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News from Business Air News
Clean air system approved for Embraer aircraft
June 11, 2024
Embraer increases SAF adoption in Florida
May 24, 2024
Embraer and Eve strengthen low-carbon operations at Paris-Le Bourget
May 22, 2024
Readying for AAM in and around Paris-Le Bourget airport, Embraer is building a larger MRO facility while Eve establishes the eVTOL groundwork. Groupe ADP will look into hydrogen infrastructure.
Garmin recognised as best supplier by Embraer
May 8, 2024
This recognition validates Garmin's achievement in designing and manufacturing flight deck systems while remaining responsive to market needs and preferences.
April 26, 2024Demand drives Embraer deliveries to quarterly high
March 1, 2024Embraer's Phenom 300 leads in twinjet deliveries
February 22, 2024ExecuJet MRO makes Western Australia a centre of excellence for Embraer
February 22, 2024Thrive expands with Munday’s factory-delivered Praetor 500
February 5, 2024Saudia Technic takes maintenance further with Embraer
January 27, 2024Duncan extends Embraer service centre authorisation
January 11, 2024OnFlight receives ASC approval for Embraer aircraft
December 28, 2023Embraer expands in US with three new MRO facilities
December 5, 2023South Korea welcomes a Praetor 600 for flight inspections
December 5, 2023Platoon and Loganair honoured at Air Charter Excellence Awards
October 19, 2023Phenom 300E and Praetor 600 complete neat SAF flight tests
October 18, 2023OEMs fly on SAF as Avfuel builds availability and emissions management
October 16, 2023Embraer and CAE to double Phenom 300 training capacity
October 16, 2023Embraer adds autothrottle to Phenom 300E
October 10, 2023Embraer builds on comfort and safety with Phenom 100EX
September 21, 2023Embraer makes Praetor FFS entries for Europe and US
August 25, 2023Munday partnership brings Phenom 300E to Thrive
August 15, 2023Naufel to run services and support for Embraer
August 8, 2023Embraer delivers 30 business jets in Q2
August 3, 2023Embraer leader transitions to Eve Air Mobility
July 25, 2023Production will debut in Brazil for Eve
May 23, 2023Embraer selects ExecuJet as African ASC
May 12, 2023Deliveries start by 2025 in NetJets' $5bn Praetor deal
May 8, 2023Garmin honoured by Embraer as best of best
April 11, 2023Phenom 300E FFS joins the CAE Las Vegas roster
March 3, 2023Ocean Explorer taking advantage of Beacon technology
March 3, 2023GAMA figures show favourable year for Textron and Embraer
February 21, 2023Bandeirante passes fifty years in service
January 23, 2023Vortex onboards Embraer's Beacon platform
January 23, 2023Embraer's Phenom 300MED gains FAA and EASA certifications
January 9, 2023GAMA names 2023 executive leadership
December 6, 2022Embraer reveals latest sustainable aircraft concepts
October 21, 2022Embraer and FSI to provide third FFS for Praetor jets
August 16, 2022VOAR strengthens Embraer support in Brazil
August 14, 2022Avantto commits to Embraer's maintenance programme
June 23, 2022Embraer inaugurates Sorocaba service centre expansion
May 29, 2022Flexjet fills Legacy 500 fleet with Ka-band connectivity
May 25, 20224Air makes OEM partnerships carbon complimentary
May 23, 2022Fast-growing Flexjet finds a new home in Farnborough
May 16, 2022Embraer and Eve evaluate autonomy in real flights over Rio
March 28, 2022Embraer expands expertise in autonomous flight
March 1, 2022Phenom 300 sales complete Embraer's decade at the top
February 24, 2022Tri-party research targets decarbonised regional aircraft technology
January 31, 2022AVIAN signs surplus parts agreement with Embraer
January 6, 2022GAMA unveils 2022 leadership
December 13, 2021Garmin earns Embraer accolade for seventh consecutive year
November 15, 2021Embraer keeps its aircraft in the air for longer
November 15, 2021Quito customer accepts Phenom 300E keys
