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VistaJet expands Private World experience portfolio
In just two years, VistaJet’s Private World network has grown to encompass 595 partners. The latest additions offer up the secrets of Picasso and fine wines masterclasses.
EVP of marketing and innovation Matteo Atti.
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VistaJet has expanded its Private World portfolio by onboarding a new set of travel and brand partners, allowing the company to provide members with more opportunities to engage with unique experiences around the world, whether on a single or multi-stop trip. The company’s collection of Private World recommendations now includes a Beyond Picasso exploration that includes stops across Europe, and the Golden Vines wine masterclass in Florence.

Since the launch of Private World in 2020, VistaJet has strived to ensure its passengers enjoy an exceptional and comfortable journey at every stage, as well as to curate itineraries of highly sought-after experiences at incredible destinations. From relaxing in luxurious accommodation such as private retreats, suites, yachts and historical estates, to engaging with brands and houses, VistaJet’s Private World network of partners has evolved to become an essential element of the member experience.

In two years, the network has grown more than 10 times and today encompasses 595 partners across 43 categories. The growth of the programme has been motivated by continually rising demand for private flights among global travellers; according to Google Trends, in the last 12 months worldwide online searches for information about private flights have risen by 18 per cent.

VistaJet has seen a rapid increase in global flight hours across the world, which were up 64 per cent year-on-year, and expects this to rise further as it welcomes up to 17 Global 7500 aircraft by the end of this year. Recent non-stop journeys on this aircraft have included São Paulo to the Maldives (16 hours flight time), Dubai to New York (15 hrs 10 mins) and Los Angeles to Hong Kong (14 hrs 50 mins).

The Global 7500, has fast become the aircraft of choice for passengers who enjoy not only its spacious interior but also its unrivalled range for non-stop, comfortable travel.

EVP of marketing and innovation Matteo Atti says: “VistaJet’s promise has always been to allow our clients to go anywhere, anytime. Through Private World, we want to help our members pursue their passions in the easiest, most direct ways, continuing to provide the ultimate service in aviation. It is not just about the places; it’s about the people, the opportunities and the learning that only thoughtful travel can bring together.”

VistaJet has also once more secured its designation as a Wyvern Wingman certified operator following a successful audit conducted in April 2022.

“At VistaJet we place safety, security and the wellbeing of clients and colleagues above all else; as always it is our number one focus across our global operations. We are proud to continue our Wyvern Wingman certification, which further highlights our ongoing commitment to safety as a company-wide priority,” says COO Nick van der Meer.

The scope of Wyvern Wingman evaluation includes an assessment of operational activities, review on the company’s operational history and safety records, safety management system, internal evaluation programme, administrative compositions, technical documentation, pilot and aircraft records, training requirements and maintenance operations including technician training and experience.

“We are proud to partner with VistaJet in its ongoing pursuit of safety excellence and equally delighted to announce the renewal of VistaJet as a Wingman operator,” says Wyvern CEO Sonnie Bates.

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