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Falcon 900EASy

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Dassault’s EASy flight deck was developed in the late 1990s; a smart, integrated, modular avionics system. It is implemented on the hardware platform of Honeywell's Primus Epic system.

The Falcon 7X was developed from the ground up with EASy avionics, but earlier Falcons have newer variants that are equipped with it.

EASy was first integrated and certificated on a Falcon 900EX in 2003. The 900EX, a long range version of the Falcon 900, had entered service in 1996. Its TFE731-60 engines provide 5,000 lbf of thrust, and it has sufficient fuel storage for a range of 4,501 nm. Production ended in 2010.

Deliveries of the Falcon 900DX began in 2005. The 900DX was designed to replace the 900C in the Falcon lineup; a shorter range production type retaining the TFE731-60 turbofans of the EX,but without the centreline fuel tanks, and its EASy avionics.

The 4,750 nm Falcon 900LX was launched in May 2008 and certified by EASA and the FAA in June 2010. The trijet has blended winglets, offers seven per cent additional range over the 900EX and its climb performance is also improved. It can fly from New York to Moscow; Paris to Beijing and Mumbai to London.

The launch of EASy phase II was announced in October 2008. The first production Falcon 900LX with EASy II was delivered in July 2011, and the 7X in May 2013.

  • Typical passenger capacity:   12
  • Range:   4,032 nm (full seats) 4,725 nm (ferry)
  • Cruise speed:   420 - 459 kts
  • Cabin height:   6.17 ft
  • Cabin width:   7.58 ft
  • Cabin length:   33.17 ft
  • Cabin volume:   1,365 cu ft
  • Active fleet worldwide:   351
  • Available for charter worldwide:   69
  • Typical price:   $10,708,000 to $44,700,000 pre-owned. Falcon 900LX $44,700,000 new.
  • Production dates:   1996 - current
  • Includes 900DX, 900EX, 900EX EASy and current 900LX models

  • Engines:   Honeywell TFE731-20/-40/-50/-60 Series
Variant types
World fleetCharter fleetTypical paxCabin volumeCruiseRangeYears
Falcon 900EX 237 49 12 1381 cu ft 459 kts 4,500 nm 1996 - 2003
Falcon 900DX 24 9 12 1381 cu ft 459 kts 4,100 nm 2005 - 2010
Falcon 900LX 90 12 12 1365 cu ft 431 kts 3,790 nm 2010 - current


Supplemental Type Certificates

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03/07/2023 EASA: 10082304. TAG-M372 - Varnish rework. Rework of cabin interior wood items finished with varnish.
Falcon 900EX
STC holder: Dassault Aviation Business Services Geneva
07/12/2022 EASA: 10080840. F900 EVASAN stretchers installation. Installation of four (4) universal convertible stretchers, four (4) oxygen racks (without oxygen bottles) and relative cabin adaptation.
Falcon 900EX, Falcon 50, Falcon 900
STC holder: Aerotec & Concept
07/08/2022 EASA: 10079870. Installation of thermal/acoustic kits.
Falcon 900EX, Falcon 900
STC holder: Skandia
15/05/2022 EASA: 10077190. Install RDR-7000 weather radar on MF900. Installation of the Honeywell RDR-7000 weather radar system on Dassault Aviation Mystere-Falcon 900.
Falcon 900EX, Falcon 50, Falcon 900
STC holder: Honeywell Aerospace


Manufacturing data
For detailed information about the manufacture of this aircraft, please consult our sister publication Airframer: Dassault 900LX
Charter operators
Canada Anderson Air , Flightexec , Lonach Global Charter , NovaJet Aviation Group , Skyservice Business Aviation
U.S.A. Air Center Helicopters , Aircraft Services Group , Aviation Charters , Aviation Resource Management , Best Jets International , Business Jet , Clay Lacy Aviation , Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Management , Interlaken Capital Aviation Services , Jet Aviation Flight Services , N-Jet , Presidential Aviation , Pro Airways , Queen City Jet Charters , Saturn Aviation , SC Aviation , Solairus Aviation
Maintenance centres
Duncan Aviation
Family-owned Duncan Aviation is known for its maintenance expertise, one-shop capabilities and fast turntimes.
Canada Global Aviation Services , Newton Aviation Services , O.G. Aviation International , Skyservice Business Aviation , Starlink Aviation , Textron Aviation Canada , Toronto Aircraft Maintenance
Mexico Aeropersonal
U.S.A. Altus Aerospace , Aviation Maintenance Professionals , Avmats , Business Jet , Clay Lacy Aviation , Constant Aviation , Dassault Aircraft Services (Little Rock) , Dassault Aircraft Services (Reno) , Dassault Aircraft Services (St Louis satellite) , Dassault Aircraft Services (Stuart satellite) , Dassault Aircraft Services (Teterboro satellite) , Duncan Aviation , Elliott Aviation , Elliott Aviation , Flightcraft , FTair , Global Aviation , Jet Aviation (Boston/Bedford) , Pentastar Aviation , Phoenix Rising Aviation , Pro Star Aviation , Signature TechnicAir (GSO) , SoCal Jets , StandardAero (AGS) , StandardAero (IAH) , StandardAero (SPI) , Straight Flight , Thornton Aviation , Toledo Jet Center , West Star Aviation , West Star Aviation , West Star Aviation , West Star Aviation , Western Aircraft
Completions centres
Duncan Aviation
Duncan Aviation is a maintenance and repair organization supporting the aviation needs of government and business operators worldwide. Services include airframe and engine inspections, major retrofits for cabin and cockpit systems, full paint and completions, and aircraft sales and acquisitions.