November 9, 2021Sustainable aircraft form core of Embraer’s Energia concept
October 27, 2021Deliveries remain steady for Embraer in third quarter
October 25, 2021Praetor 600 boosts Latitude 33's super mid capacity
October 23, 2021AirSprint increases long-range capabilities with Praetor 500
October 18, 2021Embraer celebrates 15 years of Executive Care support
October 18, 2021Embraer-CAE adds another simulator for Phenom 300E
October 14, 2021Embraer certified to upholster in Fort Lauderdale
October 11, 2021NetJets Phenom 300 deliveries show no sign of slowing
September 6, 2021Milestone Embraer Phenom 300E jet lands with Haute
August 31, 2021Fresh capital supports Embraer exports
August 20, 2021Embraer approves Jet East maintenance scope
August 20, 2021Sheltair Melbourne to distribute Avfuel/Embraer SAF
August 17, 2021Pro Star named as Embraer northeast US ASC
August 17, 2021Embraer goes all out in drive to reduce emissions
July 26, 2021Embraer builds nice momentum in second quarter
July 4, 2021Hawthorne adds Phenom and Praetor capabilities
July 4, 2021Hotly anticipated Duet project comes to fruition
June 24, 2021VisionSafe EVAS system is a safe bet for Praetors
June 21, 2021GrandView prepares to deploy Phenom 300MED
June 10, 2021Beacon to light the way for ABS Jets maintenance planning
June 2, 2021Tablet holders enrich Phenom passenger experience
June 2, 2021Embraer responds to demand with semi-private ERJ 145
May 31, 2021600th Phenom 300 is superior in more ways than one
May 21, 2021JETS in Bournemouth authorised by Embraer for Phenoms
May 14, 2021Flight inspection experts sign up for the Praetor 600
April 25, 2021First Brazilian Praetor 500 conversion takes place
April 11, 2021Embraer readies its worldwide fleet for vaccine transportation
April 8, 2021Embraer helps direct consortium to develop Flexcraft
March 19, 2021First Praetor 500 conversion arrives at AirSprint
March 1, 2021GAMA's annual report reveals which types are on top
February 22, 2021Praetor 500 to make its Brazilian debut
February 15, 2021Praetor 600 is well-equipped to handle Canadian winters
February 15, 2021Embraer reveals robust 2020 delivery figures
January 15, 2021Garmin notches up 11th award from Embraer
December 28, 2020GAMA names its starting lineup for 2021
December 28, 2020Embraer Executive Jets converts Legacy 450 to Praetor 500
December 7, 2020Ingenio plug and play tablet arms to feature in Praetors
December 1, 2020First Praetor 600 arrives with Embraer enthusiast Flexjet
November 15, 2020Embraer and Porsche unveil limited run of Duets
October 25, 2020Delivery numbers are down but healthy for Embraer
October 20, 2020Eve positions itself at genesis of UAM revolution
September 29, 2020Embraer blazes a trail with SVGS approval
September 26, 2020AGRIJEM's Phenom takes Embraer past delivery milestone
August 19, 2020Phenom 300E to help PALS deliver patients to treatment
August 10, 2020Embraer teams with umlaut and Aerolite on 300MED
July 31, 2020Phenom performance enables maintenance extension
July 21, 2020Embraer registers a respectable 13 jets in second quarter
July 14, 2020Legacy and Phenom owners gain EVAS potential
July 11, 2020Embraer enhances Praetor cabin experience
July 6, 2020ExecuJet Australia marks decade as Embraer ASC
July 5, 2020RUAG trained up by Embraer to fill in the cracks
July 5, 2020Law firm puts a great case for Phenom 300E
June 30, 2020Embraer delivers first converted Praetor to customer
May 17, 2020First quarter sees nine new Embraer business jets
May 1, 2020GAMA members gather to supply critical kit
April 28, 2020IADA calls on expert members to deliver webinar
March 30, 2020Triple certification awarded for Phenom 300E
March 28, 2020Embraer works to battle Coronavirus in Brazil
February 23, 2020Legacy 500 joins Atlas fleet
February 23, 2020GA/business aircraft delivery value increased in 2019
February 2, 2020Embraer injects enhancements to Phenom 300 series
