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Executive Aviation Taiwan renews Wingman certification
Safety is the basis of the company's relationship with clients and to securing sustainable growth.
Executive Aviation Taiwan has renewed its Wyvern Wingman certified operator designation.

Executive Aviation Taiwan has once more secured its designation as a Wyvern Wingman certified operator following a successful audit, conducted by Wyvern in May, 2023.

“We believe safety is crucial to our clients' lives and to their trust, as well as it being our responsibility to perform with the highest level of safety management. 'Safety, our priority' is not only a company motto but also our goal, and our culture, so that we maintain a good reputation with our clients and achieve sustainable growth in future business,” says CEO and managing director Alex Lu.

“We congratulate Executive Aviation Taiwan Corp for renewing its Wingman certification, which validates its effective safety management system and excellence in managing risk in flight operations and aircraft maintenance. Wingman operators stand out from their peers by allowing Wyvern to assess their conformity to industry best practices,” says senior vice president, operations Andrew Day.

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