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Embraer and Eve strengthen low-carbon operations at Paris-Le Bourget
Readying for AAM in and around Paris-Le Bourget airport, Embraer is building a larger MRO facility while Eve establishes the eVTOL groundwork. Groupe ADP will look into hydrogen infrastructure.
Embraer, Eve and Groupe ADP have signed an MoU that focuses on innovation and sustainable development at Paris-Le Bourget.

Embraer, Eve Air Mobility and Groupe ADP (Aéroport de Paris) are to enhance Embraer's aircraft maintenance operations at Paris-Le Bourget airport, to prepare for the future Energia family and to support the development of advanced air mobility operations with eVTOLs.

Embraer Services & Support intends to design and then transfer its current MRO at Le Bourget to a new maintenance building to optimise its capacity, while aiming for the most advanced standards in low-carbon construction and energy self-sufficiency. This new facility is expected to more than double the unit's capacity.

Eve intends to work with Groupe ADP to prepare the necessary environment for eVTOL operations, including service and support activities such as training, maintenance and ground handling services, and facilitate potential demonstration flights for public-private initiatives.

Groupe ADP will provide its expertise to support future operations of the Energia aircraft family at Paris-Le Bourget, with the study of a hydrogen infrastructure. Embraer's Energia programme was updated last year with two concept aircraft models of 19 and 30 seats, with hybrid-electric and hydrogen-electric propulsion.

"We are proud that Embraer, the world's leading manufacturer of innovative aircraft, and Eve are strengthening their presence and activities at Paris-Le Bourget airport. We know they will be excellent partners in advancing the transition to low-carbon aviation, especially for small aircraft. Paris-Le Bourget is a pioneering airport. Thanks to the mobilisation of all its teams, it will be able to promote Embraer's new sustainable technologies: hybrid, electric and hydrogen engines," says Groupe ADP deputy CEO Edward Arkwright.

"We are very happy to deepen our partnership with the ADP Groupe. Our new facilities in Le Bourget will reinforce our commitment to excellence in services, growth, sustainability and innovation. Embraer has been in France for more than 40 years, and we hope to advance even more our long-term relationship with the country," says Embraer Services & Support president and CEO Carlos Naufel.

Johann Bordais, CEO of Eve Air Mobility, adds: "Eve and Groupe ADP have a shared vision of making aviation more sustainable, so this collaboration is an excellent opportunity to support this transition. Eve takes a comprehensive approach to urban air mobility and understands that sustainability must be addressed on all fronts, including service and support facilities and vertiports. We look forward to working with Embraer and Groupe ADP to intensify our efforts and make eVTOL flights a reality globally."

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June 7, 2024
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