Duncan Aviation also has aircraft components solutions experts available 24/7/365 to handle any aircraft system problem with immediate exchanges, rotables, loaners or avionics/instrument/accessory/propeller repairs and overhauls. Complete service facilities are located in Nebraska, Michigan and Provo.

U.S.A. Avmats , Capital Aviation , Dassault Aircraft Services (Little Rock) , Duncan Aviation , Elliott Aviation , International Jet Interiors , StandardAero (SPI) , West Star Aviation , Western Aircraft
Type rating training providers
U.S.A. CAE Dallas , CAE New Jersey Morristown , FlightSafety Dallas North Learning Center , FlightSafety Teterboro Learning Center
France Dassault Aviation
New aircraft sales
Canada Dassault Falcon Jet (U.S.A.), Dassault Falcon Jet (U.S.A.)
Mexico Dassault Falcon Jet (U.S.A.), Dassault Falcon Jet (U.S.A.)
U.S.A. Dassault Falcon Jet, Dassault Falcon Jet, Dassault Falcon Jet, Dassault Falcon Jet, Dassault Falcon Jet, Dassault Falcon Jet, Dassault Falcon Jet, Dassault Falcon Jet, Dassault Falcon Jet
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January 23, 2024
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November 27, 2023
This 30-month extension is evidence of the excellent service delivered by Centreline over the past 18 months and the strong working relationship established with the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Air Force.
Latitude 33 enhances safety and capacity ahead of winter
November 14, 2023
Having renewed its ARGUS Platinum rating, Latitude 33 Aviation looks forward to a winter season filled with a flurry of flight for its broad client base and has geared its fleet up accordingly.
October 11, 2023FAA approves Viasat Ka-band for Falcon 900EX series aircraft
October 6, 2023Duncan extends Honeywell product support
September 22, 2023Duncan delivers Falcon 900EX with timeless features
July 14, 2023Aruba and Malawi approve of ExecuJet in Africa
July 7, 2023ExecuJet MRO Malaysia completes heavy checks on multiple Falcons
July 1, 2023West Star Chattanooga authorised as API winglet installer for Falcons
June 23, 2023Dassault selects Aspire 350 by Honeywell for Falcon range
May 25, 2023ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia adds Aruba approval
May 11, 2023Dassault marks triumphant 60 years in the sky
April 18, 2023ASG adds base maintenance for Falcon 900LX
March 31, 2023Falcon 900EX is reconfigured by Duncan
March 27, 2023Three more high spec aircraft arrive at ASL
January 20, 2023SmartSky receives STC for Falcon 900 connectivity
August 19, 2022Centreline achieves Envoy IV full service capability
June 11, 2022Six large jets join Clay Lacy charter fleet
May 29, 2022Global Jet renews CAE training agreement for five years
May 5, 2022Duncan Aviation expands API blended winglet authorisation
April 4, 2022West Star undertakes deal instal first
February 28, 2022Avant makes purchase of Falcon 900EX inventory
February 14, 2022Centreline bolsters UK government reach to the world
January 1, 2022DFS Mérignac celebrates five years and expands service
November 23, 2021Duncan Aviation to develop STCs for Falcon ioniser
November 5, 2021Duncan to modify Avance L5 STCs to include Gogo 5G
November 5, 2021Duncan upgrades CMS Venue during 900EX EASy refit
November 1, 2021Dassault brings Ingenio's tablet holders onboard
August 26, 2021Honeywell gains EASA approval for RDR-7000 weather radar
June 2, 2021Skandia STC to reduce Falcon 900 cabin noise levels
April 8, 2021Duncan sinks its teeth into Two Bear Falcon 900EX mod
March 22, 2021Falcon 900s ready to receive Mid-Continent SAM module
December 21, 2020Falcon-approved ExecuJet Malaysia unveils Subang plan
November 8, 2020Duncan drives home DART deal and Gogo for Gulfstream
August 13, 2020ExecuJet Malaysia cleared for Bermuda-registered Falcons
July 27, 2020Duncan trims 374 pounds from Falcon 900EX EASy
July 20, 2020FAA releases TSO for Honeywell 3-D radar system
April 26, 2020Malaysia MRO ready to serve ExecuJet's Dassault clients
March 22, 2020West Star completes fourth C inspection on old-timer Falcon
March 17, 2020Bohlke bulks up through MN alliance
February 23, 2020Duncan Aviation completes Avance L5 STCs
December 1, 2019CAAP caps strong year for ExecuJet in Malaysia
November 23, 2019Dassault selects Ingenio for in-service Falcons
September 15, 2019Vertis adds Farnborough Falcon to management programme
September 2, 2019Bespoke Falcon inspired by Dassault chief's spirit
August 18, 2019Falcon pilot Ebenroth earns his FlightSafety masters
June 29, 2019RUAG's C-Check project to include ADS-B Out upgrade
May 23, 2019Falcon 900DX is first in Europe for acoustic solution
May 20, 2019FlightSafety to launch second PC-24 sim and FalconEye HUD
May 20, 2019Clay Lacy welcomes rangey and pacey Falcon duo
May 14, 2019Heron receives refurbished Falcon with open arms
April 23, 2019RUAG kits out Falcon 900DX with GoGo Avance L5
March 26, 2019Dassault selects GlobalJet Services to support legacy Falcons
March 5, 2019Heron's Falcon 900LX given the nod for London City
February 26, 2019Falcons certified for tech that improves poor visibility flying
December 28, 2018Heron grows fleet with robust Falcon 900LX
October 18, 2018Teterboro training extends to King Air 350
August 2, 2016Global Jet swells charter fleet with Falcon and Lineage
November 9, 2015Me & my aircraft-Long range and Large jets: Long range and large jets bring the world closer for discerning executives
July 16, 2015Global Jet adds managed 900DX to Falcon roster
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