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Longtime Wingman operator renews certification
Staying up to date with the latest technology, trainings and certifications, such as the Wyvern Wingman Standard, is key to mitigating risk and allows Jet Aviation to be a charter partner of choice.

US-based air charter service provider Jet Aviation Flight Services has recently renewed its Wingman certification. The company utilises its Wingman membership to align its practices with professional international industry standards.

“We are proud to renew our Wyvern Wingman certification,” says VP flight services David Dalpiaz. “Safety is at the centre of everything we do at Jet Aviation, and our team operates at the highest industry standard. It's imperative that we continue to go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are taken care of by a team that values safety above all.”

The Wyvern Wingman Standard, the first air charter audit standard in the aviation industry, provides a safety benchmark that allows air charter customers to assess performance expectations against recognised industry best operating practices before purchasing air charter services.

Wyvern Wingman operators are evaluated by the Wingman Standard criteria. The scope of the evaluation includes an assessment of operational activities, review on the company operational history and safety records, safety management system (SMS), internal evaluation programme, administrative compositions, technical documentation, pilot and aircraft records, training requirements and maintenance operations including technician training and experience.

“Jet Aviation Flight Services certification as a Wyvern Wingman operator sets its apart from other operators in the air charter industry. This achievement validates its commitment to attaining and maintaining an enduring safety culture that elevates its performance above other operators that are just beginning to embrace the value of formal safety risk management,” says Wyvern CEO Sonnie Bates.

“Staying up to date with the latest technology, trainings and certifications, such as the Wyvern Wingman Standard, is key to mitigating risk and allows us to be a charter partner of choice,” says owner and VP charter services Leslie Cheshier. “We are passionate about the holistic customer journey, providing a seamless experience that entails world-class service, dedication to the details and the highest standard of safety within the aviation industry.”

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