data links, rescue hoists, underslung cargo hooks, electrical external mirrors, search lights, tactical consoles, night vision goggle-compatibility, moving-map system, internal cabin tie-downs, second battery kit, sand filters, wire strike protection system, four-channel radio, tail rotor arch, cabin floor windows and removable seats.

The AS350 was also developed to comply with low noise requirements, and the in-cabin noise levels allow conversation during flight. It can be quickly started up and shut down, useful during emergency medical services roles. It is equipped with hydraulically-assisted flight controls that remain operational in the event of a hydraulic failure.

  • Typical passenger capacity:   5
  • Range:   340 nm (full seats)
  • Cruise speed:   108 - 137 kts
  • Cabin height:   3.5 ft
  • Cabin width:   5.33 ft
  • Cabin length:   6.5 ft
  • Cabin volume:   129 cu ft
  • Active fleet worldwide:   4012
  • Available for charter worldwide:   1429
  • Typical price:   $1,716,000 to $3,170,000 pre-owned. H125/AS350 $3,170,000 new.
  • Production dates:   1977 - current
  • Includes AS350B, AS350B-1, AS350B-2, AS350B-3, AS350BA Ecureuils and AS350D AStar. Known as H125 since March 2015

  • Engines:   Honeywell LTS101 Series, Safran Arriel 1 Series, Safran Arriel 2 Series
Variant types
World fleetCharter fleetTypical paxCabin volumeCruiseRangeYears
Aerospatiale AS350B 231 55 5 130 cu ft 121 kts 245 nm 1977 - 1991
Aerospatiale AS350D 34 14 5 130 cu ft 108 kts 265 nm 1978 - 1984
Aerospatiale AS350B1 36 18 4 130 cu ft 119 kts 1986 - 1992
Aerospatiale AS350B2 1167 462 5 130 cu ft 122 kts 324 nm 1990 - 2016
Aerospatiale AS350BA 412 150 5 130 cu ft 123 kts 332 nm 1991 - 2016
Aerospatiale AS350B3 962 377 5 130 cu ft 125 kts 324 nm 1997 - 2013
Airbus Helicopters H125 1170 362 5 107 cu ft 137 kts 310 nm 2011 - current


Manufacturing data
For detailed information about the manufacture of this aircraft, please consult our sister publication Airframer: Airbus Helicopters H125
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News from Business Air News
VR helicopter training takes off in Mönchengladbach
November 11, 2022
Vertical Mission Training has established a virtual reality helicopter training centre in Mönchengladbach, Germany. With VRM's 3D simulators, it sees a chance to bring efficient and affordable training to its customers.
SAF Aerogroup signs up for Super Puma support
November 10, 2022
The HCare In-Service package is tailored to provide SAF Aerogroup's entire Super Puma fleet with part availability commitment in the form of a part-by-the-Hour solution to meet its specific operational needs.
THC contracts HCare in-service and Safran SBH support
November 10, 2022
The Airbus part-by-the-hour package will cover all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events for THC’s entire H145 fleet in one single contract, and Safran will offer support-by-the-hour engine MRO cover.
