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Long-range charter operator renews Wingman status
Wyvern Wingman operators are evaluated by the Wingman standard criteria. Jet Edge has met the standard once more, after being evaluated with a thorough audit. The designation provides clients with peace of mind.

Jet Edge, the US super-midsize and large cabin charter and management operator, has once more secured its designation as a Wyvern Wingman certified operator following an audit conducted by Wyvern in October 2021. The Wyvern Wingman standard, the first air charter audit standard in the aviation industry, provides a safety benchmark that allows air charter customers to assess performance expectations against recognised industry best operating practices before purchasing air charter services.

“Wyvern provides our clients with the peace of mind that they are flying with one of only a few distinguished operators to achieve the Wingman standard,” states Jet Edge CEO Bill Papariella.

Wyvern Wingman operators are evaluated by the Wingman standard criteria. The scope of the evaluation includes an evaluation of operational activities, review on the company operational history and safety records, safety management system (SMS), internal evaluation programme, administrative compositions, technical documentation, pilot and aircraft records, training requirements, and maintenance operations including technician training and experience.

“Wyvern is very happy to declare that Jet Edge is a Wingman operator. Adhering to the Wingman standard is evidence that the organisation has a culture of excellence that is far above its peers,” concludes Sonnie Bates, Wyvern CEO.

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