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Fly Louie selects Wyvern platform to support Alliance
As Fly Louie looks to scale its revenue-generating activities on behalf of Alliance members, Wyvern's ACES data platform is an important addition to its suite of tools.
The Fly Louie team has enrolled in Wyvern's Membership programme.

Fly Louie is the latest business to enroll in the Wyvern Membership programme. In addition to popular fuel and crew travel savings programmes, the Fly Louie Alliance offers enrolled independent charter operators supplemental charter sales support and expertise. As Fly Louie looks to scale its revenue-generating activities on behalf of Alliance members, the Wyvern data platform Aviation Compliance Enhancement System (ACES) is an important addition to Fly Louie's suite of tools.

Using the Wyvern ACES platform, Fly Louie can provide private charter operators enrolled in its Alliance with a Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) report, which verifies that the operator, aircraft and crew meet the global benchmark in safety, the Wingman Standard. ACES also enables users to establish custom safety analysis reports to meet their needs.

Fly Louie CEO and founder Julia Takeda says: “We are excited to add Wyvern to the tools and technologies that we're adding to our growing charter sales capabilities. Combined with some of the best charter sales talent in the industry, Fly Louie is well-equipped to bring incremental charter profits to the more than 2,500 aircraft enrolled in the Alliance.”

Wyvern senior director of memberships and administration Patti Arnott adds: “Our tools will enable Fly Louie to access the data needed to research operators that have demonstrated commitment to safe operating practices and provide its clients with verification that each trip meets Wyvern's safety standards with the PASS programme.”

Wyvern uses state-of-the-art technology and hands-on data mining to obtain accurate real-time data, which includes training documents, crew currency, insurance levels, maintenance training and additional relevant information. Thousands of data points are reviewed both manually and within the system every day.

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