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News from Business Air News
California's Silver Air renews PRO certification
March 29, 2024
The company attributes its success to the exceptional support, knowledge and tools provided by Wyvern and its Flight Leader Program.
Skyvision Aviation becomes Wingman operator
March 29, 2024
Desert Jet earns top safety distinctions
March 14, 2024
Desert Jet has earned Wyvern Wingman PRO certification and ARGUS Platinum rating. Being also IS-BAO Stage III registered, it is one of a handful of US charter operators to have all three safety designations concurrently.
Whitewind renews Wingman certification
February 27, 2024
Lyon Aviation renews Wyvern Wingman certification
February 22, 2024
February 19, 2024Phenix Jet Cayman (Hong Kong) reinforces commitment to safety
February 19, 2024Global Air Charters becomes Wingman certified
February 12, 2024Corcia joins Wyvern executive team
January 29, 2024Cove Aviation Partners renews Wyvern Wingman certification
January 29, 2024Helistar SAS renews Wyvern Wingman certification
January 16, 2024ONEflight recognised for operational excellence
January 2, 2024Wyvern welcomes Midwest Flying Service as Wingman operator
December 28, 2023Vista America operators reaffirm Wingman certification
December 19, 2023GrandView becomes Wyvern Wingman PRO
December 13, 2023JetLevel achieves Certified Wyvern Broker status
December 11, 2023New World Aviation renews Wingman certification
November 17, 2023ASG renews Wyvern Wingman certification
October 27, 2023Phenix Jet expands footprint into southeast Asia with Singapore branch
October 23, 2023International Air Charters gains Wingman status
October 23, 2023GE Digital partners with Wyvern to enhance flight safety
October 23, 2023APS champions upset training with safety auditors
October 18, 2023Thrive Aviation becomes Wyvern Wingman operator
October 6, 2023Acropolis renews Wingman certification
September 21, 2023Executive Aviation Taiwan renews Wingman certification
September 16, 2023iXair secures Wingman safety audit status
September 15, 2023Wyvern welcomes Let's Jett as Wingman operator
September 9, 2023L.J. is the latest operator to renew Wyvern tick
September 9, 2023Servicios Integrales meets the Wyvern standard
September 6, 2023Prince meets safety benchmark with audit success
September 6, 2023Safety is more than a priority for Global Jet
August 18, 2023Solairus puts in a stellar performance for Wyvern
August 4, 2023Mexico’s Servicios Aereos Across wows Wyvern
August 3, 2023TAG Europe adds jets and passes muster with Wyvern
July 22, 2023Avcon Jet adds fleet and offices, including in Dubai
July 14, 2023Eastway shows the way with Wyvern approval
July 14, 2023Wheels Up repeats its Wyvern Wingman certification
June 21, 2023ONEflight passes Wyvern audit with flying colours
June 16, 2023Fly Louie preps Part 135 operators for SMS changes
June 13, 2023Qatar renews safety audit
June 11, 2023Charlotte's Davinci receives Wingman PRO
June 7, 2023Air Partners Jets renews Wyvern Wingman certification
June 5, receives Wyvern certification once more
May 20, 2023ExecuJet retains charter audit status
May 20, 2023Premier certified after passing Wyvern audit
May 19, 2023Talon gets a grip on Wyvern certification
May 15, 2023ACI once again meets the Wingman standard
May 11, 2023USAC meets the mark for Wyvern Wingman
May 2, 2023Jet Linx steps it up a gear with Wingman PRO
May 2, 2023EJM renews Wyvern certified operator status
April 1, 2023Wyvern designation boosts Pegasus safety rating
March 10, 2023Elite ensures it is pick of the bunch after Wyvern success
February 27, 2023HeliFlite cements Wyvern Wingman status
February 27, 2023Swiss Private Jet caps start up year with Wingman designation
February 13, 2023Fair Wind celebrates 20 years as Wyvern Wingman
February 13, 2023Georgia Jet earns Wingman PRO status
January 31, 2023Pacific Coast Jet renews Wingman certification
January 23, 2023Longtime Wingman operator renews certification
January 16, 2023Fly Alliance renews safety certification
January 9, 2023Keystone Aviation renews Wingman status
January 9, 2023Flexjet Vertical Lift renews safety certification
December 28, 2022Cove Aviation renews its Wingman certification
December 28, 2022RoyalJet adds to world's leading BBJ fleet
December 8, 2022SC Aviation renews Wyvern Wingman certification
November 29, 2022SkyStream and Best Jets renew Wyvern Wingman certifications
November 28, 2022Mira Vista earns Wingman PRO mantle
November 10, 2022Aerolíneas Ejecutivas becomes Wyvern Wingman PRO
November 10, 2022California operators renew Wingman PRO certifications
October 24, 2022Two TAG units renew their Wyvern Wingman certification
September 6, 2022Lora McSherry joins Air Planning as general counsel
September 4, 2022Citation CJ3+ delivery is tenth for AirSprint
September 4, 2022Wyvern welcomes Bohlke as Premium Plus operator
August 29, 2022STA Jets renews Wyvern Wingman certification
August 19, 2022Tavaero renews Wyvern Wingman certification
August 19, 2022Wyvern welcomes Wingman PRO pair
July 25, 2022Trio renew Wyvern Wingman certifications
July 20, 2022VistaJet expands Private World experience portfolio
July 9, 2022Three more renew Wyvern Wingman certification