January 13, 2020Legacys and Praetors will be serviced by Clay Lacy
January 2, 2020Praetor 500 delivery is a first for Flexjet
December 13, 2019CASL authorised to work on Lineage and Legacy
December 1, 2019Embraer teams with Jetscape at Fort Lauderdale
November 25, 2019Embraer seal of approval enables Falcon to extend support
November 15, 2019Viasat’s Ka-band IFC certified for Praetor 600
November 11, 2019Embraer reports a buoyant quarter of deliveries
November 9, 2019Embraer to sell jets directly as Atlas goes indie
November 1, 2019The ACA recognises diverse business achievements
October 22, 2019Flexjet flexes financial muscle with sizeable Embraer signing
October 22, 2019Gogo Avance L5 ticked for in-service Phenom 300s
October 21, 2019Embraer approves JFS for Legacy support
October 21, 2019First German-registered Praetor joins MHS
October 15, 2019Embraer teams up with UFES for autonomous Legacy
September 30, 2019Praetor is primed for service after triple certification
August 31, 2019Embraer showcases Sorocaba service skills
August 20, 2019Embraer reflects on half a century of aviation strides
August 18, 2019ANAC-certified Praetor promises premium performance
July 1, 2019First Praetor 600 arrives with customer
May 30, 2019Praetor 600 training met by FlightSafety in US
May 21, 2019EASA and FAA grant type certification for Praetor 600
May 20, 2019Praetor 600 makes SAJF-fuelled transatlantic crossing
April 30, 2019ANAC certifies Embraer's Praetor 600
April 8, 2019Embraer calls on Parisian firm for wheel and brake work
March 26, 2019Midwest hopper pleased with Phenom 300E
March 12, 2019SD Aviation purchases Phenom 300
February 27, 2019Australian miners to make use of roomy Phenom 300E
February 26, 2019Phenoms fare well as 2018 delivery figures are released
February 26, 2019Elliott receives top score in Embraer audit
February 22, 2019Sorocaba centre completes first Legacy 600 refurbishment
November 5, 2018Embraer celebrates 50 years of the Bandeirante
November 5, 2018Embraer jets earn world speed records
November 5, 2018Embraer develops auto throttle and synthetic vision for Legacy 650s
October 30, 2018Phenom 300E gains ground power from idling engine
October 16, 2018Embraer pitches 'disruptive' Praetors into the midsize mix
May 31, 2018Air Hamburg cements spot as Legacy leader
December 13, 2017Emirates welcomes first Phenom 100EV
September 21, 2017Mustang Charter steps up comfort with Phenom
August 1, 2017Air Hamburg takes delivery first Legacy 650E
July 20, 2017DAS Private Jets flies Phenom 300 for Zollern courtesy of Atlas
March 8, 2017Phenom 300 tops business jet delivery charts
March 3, 2017Air Hamburg adds three jets and hopes L500 venture pays dividends
November 3, 2016Air Hamburg receives 'no brainer' eighth Legacy
October 19, 2016Atlas takes first charter L450 in Germany
June 29, 2016Titan Phenom to ferry crews and fly SaxonAir charter during downtime
June 24, 2016Reliability and consistency key as Air Hamburg signs for additional L650
May 11, 2016Cedar sets out stall with Legacy 500 for Lebanese charter
May 3, 2016Legacy 450 approved to operate from La Mole
April 4, 2016Centreline Air Charter to operate UK's first Legacy 500
March 14, 2016Me & my aircraft-Embraer Legacy: From clean-sheet to a seasoned campaigner, the Legacy makes its mark
March 9, 2016Pioneering ASL introduces managed Legacy 650 hot on the heels of 450
January 21, 2016Embraer commences Legacy 450 deliveries
December 17, 2015Legacy 500 sets a further speed record
November 26, 2015EAG adds first charter Legacy 650 for Middle East
November 5, 2015Emirates training school signs for up to 10 Phenoms
September 17, 2015Legacy 450 set for EU deliveries as it passes EASA requirements
September 2, 2015Embraer authorises Atlas amid EU sales network expansion
July 29, 2015Luxaviation selects the group's first Phenom 300
July 7, 2015Etihad college puts pen to paper for four Phenoms
