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Fokker F100

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The short to medium range Fokker 100 entered service in 1988. It was Fokker’s largest jet aircraft, based on a stretched development of the twin turbofan F28 Fellowship; maximum seating was increased to 122, compared with 85 in the F28. It also employed more economical Rolls-Royce Tay turbofans and a revised wing design with greater span and aerodynamic efficiency.

Development of the Fokker 100 commenced in 1983 and the first prototype flew on 30 November, 1986. Certification was awarded in November 1987 and the first customer delivery took place in February 1988.

The aircraft was offered with two Rolls-Royce engine variants; 37 earlier versions were powered by the Tay 620, producing 13,850 pounds of static thrust on take off, subsequent models were fitted with higher rated Tay 650 engines that provided improved field and climb performance.

The F100 boasted a design life of 90,000 landings and showed high structural durability. It was offered in a number of versions; an extended range variant with additional fuel tanks, introduced in 1993, and a passenger/freight version, the Fokker 100QC, in 1994. Production of the type ended soon after the bankruptcy of the Fokker Aircraft Company in 1996.

  • Typical passenger capacity:   107
  • Range:   1,710 nm (full seats)
  • Cruise speed:   320 - 366 kts
  • Cabin height:   6.6 ft
  • Cabin width:   10.17 ft
  • Cabin length:   69.5 ft
  • Cabin volume:   4,105 cu ft
  • Active fleet worldwide:   78
  • Available for charter worldwide:   40
  • Production dates:   1967 - 1997
  • Includes F28

  • Engines:   Rolls-Royce Tay Series
Variant types
World fleetCharter fleetTypical paxCabin volumeCruiseRangeYears
Fokker F28 15 3 85 2923 cu ft 366 kts 1,125 nm 1967 - 1987
Fokker F100 63 37 107 4105 cu ft 320 kts 1,320 nm 1986 - 1997


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30/07/2023 EASA: 10082502. Activation of Bluebox WiFi system.
Fokker F28
STC holder: AES Global


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