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Wyvern welcomes Wingman PRO pair
Pentastar and Prime Jet have both proved their dedication to safety practices. Their executive and safety management teams are commended for promoting operational excellence and exceeding safety standards.

Pentastar Aviation Charter, a Part 135 operator headquartered at Oakland County International airport in Michigan, and Colorado-headquartered Part 135 Gulfstream operator Prime Jet have been awarded Wyvern Wingman PRO certification after achieving excellence in association with ongoing participation in Wyvern's Flight Leader Program (FLP). Wingman PRO validates organisational safety culture utilising the most advanced safety culture evaluation tools recognised by safety experts and regulatory bodies worldwide. A safety benchmark set above Wyvern's flagship Wingman programme, Wingman PRO is the aviation industry's highest safety standard.

“It's an honour to have Pentastar join the ranks of an elite membership of only eight global operators worldwide that have received the Wingman PRO certification status,” says president and ceo Greg Schmidt. “We are incredibly proud to operate under the aviation industry's top safety standard and are very appreciative of this important and distinguished recognition from Wyvern.”

“Keeping our clients and Prime Jet team members safe is and always has been our top priority. It is engrained in our company culture, endorsed and signed at the very highest level by our ceo. Our entire team, led by our safety manager Bob Schreffler, works tirelessly to identify and mitigate risk and constantly improve our processes. We look forward to proving through future action that Prime Jet is a well-deserved recipient of this high recognition,” says coo Andrew Gulsrud.

Wyvern Wingman PRO is issued once an already established Wingman operator demonstrates effectiveness in all areas of SMS, excellence in the addressing of human factors and organisational safety culture and continuous conformity to international standards by way of an internal audit programme. Pentastar secured its designation as a Wyvern Wingman certified operator in May this year.

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