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Embraer   (Brazil)
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News from Business Air News
Embraer celebrates 15 years of Executive Care support
October 18, 2021
Embraer Executive Care has rolled the cost of planning, budgeting and support into a fixed monthly fee that covers maintenance, parts and labour. Three packages are available.
Embraer-CAE adds another simulator for Phenom 300E
October 18, 2021
There are currently six simulators for the Phenom family of business jets in three different training locations Dallas, London and Guarulhos, Brazil. Embraer-CAE is yet to announce the location for the new simulator.
Embraer certified to upholster in Fort Lauderdale
October 14, 2021
The manufacturer will now be able to design entirely new upholstery looks for the Legacy and Praetor within the original type certification limits.
October 11, 2021NetJets Phenom 300 deliveries show no sign of slowing
September 6, 2021Milestone Embraer Phenom 300E jet lands with Haute
August 31, 2021Fresh capital supports Embraer exports
August 20, 2021Embraer approves Jet East maintenance scope
August 20, 2021Sheltair Melbourne to distribute Avfuel/Embraer SAF
August 17, 2021Pro Star named as Embraer northeast US ASC
August 17, 2021Embraer goes all out in drive to reduce emissions
July 26, 2021Embraer builds nice momentum in second quarter
July 4, 2021Hawthorne adds Phenom and Praetor capabilities
July 4, 2021Hotly anticipated Duet project comes to fruition
June 24, 2021VisionSafe EVAS system is a safe bet for Praetors
June 21, 2021GrandView prepares to deploy Phenom 300MED
June 10, 2021Beacon to light the way for ABS Jets maintenance planning
June 2, 2021Tablet holders enrich Phenom passenger experience
June 2, 2021Embraer responds to demand with semi-private ERJ 145
May 31, 2021600th Phenom 300 is superior in more ways than one
May 21, 2021JETS in Bournemouth authorised by Embraer for Phenoms
May 14, 2021Flight inspection experts sign up for the Praetor 600
April 25, 2021First Brazilian Praetor 500 conversion takes place
April 11, 2021Embraer readies its worldwide fleet for vaccine transportation
April 8, 2021Embraer helps direct consortium to develop Flexcraft
March 19, 2021First Praetor 500 conversion arrives at AirSprint
March 1, 2021GAMA's annual report reveals which types are on top
February 22, 2021Praetor 500 to make its Brazilian debut
February 15, 2021Praetor 600 is well-equipped to handle Canadian winters
February 15, 2021Embraer reveals robust 2020 delivery figures
January 15, 2021Garmin notches up 11th award from Embraer
December 28, 2020GAMA names its starting lineup for 2021
December 28, 2020Embraer Executive Jets converts Legacy 450 to Praetor 500
December 7, 2020Ingenio plug and play tablet arms to feature in Praetors
December 1, 2020First Praetor 600 arrives with Embraer enthusiast Flexjet
November 15, 2020Embraer and Porsche unveil limited run of Duets
October 25, 2020Delivery numbers are down but healthy for Embraer
October 20, 2020Eve positions itself at genesis of UAM revolution
September 29, 2020Embraer blazes a trail with SVGS approval
September 26, 2020AGRIJEM's Phenom takes Embraer past delivery milestone
August 19, 2020Phenom 300E to help PALS deliver patients to treatment
August 10, 2020Embraer teams with umlaut and Aerolite on 300MED
July 31, 2020Phenom performance enables maintenance extension
July 21, 2020Embraer registers a respectable 13 jets in second quarter
July 14, 2020Legacy and Phenom owners gain EVAS potential
July 11, 2020Embraer enhances Praetor cabin experience
July 6, 2020ExecuJet Australia marks decade as Embraer ASC
July 5, 2020RUAG trained up by Embraer to fill in the cracks
July 5, 2020Law firm puts a great case for Phenom 300E
June 30, 2020Embraer delivers first converted Praetor to customer
May 17, 2020First quarter sees nine new Embraer business jets
May 1, 2020GAMA members gather to supply critical kit
April 28, 2020IADA calls on expert members to deliver webinar
March 30, 2020Triple certification awarded for Phenom 300E
March 28, 2020Embraer works to battle Coronavirus in Brazil
February 23, 2020Legacy 500 joins Atlas fleet
February 23, 2020GA/business aircraft delivery value increased in 2019
February 2, 2020Embraer injects enhancements to Phenom 300 series
January 13, 2020Legacys and Praetors will be serviced by Clay Lacy
January 2, 2020Praetor 500 delivery is a first for Flexjet
December 13, 2019CASL authorised to work on Lineage and Legacy
December 1, 2019Embraer teams with Jetscape at Fort Lauderdale
November 25, 2019Embraer seal of approval enables Falcon to extend support
November 15, 2019Viasat’s Ka-band IFC certified for Praetor 600
November 11, 2019Embraer reports a buoyant quarter of deliveries
November 9, 2019Embraer to sell jets directly as Atlas goes indie
November 1, 2019The ACA recognises diverse business achievements
October 22, 2019Flexjet flexes financial muscle with sizeable Embraer signing
October 22, 2019Gogo Avance L5 ticked for in-service Phenom 300s
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