June 12, 2015Embraer debuts Legacy 450 at EBACE
June 9, 2015Air Hamburg hits half a dozen with fifth Legacy signing
March 26, 2015Phenom 300 tops delivery tables for second year
February 12, 2015Legacy 500 granted EASA green light
February 12, 2015Multiple aircraft are the key for Air Hamburg
August 10, 2014Me & my aircraft – Super midsize jets: Surprising resilience from super mids as manufacturers continue to innovate
June 9, 2014Hamburg hosts third Legacy amid pleasing demand
May 7, 2014EBACE 2014: The latest aircraft vie for the limelight on the Geneva apron
November 7, 2013Me & my aircraft - VLJs provide cut-price option for clients, yet operators must still meet midsize costs
August 12, 2013Flyjet brings in more spacious Phenom
August 12, 2013Hansgrohe Group receives 400th Phenom
June 11, 2013Belgium-based Lineage will offer five-zone comfort
June 11, 2013Air Hamburg books first enhanced Legacy 600
June 11, 2013NetJets looks to make its mark with Phenoms and Challengers in 2014
May 13, 2013BUYER'S GUIDE: Geneva show set to bring the latest aircraft head-to-head
April 17, 2013'Stylish' Phenom 300 is a chic addition for Vibro-Air
November 13, 2012Me & my aircraft; Super midsize jets: Latest models bring advanced technology to super midsize arena
November 13, 2012FlairJet ponders a second base for 2013
June 11, 2012FAL takes on first Saudi Legacy 650
December 12, 2011Jet Aviation begins management of Phenom 300
December 12, 2011Air Alliance sells Phenoms in Germany
August 3, 2011Jet Aviation adds Phenom 300 for European charter
July 7, 2011Portuguese textile company plans Phenom charter
June 8, 2011Polish Phenom scheme supported by FlairJet
June 8, 2011Portuguese textile company plans Phenom charter launch
March 9, 2011Nomad pleased with impact of Legacy 600
February 9, 2011FAS chooses Lineage 100 to target long haul
February 9, 2011FlairJet recruits more pilots as it warms to Phenom 300 potential
February 9, 2011Arab Wings manages first Legacy 650 for Middle Eastern client
December 1, 2010Special focus - Very light jets: Operators develop home markets after grand pan-European designs fly into reality check
December 1, 2010Lord Sugar sweetens business journeys with a Legacy 650
October 6, 2010Lineage 1000 makes impact on Middle East charter sector
October 6, 2010Legacy 650 is set to join DC Aviation on schedule
October 6, 2010LEA Legacy flights rock on
June 1, 2010Arab Wings plans addition of Legacy 650 and Phenom 100
April 28, 2010Legacy and XLS expand fleet to 24
March 3, 2010Special Focus – Buying with confidence Part 1: The hunt is always on for aircraft that will do the job and hold their value well
March 3, 2010AJA puts Lineage at the heart of charter expansion plans
February 3, 2010Avcon adds Phenoms as it builds eastern European business
December 19, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Legacy 600
December 19, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Competition spurs on the quest for bigger, better and longer range aircraft
December 10, 2009FlairJet's Phenom 100 chalks up a UK import first
November 10, 2009DC Aviation rewards frequent flyers ahead of Legacy 650 introduction
November 4, 2009Titan Airways boosts corporate charter capability
October 9, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Mustang enjoys premier status in Europe but faces a growing Phenom challenge
October 9, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Isle of Man celebrates Phenom 100 debut
October 9, 2009Vibroair adds Legacy 600 and plans Phenom boost
August 11, 2009SFD orders Phenom 300 pair to meet client demand
August 11, 2009Jetbird's Phenom options designed to meet changing market demand
June 5, 2009New Legacy 600
June 5, 2009Partnership builds Phenom fleet to meet Eastern European demand
May 6, 2009Me & My Aircraft: One for the future...the Embraer Lineage
