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California operators renew Wingman PRO certifications
Wyvern applauds Sun Air and Planet Nine; their accomplishments as Wingman PRO operators signify their commitment to safety, conformance to international standards and transparency of their safety data.

Camarillo-headquartered Part 135 operator Sun Air Jets and Van Nuys-based ultra-long range operator Planet Nine have once more been awarded Wyvern Wingman PRO certification after achieving excellence in association with ongoing participation in Wyvern's Flight Leader Program (FLP). Wingman PRO validates organisational safety culture, utilising the most advanced safety culture evaluation tools recognised by safety experts and regulatory bodies worldwide. A safety benchmark set above Wyvern's flagship Wingman programme, Wingman PRO is the aviation industry’s highest safety standard.

“Continuously evaluating and improving our company’s safety culture is in our DNA,” says Sun Air Jets director of safety James Evans. “We’re proud to continue our longstanding relationship with Wyvern and offer the peace of mind to our clients that Sun Air Jets actively keeps safety at the forefront.”

“We are excited to renew our Wyvern Wingman PRO certification, marking a continued partnership in achieving the highest levels of safety,” adds Planet Nine co-founder Matt Walter.

Wyvern Wingman PRO is issued once an already established Wingman operator demonstrates effectiveness in all areas of SMS, excellence in the addressing of human factors and organisational safety culture and continuous conformity to international standards by way of an internal audit programme.

“We congratulate Sun Air Jets and Planet Nine for renewing their Wingman PRO certification, which validates its effective safety management system and excellence in managing operations and aircraft maintenance. Wingman operators stand out among their peers by allowing Wyvern to assess their conformity to best practices and continually monitor their information related to safety,” says Wyvern CEO Sonnie Bates.

Sun Air Jets provides FBO, aircraft management, maintenance and charter jet services and Planet Nine specialises in the management and charter of ultra-long range aircraft.

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