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Aerolíneas Ejecutivas becomes Wyvern Wingman PRO
Being certified as Wingman PRO shows the company's commitment to the highest standards of safety and quality in its day-to-day operations.

Mexico-based operator Aerolíneas Ejecutivas has been awarded Wyvern Wingman PRO certification after achieving excellence in association with a successful audit, conducted by Wyvern in August 2022. Wingman PRO validates organisational safety culture utilising the most advanced safety culture evaluation tools recognised by safety experts and regulatory bodies worldwide. A safety benchmark set above Wyvern's flagship Wingman programme, Wingman PRO is the private aviation industry's highest safety standard.

“Safety is our paramount value to achieve operational excellence. For Aerolíneas Ejecutivas being certified as Wingman PRO shows our commitment to the highest standards of safety and quality in our day-to-day operation to stand out in the service for our customers,” says CEO Alejandro Alonso Olivares.

The Wyvern Wingman PRO certification is available for all operators in Wyvern's legacy Wingman audit programme and Flight Leader programme, which includes a thorough review of the operator's safety performance and operational practices to ensure they align with industry best practices. The Wingman PRO certificate is issued once the already established Wingman operator demonstrates effectiveness in all areas of SMS, excellence in the addressing human factors and organisational safety culture and continuous conformity to international standards through an internal audit programme.

“We applaud Aerolíneas Ejecutivas' accomplishment as a Wingman PRO operator, which signifies the organisation's commitment to embracing safety as a core value. Wingman PRO operators not only conform to international standards but also embrace transparency with their safety data so end users can trust their decisions,” says Wyvern CEO Sonnie Bates.

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