May 6, 2009Silver Bird clients enjoy Legacy 600's range and comfort
May 6, 2009Jetbird refines launch web site
April 1, 2009Cologne attracts some phenomenal business
March 3, 2009Silver Bird refocuses on the long haul
March 3, 2009Stuttgarter Flugdienst adds Moscow dimension
December 2, 2008Middle East Focus: AJA order underlines charter operators' commitment to servicing regional growth in vip demand
December 2, 2008Training enables Prestige Jet to put first Lineage 1000 into service
December 2, 2008Vibroair chooses spacious Legacy 500 and 600
October 30, 2008VLJ Focus: Hertel ceo flies in the vanguard of Europe's time-saving executives
October 30, 2008VLJ Focus: Phenom training expansion plans for US and UK
September 29, 2008FlairJet spearheads new VLJ launches at Oxford's 'London gateway'
September 29, 2008Prestige Jet acquires three jets to stay ahead of its fleet expansion targets
July 30, 2008SaxonAir orders Phenom 100 to keep more business in-house
July 30, 2008Demand rises for 'real world' VLJ training as operation numbers rise
July 30, 2008Traditional differences blur between business class and private jet
July 30, 2008Turkey ready to capitalise on heavy interest in very light jets as fleets take off in western Europe
July 30, 2008Al Habtoor contract highlights rising managed aircraft demand
June 9, 2008VLJ start-up chooses the Phenom 100
June 9, 2008Prestige Jet regards Lineage 1000 acquisition as a 'real coup'
February 1, 2008LEA increases super midsize capacity
February 1, 2008Growing focus on infrastructure and finance as VLJ fleets grow
February 1, 2008Arab Wings' Phenoms are fully booked a year ahead of delivery
December 4, 2007Embraer reports big orders from 'thriving region'
December 4, 2007SEA expects personal service to further boost demand in eastern and western Europe in 2008
September 7, 2007Cirrus to offer training with Phenom 100
July 25, 2007Premier Aviation adds VLJ capacity to fleet with order for Phenom 100s
June 27, 2007Arab Wings' charter vision bears further fruit
June 27, 2007Acquisitions planned for ExecuJet's Danish fleet
June 27, 2007ABS acquires fourth Legacy and makes plans for further fleet additions
June 8, 2007Middle East VLJ boom predicted
June 8, 2007German operators merge to form 33 aircraft charter giant
June 8, 2007Legacy 600 spearheads charter launch in Greece
February 28, 2007Raftery becomes JetBird executive
February 1, 2007ABS acquires third Legacy to meet demand
December 7, 2006Embraer introduces new payment facility for jet buyers
November 30, 2006JetBird forms strategic alliance
November 2, 2006New aircraft developments among highlights at record breaking NBAA
November 2, 2006Wondair plans 45-strong fleet to target European air taxi market
October 4, 2006155 die as Legacy 600 is in collision with Boeing 737-800
September 29, 2006Embraer opens dedicated executive jet centre at Ogma
September 29, 2006Rangemile adds Legacy 600 as it expands work in Russia
September 29, 2006JetBird targets mass affluent European market
August 16, 2006Embraer opens dedicated executive jet centre in Portugal
June 28, 2006Demand for VLJs grows in Europe
June 28, 2006Masterjet plans to double fleet
June 14, 2006Embraer launches new large business jet
June 14, 2006EJM adds to fleet
June 14, 2006PrivatAir adds seven aircraft in 2006
June 2, 2006JetBird signs $280 million Phenom agreement
June 2, 2006Embraer extends its business jet Lineage
June 2, 2006Embraer sells Legacy 600 duo to Lebanon
May 2, 2006Swiss operator adds Gulfstreams and Legacy 600 to fleet
March 31, 2006Embraer has designs on the busy very light jet market
March 31, 2006Boutsen Aviation reaches phenomenal sales milestone
March 1, 2006UK's Twinjet manages twin Legacys
March 1, 2006German operator develops long-range fleet
January 30, 2006LEA enters long-haul operations with Legacy
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