October 30, 2022Spain's Alpha acquires AS350 FTD from entrol
October 30, 2022Orders affirm Airbus lead in air medical helicopter market
October 1, 2022Meravo gains first H125 training device in Germany
August 19, 2022Helisul achieves Brazilian STC for Foresight on H125
August 2, 2022Pinellas County sheriff gains custom completed H125
July 20, 2022US Helicopters selects digital audio from Becker
July 13, 2022Blugeon takes delivery of the 7,000th Ecureuil
June 23, 2022Texas DPS takes delivery of customised H125
June 20, 2022Garmin gains EASA approval for AS350 flight control system
June 11, 2022Mountainflyers adds qualified H125 FTD 3 to training centre
May 29, 2022Helitrans will operate first qualified H125 EASA 3 VR FTD
May 24, 2022Ecocopter launches helicopter-powered insulator washing service
May 24, 2022Rotortec commits to a brace of H125s for high altitude
April 4, 2022Italian trainer makes double entrol acquisition
March 28, 2022US police departments add H125s to fight crime
March 25, 2022FAA approves BLR H125 FastFin upgrade
March 17, 2022Ecocopter places four unit Airbus order
March 14, 2022Pathfinder adopts Foresight MX fleet-wide
March 14, 2022Aerometals offers flat filter barrier for AS350/H130B4/H130 series
March 14, 2022GPMS receives STC for H125 HUMS
February 28, 2022StandardAero shines a light on StableLight autopilot
January 24, 2022Zion Helicopters continues fleet transition
January 1, 2022Gorka Heliport authorised for Airbus repair and maintenance
December 3, 2021H125 boosts Australian parks bushfire response
November 24, 2021Airbus underscores HCare commitment to trio
October 8, 2021More Airbus helicopters on their way to Global Medical Response
September 23, 2021Phoenix brings on five law enforcement specialist H125s
August 25, 2021Hydraulic cargo hook is now an option for Airbus H125
August 17, 2021Thumby Aviation welcomes a leased H125
August 16, 2021BLR FastFin H125 to safeguard New South Wales wildlife
August 4, 2021Nordurflug's charter demand explodes into life
July 19, 2021CHH to take advantage of realistic VR training
July 12, 2021H125 expected to perform better thanks to Van Horn
June 10, 2021Gorka given the distinction of distributor by Airbus
June 10, 2021Forest H125 continues operator's close ties with Airbus
April 25, 2021Airbus Helicopters adds extra oomph to H125
April 25, 2021Pasco County entrusts H125s to control mosquitoes
February 22, 2021Airbus Helicopters ties up deal with TAI
February 15, 2021Salton City base means medical care is within REACH
February 15, 2021Metro kits out Houston H125 with tribute in the registration
February 7, 2021Philippine National Police accepts three H125s
January 25, 2021Airbus selects Garmin for on-time award
January 11, 2021Ultimate Heli works within guidelines to reach Antarctica
December 14, 2020True Blue Power battery approved on H125s and AS350s
December 7, 2020Public safety department gets H125 Texas-ready
December 7, 2020Air Methods rotorcraft donation enables Mercy's vital work
December 7, 2020Edmonton Police Service creates uniform fleet
December 7, 2020Thales and StandardAero join forces for ‘superior’ autopilot
November 22, 2020Genesys says AS350 operators will be tempted by EFIS
October 25, 2020Canada and US clear the way for Astronics Max-Viz
October 25, 2020Air Safa says dry lease H125 is a safe bet
October 18, 2020Entrol adds AS350 simulator to portfolio
October 18, 2020VUJE reduces crew workload with AS350 sensor installation
October 12, 2020First of two law enforcement H125s lands in Calgary
September 12, 2020GPMS has Foresight to monitor AStar health
August 24, 2020US Customs and Border Protection adds first enhanced H125
August 24, 2020Saudi Arabia's THC opts for ten H125s
August 19, 2020Latin American operators bring PPE to COVID hotspots
July 20, 2020AS350 mirror installation reflects well on SPAES
July 6, 2020Helimarte believes switching to Airbus is smart
June 7, 2020Helitrans first to receive ‘contact-free’ Airbus helicopter
May 22, 2020Buenos Aires fleet gains fast rope systems
May 17, 2020Arrow quivers with excitement at H125 prospect
March 12, 2020Garmin receives On-Time Delivery award from Airbus
March 12, 2020Guardian Flight to open medical base in Alaska
February 25, 2020GMR to raise the training bar with Frasca FTD pair
February 23, 2020Garmin touchscreen navigator upgrade is approved
February 17, 2020Garmin GFC 600H is approved for AS350
February 6, 2020Canada’s Ascent gives assent to workhorse H125
February 5, 2020Airbus enhances capabilities of H125 and H135
February 2, 2020Air Zermatt pioneers virtual reality training
February 2, 2020USCBP adds to surveillance capabilities with H125s
February 2, 2020Motor accessories company is up for H125 autopilot
December 13, 2019StandardAero and Thales work on light helicopter autopilot
