Airbus Helicopters H125.
Airbus Helicopters H125.
Airbus Helicopters H125.




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Airbus Helicopters H125/AS350 Ecureuil

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Typical passenger capacity: 5

Range: 300 nm (full seats)

Cruise speed: 108 - 137 kts

Cabin height: 4.25 ft

Cabin width: 5.33 ft

Cabin length: 6.5 ft

Cabin volume: 129 cu ft

Active fleet worldwide: 3826

Available for charter worldwide: 1514

Typical price: $200,000 to $3,050,000 pre-owned. H125/AS350 $3,050,000 new.

Production dates: 1977 - current

Includes AS350B, AS350B-1, AS350B-2, AS350B-3, AS350BA Ecureuils and AS350D AStar. Known as H125 since March 2015

Engines: Honeywell LTS101 Series, Safran Arriel 1 Series, Safran Arriel 2 Series


Variant types

World fleetCharter fleetTypical paxCabin volumeCruiseRangeYears
Aerospatiale AS350B 276 90 5 130 cu ft 121 kts 245 nm 1977 - 1991
Aerospatiale AS350B1 42 19 4 130 cu ft 119 kts 1986 - 1992
Aerospatiale AS350B2 1192 531 5 130 cu ft 122 kts 324 nm 1990 - 2016
Aerospatiale AS350B3 1027 414 5 130 cu ft 125 kts 324 nm 1997 - 2008
Aerospatiale AS350BA 458 198 5 130 cu ft 123 kts 332 nm 1991 - 1999
Aerospatiale AS350D 45 23 5 130 cu ft 108 kts 265 nm 1978 - 1984
Airbus Helicopters H125 786 254 5 107 cu ft 137 kts 310 nm 2011 - current


Charter operators

Canada 49 North Helicopter, Aberdeen Helicopters, Access Helicopters, Ahlstrom Air, Airborne Energy Solutions, Airspan Helicopters, Arrow Helicopters, Aurora Helicopters, Bailey Helicopters, Bighorn Helicopters, Black Tusk Helicopter, Blackcomb Helicopters, Buffalo Aerial Services, Canadian Helicopters, Custom Helicopters, Dam Helicopters, Delta Helicopters, E & B Helicopters, Eclipse Helicopters, Expedition Helicopters, Forest Helicopters, Geotech Aviation, Glacier Helicopters, Go Helico, Great Slave Helicopters, Grizzly Helicopters, Guardian Helicopters, Heli Explore, Heli Express, Heli Muskoka, Heli Source, Heli-Boreal, Heli-Horizon, Heli-Inter, Heli-Lift International, Heli-Transport, Helicopteres Helicarrier, Heliops Alberta, Helipsair, High Terrain Helicopters, Highland Helicopters, Highpoint Helicopters, Horizon Helicopter Services, Hy-Ridge Helicopters, Innukopteres, Kluane Helicopters, Kootenay Valley Helicopters, L R Helicopters, Lakelse Air, Lakeshore Helicopters, Librico Helicopters, Mustang Helicopters, Nunavik Rotors, Panorama Helicopters, Peak Aviation, Peregrine Helicopters, Phoenix Heli-Flight, Quantum Helicopters, Quebec Helicopteres, Questral Helicopters, Qwest Helicopters, Remote Helicopters, Sarvair Aviation, Selkirk Mountain Helicopter, Sequoia Helicopters, Sierra Helicopters, Silver King Helicopters, Slave Lake Helicopters, Sloan Helicopters, Star Helicopters, Taiga Helicopters, Talon Helicopters, Thebacha Helicopters, Trans North Helicopters, TRK Helicopters, Tundra Helicopters, Universal Helicopters, Vortex Helicopters, Wendake Helicoptere, Wilderness Helicopters, Yellowhead Helicopters, Zimmer Air Services
Mexico Antair, Scala
U.S.A. 45 North Aviation, 5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours, Air Maui Helicopter Tours, Air Medical Resource Group, Air Resources Helicopters, All American Aviation, Alpha Aviation, Alpine Air Alaska, Angel City Air, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, Central Copters, Cherokee Helicopter Service, Chicago Helicopter Experience, Classic Helicopters, Coastal Helicopters, Coastal Helicopters, Corporate Helicopters of San Diego, Eagle Air Med, Eagle Helicopters, Era Helicopters, Firehawk Helicopters, Fly Liberty Charter, Foxtrot, Gateway Canyons Air Tours, Group 3 Aviation, Guardian Helicopters, H5 Helicopters, Hawaii Helicopters, Heli-Dunn, Helicopter Express, Helicopters Inc., Heliqwest International, Helistream, Hillsboro Aviation, Icon Helicopters, Island Express Helicopters, Island Helicopters Kauai, Jack Harter Helicopters, Last Frontier Air Ventures, Magnum Helicopters, Midwest Jet Charter, Mission Mountain Helicopters, Mountain Air Helicopters, Mountain Blade Runner, Mountain West Helicopters, Northstar Trekking, P.J. Helicopters, Pacific Helicopter Tours, Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters, PHI, Inc., Precision Helicopter Services, RAVCO, Redding Air Service, Reeder Flying Service, Rio Grande Helicopters, Safari Aviation, Serenity Helicopters, Sinton Helicopters, Soloy Helicopters, South Beach Helicopters, South Coast Helicopters, Southern Helicopters, Star Helicopters, Sundance Helicopters, Sunshine Helicopters, Sweet Helicopters, TEMSCO Helicopters, Tuckamore Aviation, U.S. Helicopters, Upper Limit Aviation, Utility Aviation, Vertical Solutions, Wings Air Helicopters, WorldWind Helicopters, Yukon Helicopters

Maintenance centres

Canada Airbus Helicopters Canada , Avialta Helicopter Maintenance , Chartright , Heli-Welders Canada , Mirabel Heli Support , StandardAero (Langley)
Mexico Antair
U.S.A. A-TEC Aircraft Maintenance Center , Able Maintenance Center , Advanced Helicopter Services , Airbus Helicopters , Apex Aviation , Arrow Aviation Company , Big Valley Aviation , Cascade Helicopter Services , CB SkyShare , Corporate Helicopters of San Diego , East West Helicopter , EuroTec Vertical Flight Solutions , Helicopter Services of Utah , Helicopter Specialties , Nampa Valley Helicopters , Port City Air/New Hampshire Helicopters , Precision Aviation Services , Redding Air Service , Rotorcraft Support , Rotortech Services , RSG Aviation , RSG Aviation , Sterling Helicopter , Summit Aviation , Trans Aero , U.S. Helicopters , Uniflight Global

Completions centres

U.S.A. Hangar One Avionics , Metro Aviation , RSG Aviation

Type rating training providers

U.S.A. Airbus Helicopters , FlightSafety Denver Learning Center , FlightSafety Shreveport Learning Center


France Airbus Helicopters

New aircraft sales

Canada Airbus Helicopters Canada
U.S.A. Airbus Helicopters


Aircraft specifications, fleet and value data compiled from a number of sources, including those published by Conklin & de Decker Aviation Information.



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