July 4, 2022Maryland's GrandView renews Wingman certification
June 27, 2022Trio renew Wingman certifications
June 23, 2022Omni Air Transport renews Wingman Pro certification
June 20, 2022Venturous Capital promises Wyvern resources boost
June 20, 2022Chairman Airmotive renews Wingman certification
June 20, 2022AirSprint achieves Wyvern Wingman certification
June 20, 2022Czech and US brokers sign up to Wyvern's broker programme
June 3, 2022Wyvern welcomes Pentastar Aviation as Wingman operator
June 3, 2022Skybird and Davinci renew Wingman certifications
May 21, 2022Desert Jet renews Wyvern Wingman certification
May 9, 2022Gulf Wings renews Wyvern Wingman certification
May 5, 2022Fly Louie selects Wyvern platform to support Alliance
April 30, 2022Sky Partners renews WyvernWingman certification
April 7, 2022Hop-a-Jet and Lyon Aviation renew Wyvern certifications
April 4, 2022Flexjet Operations makes Wingman grade
March 21, 2022Phenix Jet Cayman secures Wyvern designation
February 14, 2022Avmin opens Cairns HQ and becomes Wyvern broker
February 8, 2022JetOne Aviation becomes Wyvern Broker
January 17, 2022Jet operators prioritise safety with Wingman renewals
January 17, 2022GainJet renews Wyvern Wingman certification
January 6, 2022London Air Services renews Wingman certification
January 1, 2022Exec 1 Aviation joins Wingman PRO debutants
January 1, 2022Wyvern welcomes Colombia's Helistar to Wingman stable
January 1, 2022ASI Charter opens bases and adds Learjets
December 1, 2021Wingman status renewed by Worldwide Jet Charter and New World Aviation
November 24, 2021Long-range charter operator renews Wingman status
November 18, 2021Air Hamburg renews Wingman certification
November 18, 2021Omni Air achieves Wyvern Wingman Pro status
November 15, 2021Global joins Wingman Pro-certified Planet Nine
November 11, 2021Trio renew Wyvern Wingman certifications
October 26, 2021Sun is a glaringly obvious contender for Wyvern PRO
October 25, 2021Wyvern audit certifies EATC with Wingman standard
October 25, 2021Wyvern launches WingmanPRO aviation safety certification
October 14, 2021Constant increases mobile support services
August 16, 2021Elevate Jet meets the mark for Wyvern Wingman
June 24, 2021ONEflight second in line to become certified broker
June 23, 2021Qatar Executive renews Wingman status
May 31, becomes second broker certified by Wyvern
April 19, 2021Omni welcomed by Wyvern as Flight Leader
April 19, 2021Jet Aviation Flight Services renews Wyvern status
April 13, 2021Pacific Coast measures up to Wingman standard
March 13, 2021Keystone Aviation renews Wyvern Wingman status
January 18, 2021Kentucky's Crew becomes a Wyvern Flight Leader
January 15, 2021Wheels Up subsidiary does a sterling Wyvern job
January 15, 2021Another welcome dose of Wingman for Helidosa
January 11, 2021N-Jet joins prestigious list of Wyvern Flight Leaders
December 7, 2020Wyvern seizes the Day with new COO appointment
November 24, 2020Wyvern acknowledges Sun Air Jets as Flight Leader
September 21, 2020Audit pass earns Wyvern renewal for Jet Linx
August 11, 2020Dumont proves it is up to Wingman standard
August 11, 2020TAG Malta meets criteria for Wingman and IS-BAO
July 12, 2020Duncan's Lincoln and Provo FBOs ascend to Stage II
May 25, 2020Desert meets the mark for Wyvern and ARGUS Platinum
April 26, 2020Presidential meets the Wingman standard
April 4, 2020Citadel calls out Wyvern as protocol leader
February 11, 2020Newly signed Hawker joins Wyvern-certified Silver Air fleet
January 7, 2020A new Day dawns for Wyvern
December 27, 2019Elit’Avia Malta earns Wingman certification
December 13, 2019Flapper achieves certified broker status
November 22, 2019AAG meets Wingman standard for 22nd time
November 22, 2019SMS approved Duncan brings ADS-B mods in-house
November 12, 2019Chantilly shows top compliance with safety renewals
November 10, 2019Duncan adds to IS-BAH certified FBO tally
October 26, 2019Acropolis ACJ320neo on course for service entry
June 4, 2019Florida charter companies live up to standards
May 23, 2019Global expansion drives Qatar Executive
February 5, 2019TAG in Geneva extends Wingman status after audit
January 7, 2019TAG upholds safety standards with Wingman renewal
November 16, 2018Planet Nine on cloud nine following Falcon addition
November 15, 2018Wyvern welcomes four new faces
October 23, 2018ExecuJet in South Africa renews Stage III IS-BAO and Wingman
October 16, 2018Presidential passes Wyvern Wingman by lowering risk
September 20, 2018ACSF and Wyvern to combine audits
November 1, 2017CAE launches Wyvern-endorsed Master Pilot programme
October 19, 2017Acropolis maintains strong transatlantic relations with Wyvern renewal
June 7, 2017TAG demonstrates ongoing safety through Swiss Wingman renewal
July 9, 2012Operators demonstrate that safety is a top priority
March 9, 2011VLJ operator GlobeAir claims global Wyvern Standard first
December 7, 2006Charterers add individual service stamp
December 7, 2006Brazil urged to eradicate 'safety traps' after mid-air collision
November 30, 2006CharterX to introduce safety profile check up
August 16, 2006Bulgarian charterer joins US online business exchange
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