November 23, 2019China and Mongolia opt for light Airbus helicopters
November 16, 2019PAG delivers performance to Airbus Helicopters
October 22, 2019Tyrol rescues taken to next level by H125
October 12, 2019Rotary sim sales agreement spans Europe and Australia
September 15, 2019HeliAmerica teams up to fight fires in Bolivia
August 20, 2019South American customers opt for ACH line
August 11, 2019Onboard gains FAA tick for H125 load weight indicator
August 5, 2019Florida H125s are key to making mosquitoes buzz off
July 28, 2019Tulsa happy with Metro service as it takes on H125
July 23, 2019BendixKing and Airwork to certify helicopter cockpit upgrades
July 22, 2019Law enforcers place AS350 fuel tank orders
June 18, 2019H225 FFS makes it easier to train in Ukraine
June 4, 2019Two of seven digital logcard H125s arrive at Helitrans
April 23, 2019Swiss agencies to benefit from comprehensive night vision
April 8, 2019Four H125s to provide fire response in Rio
March 26, 2019Superior signs with HCare
March 25, 2019Mercy Air comes to the aid of cyclone Idai victims
March 19, 2019Florida and Wisconsin firms benefit from Metro expertise
March 16, 2019Forest Helicopters adds H125 to fleet
March 16, 2019Fuselage window for H125 aids vertical visibility
March 12, 2019AMGH swells sizeable fleet with more Airbus models
March 5, 2019Plenty of fuel safely in the tank for Air Zermatt
March 5, 2019TEMSCO's Frasca sim features all the mod cons
February 12, 2019Installation of Coptersafety's H125 FFS nears completion
October 30, 2018Airbus expands REACH and makes its MARC
October 18, 2018Four more H125s for herding and firefighting specialist Helitrans
October 16, 2018Contract extension ensures support for major fleet
October 2, 2018Brazilian security takes delivery of Helibras H125
August 7, 2018First of four H125s arrives at ETPS
August 2, 2018Ukraine puts pen to paper for 55 Airbus helicopters
July 11, 2018Extended TBO reduces H125 and H130 costs
May 17, 2018Heli-Team juggles power line work with local projects
March 12, 2018HTM solidifies Airbus relationship with H125 order
November 1, 2017328 breaks into rotary market with Reiser Simulation and Training collaboration
November 1, 2017ACS Aviation teams with Specialist Helicopters
November 1, 2017Heli-One Norway adds AS350 blade capability and promotes Torgersen to managing director role
November 1, 2017Mountainflyers invests in AS350B2 for sightseeing and charter
May 4, 2017Airkenya Helicopters expands with second AS350
March 8, 2017Mercy Air expands into Swaziland to provide much-needed eye care
February 24, 2017HeliAir Sweden impressed by 'plug and play' B3E
May 4, 2016HeliAir Sweden progresses switch to Airbus rotorcraft
March 24, 2016Mercy Air converts Squirrel for humanitarian work
August 5, 2015Heli Lausanne upgrades by adding B3e Squirrel to its diverse fleet
April 9, 2015SANParks deploys Squirrels to stop poachers in their tracks
March 11, 2015Skyhorse uses power line detection system for live wires
February 12, 2015Squirrels fit the bill for hot and high law enforcement
November 6, 2014Helimo's Squirrel expands mission range on the coast
September 10, 2014Me & my aircraft: Single engine helicopters – Single helis are adaptable and robust, with twin benefits at lower cost
September 10, 2014Ultimate Heli protects engines for South African mining missions
June 9, 2014Cleaner air for Kallax Flyg with PA100 filtration
April 3, 2014Fresh face Greenlandcopter to offer charter for leisure and research
April 3, 2014Keys Aviation seeks Squirrel to carry out hot and high Kilimanjaro rescues
March 6, 2014Latest Squirrel is the obvious choice as HFS builds on its aerial filming reputation
November 7, 2013Squirrels fit the bill for sightseeing over London and film work
October 10, 2013Nothing fights fire better than a Squirrel, says Helibravo
August 12, 2013Geotech transfers Squirrel and readies it for survey service
July 10, 2013Pacific puts 'unique' and sturdy Squirrel to work for cost-conscious passengers
May 13, 2013BUYER'S GUIDE: Meet the buyers
April 17, 2013Loxwood brings the latest Ecureuil to the UK
September 1, 2011Hesnes helps out with removal of historic wartime power lines
June 8, 2011UTair secures training approval for growing Eurocopter roster
Press Releases
Astronautics AeroSync provides connectivity solution for Airbus Helicopters H125 and H13009/03/2022
Appareo granted Part 27 STC AML for new 4K ultra HD flight data recorder26/01/2022
Vman, India's first leasing company in GIFT city starts business transaction, orders Airbus H125 helicopter 08/07/2021
World's first qualified virtual reality training device allows time to be credited towards flight training26/04/2021
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