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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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GE Digital partners with Wyvern to enhance flight safety
More and higher-quality data from C-FOQA enables QSMS users to better connect the flight safety ecosystem and provide clients with a more holistic flight safety picture, giving context to why safety incidents occur.

GE Digital is to integrate data from its C-FOQA (Corporate Flight Operations Quality Assurance) aviation safety solution into Wyvern's quality and safety management system (QSMS) tool, to better connect the flight safety ecosystem and provide Wyvern clients a more holistic flight safety picture.

SMS tools allow operators to understand risks and hazards that exist in their operations and learn from specific experiences during a flight. GE Digital's C-FOQA captures, aggregates and analyses recorded flight data from the aircraft itself, which can identify further risks and hazards that can be utilised in the SMS process. This new partnership combining these capabilities will provide users of Wyvern's QSMS tool with insights into not just what happened during a flight, but why it happened.

“The future of flight is one that is safer, and that will require having all of the various safety systems connected together,” says Andrew Coleman, general manager of GE Digital's aviation software business. “Our partnership with Wyvern puts more and higher-quality data into the hands of the owners and operators, the people who need it when they need it. As GE Digital continues to lead the aviation industry through its ongoing digital transformation journey, improving safety through software that turns data into actionable insights will continue to be a priority.”

For over 30 years Wyvern has been the benchmark in business and private aviation risk management. The company offers numerous safety training and audit programmes, safety certifications and flight safety tools like its quality and safety management system (QSMS) software. The Wyvern QSMS provides state of the art flight safety risk analysis, assessment and mitigation tools, which help to improve the overall safety culture for operators.

“The addition of GE Digital's C-FOQA flight safety data is going to make a noticeable improvement in the insights provided by our QSMS tool and will, ultimately, make flying safer for our customers,” adds SVP operations Andrew Day. “With FOQA becoming more economical and available to more users, integrating flight data analysis straight into their SMS platform will help to make the picture more clear as to where the risks are occurring and why, thus making the resolution that much clearer as well.”

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