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Embraer teams with umlaut and Aerolite on 300MED
Embraer is keen to make a big impact in the medevac market, and has designed a new aircraft with that purpose in mind. The Phenom 300MED is customised from the ground up for air ambulance work.
‘Hospital-grade’ equipment can be found onboard.

Embraer has unveiled the Phenom 300MED, a medevac solution for Phenom 300 series aircraft, which is also available for retrofit through a partnership with umlaut and Aerolite. Embraer and umlaut are jointly developing and certifying a new STC utilising Aerolite equipment.

The Phenom 300MED, which is now available for customer configuration, is representative of Embraer's intent to play a major role in the medevac segment. Designed as a solution for both civil and government applications, the medevac solution will be installed exclusively by Embraer's services and support organisation, ensuring high quality, reliability and service experience, direct from the manufacturer.

Together, Embraer and umlaut are developing a comprehensive set of configuration alternatives for the Phenom 300MED, which will feature either one or two stretchers, as well as the ability to carry an incubator and additional medical equipment. The aircraft will also feature hospital-grade trim and finishing. As a purpose-built Medevac solution, created in collaboration with leading companies, the Phenom 300MED is designed to be quickly and easily configured to meet the various needs of both healthcare providers and patients.

“The Phenom 300 platform, with its unparalleled technology, comfort, and performance, is uniquely positioned for medevac operations,” states Michael Amalfitano, president and CEO of Embraer Executive Jets. “Given the current health crisis, we are proud to be working with two world-class medevac partners, and we are primed to immediately start taking orders for this unprecedented air ambulance solution.”

The Phenom 300MED benefits from the platform's heritage of effective cabin pressurisation, low operating costs, high mission flexibility, the latest avionics, plus its speed and range capabilities. With a cabin altitude of 6,600 ft, passengers and crew enjoy more oxygen in the cabin. This feature equates to a healthier flight experience, which is essential for medical staff and patient care.

“We are known for generating full service, cross-industry, and end-to-end solutions,” says Tobias Geißinger, MD of umlaut.

“Now, we are combining Embraer and umlaut's strong competencies in aircraft engineering, refurbishment, and certification know-how to bring an unprecedented solution to the market. Together with Aerolite's aeromedical equipment, we will deliver a solution that will transcend the current market. Designed from the ground up, this new solution will offer a hospital-grade interior with the flexibility for configuration and reconfiguration that simply isn't available today,”

The Phenom 300MED is also distinguished by the integration of Aerolite medical equipment. Aerolite has delivered over 500 medevac interiors. Its CEO Ronald Hengartner says: “We are honoured that Embraer and umlaut have selected our aeromedical equipment for the new Phenom 300MED. From providing the most modern EMS interior solutions to offering customer-specific support and training, we are uniquely positioned to help deliver the ultimate medevac solution.”

Embraer's products, including the Phenom 300 series, are recognised for high reliability and utilisation. More than 550 Phenom 300 series aircraft have been delivered since the aircraft entered the market in December 2009, and it has accumulated more than one million flight hours. According to VREF's 15-year business aircraft residual value forecast, the Phenom 300E will retain one of the highest residual values in the industry.

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